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Canada 150: Cobourg's place in Canadian History
<b>George Copway - c.1840<b>
George Copway - c.1840 Details
George Copway was a Rice Lake Native Missionary. He converted at a Methodist meeting in Cobourg in the 1820's and became famous in both Europe and the United States.
<b>Sheriff Henry Ruttan - 1840<b>
Sheriff Henry Ruttan - 1840 Details
Henry Rutttan served as Lieutenant in the War of 1812. In 1827 he became the Sheriff of the Newcastle District, but in 1837 he was again elected to House, and became Speaker in 1838. Along with this, Henry was the a Colonel in the militia.
<b>F. S. Clench Sr. - c.1850<b>
F. S. Clench Sr. - c.1850 Details
Clench Sr. was a cabinetmaker and father-in-law to the artist Paul Kane.
<b>George Guillet - c.1860<b>
George Guillet - c.1860 Details
George Guillet was a Member of Parliament of West Northumberland from 1881 to 1900.
<b>Harriet Clench - c.1860<b>
Harriet Clench - c.1860 Details
<b>Guillet Family - c.1862<b>
Guillet Family - c.1862 Details
The Guillet Family in front of their new home, on the northeast corner of George and James Street. John Guillet in centre was an MP for nineteen years (1881-1900).
<b>Carry Munson Hoople - 1870<b>
Carry Munson Hoople - 1870 Details
Sister of Charles Munson, M.P.
<b>Donly and Kerr family members - 1870<b>
Donly and Kerr family members - 1870 Details
Edith Kerr married Donald Macdonald. Charles Kerr was the son of Senator Kerr. His daughter Grace eventually resided in the Golden Plough. Enid Donly was the mother of Mrs. Grigg of Cobourg, from whom this photograph came from.
<b>General Charles Lane Fitzhugh - c.1870<b>
General Charles Lane Fitzhugh - c.1870 Details
General Charles Lane Fitzhugh was the youngest civil war general in the Union Army. Charles became a prominent Cobourg citizen and shareholder in the Cobourg, Peterborough and Marmora Railway Company.
<b>Freeman Schermerhorn Clench - c.1870<b>
Freeman Schermerhorn Clench - c.1870 Details
Clench came to Cobourg in the mid 1820's and established a cabinet making business, which soon became highly successful. He was noted for fine craftsmanship and good design. Clench was also active in town affairs.
<b>Paul Kane - 1871<b>
Paul Kane - 1871 Details
Paul Kane was born in Ireland but came to York (Toronto) as a boy. He studied painting at Upper Canada College and after working in Detroit, Michigan and Mobile, Alabama he went to Europe for two years to study his art. In the early 1830s, he lived in Cobourg and painted portraits of many prominent citizens.
<b>Archibald Lampman - 1880<b>
Archibald Lampman - 1880 Details
Archibald Lampman was a Canadian poet. He spent his boyhood at Rice Lake and attended Cobourg Collegiate in the 1870's.
<b>Edith Daintry Fitzhugh - 1890<b>
Edith Daintry Fitzhugh - 1890 Details
Edith Daintry was the second daughter of John and Louisa Beatty Daintry. She was born in Cobourg in 1874, daughter of John Daintry of England and Louisa Beatty of Toronto. Edith was noted as one of Canada's most beautiful women in a dictionary titled "Types of Canadian Women."
<b>W. H. Shoenberger - 1890<b>
W. H. Shoenberger - 1890 Details
W. H. Shoenberger lived at "Balmuta" his residence on King Street East, and was a prominent Cobourg citizen and shareholder in the Cobourg, Peterborough and Mamora Railway Company.
<b>Louisa Beatty Daintry - 1890<b>
Louisa Beatty Daintry - 1890 Details
Louisa was the eldest daughter of Doctor John Beatty of Cobourg. In 1860, Miss Daintry had the honour of dancing with the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, when he visited Cobourg.
<b>William Kerr - 1895<b>
William Kerr - 1895 Details
William Kerr became a Senator in the Government of Canada.
<b>Myra Field Kerr - 1895<b>
Myra Field Kerr - 1895 Details
Myra Field Kerr was the daughter of John Field of Cobourg.
<b>George S. Daintry - c.1895<b>
George S. Daintry - c.1895 Details
George Daintry arrived in Cobourg in the 1840's. He operated ferries, including one which travelled to Rochester.
<b>Kerr Family - c.1895<b>
Kerr Family - c.1895 Details
<b>A group of Cobourg Residents and American summer visitors - 1895<b>
A group of Cobourg Residents and American summer visitors - 1895 Details
<b>Fathers of Confederation painting - c.1900<b>
Fathers of Confederation painting - c.1900 Details
This painting includes James Cockburn, from Cobourg, Ontario
<b>Cornell-Pringle Wedding - 1901<b>
Cornell-Pringle Wedding - 1901 Details
Rebecca Cornell married Clive Pringle, later a senator in the Canadian Parliament.
<b>Alfred Hayward - 1910<b>
Alfred Hayward - 1910 Details
Alfred Hayward was a flower artist who was born at Ravenscourt, in the home of Alfred and Caroline Hayward, between Cobourg and Port Hope. His paintings of flowers made him world-famous.
<b>Edwin C. Guillet home, James Street - c.1910<b>
Edwin C. Guillet home, James Street - c.1910 Details
This is the birthplace of Edwin C. Guillet. He was born on September 29th, 1898. The Guillet family arrived in Cobourg in 1832. Edwin wrote many papers on Canadian history and 25 books on Canadian social history.
<b>Percy Climo and Douglas Walden rebuilding the "Better 'Ole" - c.1920<b>
Percy Climo and Douglas Walden rebuilding the "Better 'Ole" - c.1920 ">Details
Part of the Factory Hill gang of the 1920s.
<b>Northumberland County Council - 1920<b>
Northumberland County Council - 1920 Details
This photograph was taken in front of Victoria Hall, Cobourg.
<b>Percy Climo - 1920<b>
Percy Climo - 1920 Details
Percy Climo is shown here on the lakeshore at Burnham Street looking west. The building in the background was used as a slaughter house.
<b>Victor W. Climo - 1923<b>
Victor W. Climo - 1923 Details
Victor Climo is shown here on a canoe outing on Lake Ontario.
<b>Edwin C. Guillet - 1952<b>
Edwin C. Guillet - 1952 Details
Guillet was a prominent Canadian historian who grew up in Cobourg.
<b>Gordon King - c.1958<b>
Gordon King - c.1958 Details
<b>"Let us remember" book launching - 1990<b>
"Let us remember" book launching - 1990 ">Details
Book launching of "Let us remember" by Percy Climo, December 1, 1990 in Victoria Hall foyer, Cobourg, Ontario.
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