Riding the River
The Water Wandering Wanita

An early image of the steamer Wanita crossing paths with another steamer and paddle boat Wenonah on the Magnetawan River. The Wanita, like the Armour, was also a passenger ship which traveled up and down the river.

Here are the steamers Wanita, in front, and Wenonah, in back, at the Wharf of Burk's Falls. One of the few civilized stops along their route. We will see some of the stops out in the wilderness.

Ah ha, a picture of the Wanita all by itself. Though there is a train coming into Burk's Falls. At the time this was a popular image for Burk's Falls. Take a look at the next picture.

This image was so popular it was painted and turned into a postcard.

Here is the Wanita coming to drop-off and pick-up passengers. Like the Armour there is a door on the side to enter and exit the vessel. The people on the dock look like they're going to be welcoming the people from the Wanita.

Here is the Wanita in the back country. The Wanita will be landing here. This place is called Marsden Landing. The top deck of the ship has many passengers out for a day of fun in the Muskoka wilderness.

The Wanita coming into a dock in the hinterlands with a pair of ladies and a dog waiting. On the side of the boat is an open door with one of the sailors ready to tie the Wanita to the dock and let its passengers off.

Here is a postcard of the Wanita going down a river in a forest. There is a man just leaning against the cabin on the top deck on the right. Another man is leaning against the railing on the left side of the boat.

Here's another image of the Wanita going past a cabin with the way too clever name of Uneeda Rest. Get it 'You need a rest.' It is not know if this would have been a regular stop on the Wanita or if this is just an artists interpretation of an event that might have happened on Lake Ahmic.

The Wanita at the Burk's Falls Wharf and ready to go on a little cruise around the area. The people on the deck are all dressed like they're ready to go out for a fancy meal. The village of Burk's Falls in the background.

Here's a picture of the Wanita...or is it the Anita. No no its definitely the Wanita...or is it?

As the Wanita leaves the village of Burk's Falls we leave the Wanita. Next we will look at the tugboat Mike working its way up and down the river.

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