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Men and Women 
Image  [ca. 191-]  Two men and two women seated on wicker furniture outside beside a house. Men are in shirts and ties, women in long dresses. Note the vines covering the side of the house.
Men Hunting 
Image  [ca. 191-]  Two men wearing breeches and boots, jackets and ties and carrying axes.
Party Group 
Image  [ca, 195-]  Large group of men and women posing, many with drinks in their hands.
Image  [ca. 192-]  Young man standing outside wearing a coat and cap. Note the large smokestack in the background at left.
Image  [ca. 194-]  Photograph of three men in coats and hats walking outside.
Group of Men 
Image  [ca. 193-]  Group of men sitting in the woods, one with a knife in his belt. Possibly a hunting party.
Image  [ca. 195-]  Two men standing behind a house wearing suits and ties. Note the clothesline in the background. Both men holding cigarettes.
Group of Men and Women 
Image  [ca. 191-]  Large group of men and women posing outside on a grassy area. Note the wide "ties" on the women, with "middy" or sailor blouses. Alberta Mae Dotzert fifth from the right. The white middy or sailor blouse was worn by women around 1912 and onward over a skirt. See also I-4-54 and I-4-57.
Image  [ca. 193-]  Young man standing outside in front of a house in suit, cap and coat. Snow on the ground.
Image  [ca. 193-]  Man wearing a suit and tie standing, leaning on a fence in a yard. Same man as in photo I-4-131.
Image  [ca. 193-]  Man in a suit, tie and cap standing on a wooden bridge leaning on the railing.
Image  [ca. 191-]  Couple standing together on a lawn with picket fence in background. Both have apples in their hands. Note long print dress on woman and high collar on man's shirt.
Man and Automobile 
Image  [ca. 192-]  Man standing beside an automobile holding two fish. Dog in the foreground.
Group of Men and Women 
Image  [ca. 193-]  Group of men and women posing outside, some holding drinking glasses. One young girl posing with them.
Edward Dotzert with Infant 
Image  [ca. 192-]  Edward Dotzert holding an infant girl, Wendy. Standing outside on a porch. Written on reverse: "Uncle Ed Dotzert and Wendy".
Image  1915  Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing suit and tie. See also: I-4-138. Written at bottom: "Dan 1915". Photographer's name and address printed on reverse.
Image  [ca. 191-]  Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing suit and bowtie with kerchief in his breast pocket. Identified as "Dan" in I-4-137. See also: I-4-137.
Group of Men 
Image  [ca. 191-]  Group of seven men standing together, wearing shirts and ties.
Image  [ca. 192-]  Three men pretending to be soldiers with brooms as rifles and a imitation sword. Written on reverse: "Royal Pracalamaniva"(?)
Image  [ca. 1920]  Head and shoulders portrait of young man wearing suit and tie.

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