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Man and Automobile 
Image  [ca. 192-]  Man standing beside an automobile holding two fish. Dog in the foreground.
Group of Men and Women 
Image  [ca. 193-]  Group of men and women posing outside, some holding drinking glasses. One young girl posing with them.
Edward Dotzert with Infant 
Image  [ca. 192-]  Edward Dotzert holding an infant girl, Wendy. Standing outside on a porch. Written on reverse: "Uncle Ed Dotzert and Wendy".
Image  [ca. 192-]  Line of men walking in the snow near two wooden buildings.
Image  1915  Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing suit and tie. See also: I-4-138. Written at bottom: "Dan 1915". Photographer's name and address printed on reverse.
Image  [ca. 191-]  Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing suit and bowtie with kerchief in his breast pocket. Identified as "Dan" in I-4-137. See also: I-4-137.
Group of Men 
Image  [ca. 191-]  Group of seven men standing together, wearing shirts and ties.
Image  [ca. 192-]  Three men pretending to be soldiers with brooms as rifles and a imitation sword. Written on reverse: "Royal Pracalamaniva"(?)
Image  [ca. 1920]  Head and shoulders portrait of young man wearing suit and tie.
Father and Sons 
Image  1884  Carte-de-visite of older man sitting with two young boys standing beside his chair. Jacob Henzel was a photographer in Waterloo in 1884. See Reverse image for photographer's information.
Image  [between 1896 and 1929]  Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing a suit and bowtie. Addison Moyer was a photographer in Waterloo from 1896 to his death in 1929.
Image  [between 1886 and 1887]  Carte-de-visite portrait of a young man seated in an arm chair. Isaac W. Wilson was a photographer in Waterloo between 1886 and 1887. See Reverse image for photographer's information.
Group of Men 
Image  [ca. 192-]  Group of seven unidentified men. Note the spats on the man seated in front.
Hunting Party 
Image  [ca. 1910]  Group of unidentified men, a hunting party, with dogs in a snowy field at the French River, Ontario. Horses and wagons beside and behind them. Note the men all smoking or holding pipes.
Image  [between 1856 and 190-]  Tintype portrait of two unidentified men seated and wearing formal dress. Tintypes were popular from 1856 to the early 1900s.
Man and boy 
Image  [between 1856 and 190-],   Tintype of a man seated with a young boy standing beside him. Tintypes were popular from 1856 until approximately the early 1900s.
Image  [between 1856 and 190-],   Tintype of three men, two seated, one standing, all wearing hats. Tintypes were popular from 1856 until approximately the early 1900s.
Women in Early Automobile 
Image  [ca. 191-],   Postcard of five women in an early Ford automobile with a man standing beside it. Small boy in background with a hoop. Driver is Rosella Becker; later married Leonard Gildner (b. 1890).
Image  [between 1856 and 190-],   Tintype of two couples, the men are seated with the women standing behind them. Tintypes were popular from 1856 until approximately the early 1900s.
Tobogganing Party 
Image  [ca. 191-],   Group of men and women standing on snow covered hill with toboggans. Written on reverse; "Clive".

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