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Whitelaw Family at Ontario Hotel 
Image  c.1890,   A black and white photograph of the Whitelaw family taken behind the Ontario Hotel. From left to right: George, Lew, Margaret, Levina, Aggie and Alex The Ontario Hotel was located at 124 Brock Street North (at the north west corner of Brock and Elm Streets). Alex Whitelaw was the first caretaker...
Patterson Family and Brooklin Public School 
ImageComments:  c.1918-9,   A black and white photograph of the family of Ernest Patterson and some friends. In the background Brooklin Public School can be seen. From left to right: Back Row: Noreen Patterson, unidentified, Kathleen Patterson, unidentified, James Patterson, Art Patterson. Front Row: unidentified,...
James Dickson Family on Wagon 
Image  c.1915,   A black and white photograph of James Dickson's family sitting in a hay wagon. The woman at the far left of the photograph is Jessie Dickson. The man at the centre is James Dickson.
The Heard Family at the Military Convalescent Hospital, c.1918 
Image  c. 1918,   A black and white photograph of the Heard family in a taxi in front of the recreation hall at the Military Convalescent Hospital.
A group photograph of men from the Ellis family 
Image  ca.1910,   A black and white family photograph. There are nine persons in this photograph. The man wearing a tie and white shirt in the front row of this photograph is Ernest John Ellis (nick name: Jack Ellis). The man sitting next to him is Henry Arthur Ellis. The other men in this photograph are Alfred...
Greenwood and McLaughlin Families at Parkwood, September 4, 1938 
Image  September 4, 1938,   This is a black and white photograph Hamar Greenwood and his wife, son and daughter on the steps of the Conservatory at Parkwood Estate, Oshawa. From left to right: R.S. McLaughlin, Mrs. McLaughlin, Viscount Greenwood, Viscountess Greenwood, Eric Greenwood, Deborah Greenwood. Parkwood was the...
Hamer Greenwood, his Wife and Rev. E. Ralph Adye, September 4, 1938 
Image  September 4, 1938,   This is a black and white photograph of Viscountess Greenwood, Deborah Greenwood, Viscount Greenwood, Eric Greenwood (wearing a top hat) and Rev. E. Ralph Adye, Rector of All Saints' Church in front of the All Saints' Parish Hall. The Greenwood Family were guests of Mr. McLaughlin when the...
The Greenwood Family at All Saints Church, September 4, 1938 
Image  September 4, 1938,   This is a black and white photograph of Rev. E. Ralph Adye, rector of All Saints' Anglican Church, Viscount Hamer Greenwood, Eric Greenwood, Viscountess Greenwood, Deborah Greenwood, Derwyn T. Owen, Archbishop of Toronto and Primate of All Canada in front of the Church. The Greenwood Family were...
Greenwood Family Portrait, 1887 
Image  1887,   This is a black and white photograph of John Hamer Greenwood's family. Back Row: Mary Harriet Greenwood, Thomas Hamar Greenwood, William Hamer Greenwood, Charlotte Jane Greenwood. Middle Row: John Hammer Greenwood, Gladys Cecil Greenwood, Mrs. John Hamer Greenwood. Front Row: Margery Virginia...
Hamar Greenwood with his Wife and Daughter at Brighton, England, c.1940 
Image  c.1940,   This is a black and white photograph of Hamar Greenwood with his wife and daughter, walking in Brighton, England. Hamar Greenwood was born at Whitby on February 7, 1870 and left Canada for England in 1895. He was chief secretary for Ireland from 1920-1922 and died at London, England on September...
Carmichael family standing in front of house, c.1915 
ImageMysteries:  c.1915,   A black and white photograph of four people standing in front of a house in Myrtle. From left to right the people in this photograph are: unidentified, unidentified, John Alfred Carmichael, Mrs. John Alfred Carmichael.
Thomas and Sarah Hawes 
Image  November 30, 1937,   Four black and white negatives of Thomas and Sarah Hawes sitting in front of their home on the occasion of their 65th wedding anniversary. Thomas Hawes (1850-1940) was born in Surrey, England. He immigrated to Canada with his brothers in 1869. In 1872 he married Sarah Elizabeth Love (1858-1942)...
Wolfenden Family at Cemetery 
Image  c.1865-1870,   Black and white negative of a photograph of the Wolfenden family standing around a grave in what may be Union Cemetery in Oshawa. The Wolfenden family were monument makers and sculptors in Whitby.
Gravestone of Sylvester Lynde 
Image  1919,   Black and white negative of a photograph showing the grave marker of Sylvester Bernard Lynde. This grave marker was erected in 1919 in Union Cemetery for Sylvester Bernard Lynde (1800-1883), eldest son of Jabez Lynde (1773-1856). Jabez Lynde and his family arrived at Whitby in 1804 and settled...
Janet Young and Winnifred McIntosh 
Image  1902,   Black and white negative of a photograph of Janet Young (nee Sinclair), wife of James Young, and her granddaughter, Winnifred Isobel McIntosh, aged 5 months.
Tweedie Family 
Image  1871,   Black and white negative of a portrait photograph of the women of the Tweedie family. Back row: Rebecca Campbell (nee Tweedie), Catherine Grant (nee Tweedie). Middle row: Mary Cron (nee Tweedie), Jane Tweedie (nee Crone), Elizabeth Hislop (nee Tweedie). Front row: Frances G.A. Milne (nee...
Catherine Tweedie Grant and Grant Tweedie Lynde 
Image  1909,   Black and white negative of a photograph showing Catherine Grant (nee Tweddie, 1837-1912) with her grandson Grant Tweedie Lynde (1908-1977). Catherine Tweedie was the sixth child (fourth daughter) of James and Jane Tweedie. She married John Grant on 8 May 1876. When her husband died shortly after...
Members of the Tweedie Family, 1890 
Image  1890,   Black and white negative of a portrait photograph of the Tweedie family. The photograph was taken in a studio. Back row: Elizabeth Hislop (nee Tweedie), James Tweedie Jr., Catherine Grant (nee Tweedie), Frances Milne (nee Tweedie). Middle row: John Tweedie, Jane Tweedie (nee Crone), Mary Cron...
Four Generations of Lynde Family 
Image  c.1910,   Black and white negative of a photograph of members of the Charles Lynde family. From left to right: Jack M. Lynde (1860-1922; son of Charles Lynde), Mabel Adamson (1886- ; daughter of Jack Lynde), Effie Adamson (daughter of Mabel Adamson), and Charles Lynde (1827-1912). Effie and Charles are...
John Lynde Grave Marker 
Image  1919,   Black and white negative of a photograph of the grave marker for John Lynde. The gravestone reads '1917 ____ to the memory of John Lynde who died in August 1817 aged 72 years' John Lynde, father of Jabez Lynde, died at Whitby in August 1817. The stone was probably made of marble in the 1850s and...

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