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Associated Image(s) - Soldiers of the First World War - CEF - Library and Archives Cana... Page 2 of 3 * = a4 oe . Ade: oe ATTEST ATION PAPER. . %\ ai eo ms —— av - — oS ce WAG canantl Oy R- P5648, Batt aks Force. see QUESTIONS TO BE PUT BEFORE ATTESTATION. (ANSWERS), 1, What is your Mame Pon... ccscccetscncisecsescsteeees See 1e 2 eee = 4 ‘ : : Meier, 3. In what Town, Township or Parish, and in what Country were you born Powe i a ee : : COLEQCONLE FNAL Ae 3 3. What is the name of your next-of-kin? 0. oe ee ee ; senshsa gees tprapgeatapetsanans onaceness Cotrerin OTP ay 4. What is the address of your next-of-kin?...... SNE ESE OY CRONE SOLE" 5. What is the date of your birth?.oc es ie ceed ae a fet. 6th TGbsS ; 6. What ia your Trade or Calling? oo eciee ee eS a | Tron Yorker POPP VENT TET CPT TT ECT Te TERT Te eTTee eee ee ere Teer eter s C0 WT 8. Are you willing to be vaccinated or re- Cera RRNA R MOAR RES FORE RE EARLE OND RRAG DARE SHOR BATT EEE ST ROTO aecorasne 10. Have you ever served in any Military Force?.. Ite, state partionlars of former Service. 1L, Do you understand the nature and terma of FOUN Ot iis pers 12. Are you willing to be atteated to serve in the) Canavian Ovexr-Su4sa Eaxpeprmonary Foros? j BAFRIREH GREE YET ESSE 24 csuttsvisesisitissttits sisi GO SGlomnly declare that the above answers aaggestions are troe, and that I am willing to fulfil the engagements by me now ae and agree to serve in. the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force, and made, and I hereby eu meweee svete fea seun MN a dae Cena HL HOHNER CORED pus. 17th _6. ae es scolaire SERRE eal . Gi. MER... Sepa of Witness) OATH TO BE TAKEN BY MAN ee egies gagrtttrewieriusreiniicaenmneeetgey GO make Oath, that I will be faithful and bear grne Aldtbiatos #ReBaesty King George the Fifth, His Heirs and Successors, and that I will as ’ in duty bound honestly‘and faithfully defend His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, in Person, Crown and Dignity, against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, and of all the Generals and Officers set over me, So help me ee * OM ———-—Aigw L?th—_—__-__6 CERTIFICATE OF MAGISTRATE. The Recruit above-named wae cautioned by me that if he mado any fale anawer to any of the above | questions he would be Hable to be punished as provided in the Army Act. The above questions were then read to the Recruit in my presence. J have taken care thad he anderstands each question, and that his answer fo each question has been duly entered as replied to, and the said Reeruit has made and signed the declaration and taken the oath before me, af. 6 ican 3 Oa OL. Ee 191. Por ult o ee Po ake at: § ff one (Signature of Justices} “To neawktbe blak dha aheawn Tan deen aes wf Shan A FTES Be tin 2 ee ee http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cet/001042-119.02-e.php?image_url=http:/... 1 0/05/2013

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