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  [ca. 1905]  Woman sitting on wooden rocking chair on front porch. Wooden hammock to left. Note grape-vine lace pattern on woman's dress, and her lace-up boots. Glass negative image.
  [ca. 1905]  Young man posing with older woman on steps. Note the woman's hat and fur collar and the man's pocket watch and vest. Glass negative image.
  [ca. 1905]  Young woman sitting on tree stump in long dress with hat trimmed with lace on her knee. Glass negative image. Same woman as 881-001, 007, 008, 025, 032 and 039.
  [ca, 1905]  Two women outside in the woods one in a shorter white lace dress standing on tree stump wearing a white hat, the other standing to her left. Glass negative image. Woman on left same as 881-001, 006, 008, 025, 032, 039. Woman on right also in 881-032.
  [ca. 1905]  Young woman in lace dress sitting on her umbrella on a tree stump. Glass negative image. Same woman as in 881-001, 006, 007, 008, 025, 032 and 039.
  [ca. 1905]  Seven women in park near a body of water (possibly Victoria or Waterloo Park). Three are sitting on a low tree branch, two seated on the grass in front and two standing. All are wearing elaborate hats. Glass negative image.
  [ca. 1905]  Woman standing in wooded area in long dark coloured dress and small straw hat. Glass negative image.
  [ca. 1905]  Two women standing holding a bucket and a man sitting on a large tree stump wearing braces and with bare feet. Glass negative image.
  [ca. 1905]  Woman in long dress lying on grass facing camera. Wood fence in background. Glass negative image.
  [ca. 1905]  A boy, girl and woman on front porch of a house; children are seated on steps, woman is standing. Note vine to the right and potted tree on the left. Glass negative image.
  [ca. 1905]  Young woman sitting on bent-over tree in wooded area, wearing elaborate hat. Glass negative image. See also 881-012.
  [ca. 1905]  Man and woman sitting in field, man has his arm around the woman. Glass negative image. Man same as photos 881-001, 004, 005, 024. Woman same as photos 881-001, 006, 007, 008, 025, 032, 039.
  [ca. 1905]  Two women sitting, child in front, man standing behind. Note the pictures on the walls and the furnishings. Glass negative image. Same family as in 881-019.
  [ca. 1905]  Woman standing in rocky field wearing long skirt and blouse and large hat. Wooded area in background. Glass negative image. Same woman as 881-012 and 023.
  [ca. 1905]  Three women, one elderly, and a young girl. Glass negative image. See also 881-026.
  c1905  Two women sitting in wooded area on a tree-stump. One wearing a white dress and hat, the other seated behind her holding her hat on her lap. Woman with hat on her knee is also in 881-001, 006, 007, 008, 025, 032, 039. Woman in white dress also in 881-007.
  [ca. 1905]  Two men and a woman sitting in chairs on porch of house, younger boy standing to the right, two older boys sitting on steps. Glass negative image. Boys on steps the same as those in 881-014.
  [ca. 1905]  Man and woman sitting on bench in park setting, three boys sitting in front of them on grass. Glass negative image. Boys also in 881-036, 037, the two older in 881-014. Man also in 881-036, 037. Woman in 881-036.
  [ca. 1905]  Woman sitting in field on slight rise, umbrella hanging by a branch nearby. Same woman as in 881-001, 006, 007, 008, 025, 032.
  [ca. 1905]  Woman standing in field wearing elaborate hat, umbrella hanging nearby on a branch. Glass negative image. Same occasion as 881-039. Woman also in 881-001, 006, 007, 008, 025, 032, 039.

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