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Unidentified Woman Standing in 1940's Kitchen 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1946  IHC catalogue number: 28A
Tractor & Harrow 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1946  Unidentified men and dog standing in a field next to a Farmall M tractor and a disking harrow. IHC catalogue number: 34A
Unidentified Female Driving a Tractor 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1946  Unidentified female driving an IHC Farmall A tractor. IHC catalogue number: 41A
Three Unidentified Men Sawing Wood With a Circular Saw 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1946  Unidentified men sawing wood with a belt-driven circular saw. Photo taken outside of Sherbrooke, Quebec. IHC catalogue number: 77A
Interior of Farm Equipment Dealership 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1946  An unidentified male employee assists a customer from behind the main counter in a farm equipment dealership. Display shelving, paperwork, a window and a poster are also visible. Photo possibly taken in Quebec. IHC catalogue number: 102A
Unidentified Workers in a Tobacco Greenhouse, Simcoe, ON 
ImageMysteries:  c. 1947  Two unidentified people working in a tobacco greenhouse in Simcoe, Ontario. The photo was taken on the Verhoven (possibly Verhoeven) farm. IHC catalogue number: 138B. Second view taken, but not scanned. IHC catalogue number: 143B.
4-H Club Visits Factory 
ImageMysteries:  c. November 1947  A 4-H Club visits International Harvester Canada factory as part of a public relations initiative. IHC catalogue number: 188B
Osborne L. Sager and Unidentified Woman Reviewing Paperwork, Brant County, ON 
ImageMysteries:  c. January 20, 1950  Osborne L. Sager was the owner of Regasborne Stock Farm in Brant County, Ontario. IHC catalogue number: 957
Milk Maid Milking a Cow 
ImageMysteries:  c. 1949  Unidentified woman milking a cow with a single milking unit. Photo possibly taken at Western Dairy. Alternate view taken, but not scanned. IHC catalogue number: 1220 IHC catalogue number: 1222
Men Sorting Potatoes 
ImageMysteries:  c. 1950  Three unidentified men sorting potatoes passing by on a conveyor belt. Large wooden barrels are visible to the side of their work area. IHC catalogue number: 1515-50
Unidentified Woman Standing Next to a Kitchen Stove 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1950  An unidentified woman tends to a kettle in a kitchen. Franklin farm story. IHC catalogue number: 1565
ImageMysteries:  c. October 1950  A man standing in a workshop. Items visible in this photo include a Blackhawk Porto-Power, automatic checkout equipment, a Willard fast charter and tester, and Black and Decker equipment. Items visible in this photo include a Blackhawk Porto-Power, automatic checkout equipment, a Willard fast...
High School Girls Standing Around a Freezer, Burlington, ON 
ImageMysteries:  c. January 1952  A group of female Burlington High School students standing around an IHC home freezer. IHC catalogue number: 2112
Man Using a Pulley to Lift Milk Can into Cooler 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1952  An unidentified man uses a pulley system to lift a milk can into a cooler. This photo was taken on the farm of J. Sternbauer in London territory. IHC catalogue number: 2192
Two Boys with Holding Harnessed Calves 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1952  Two young boys pose for a photo with rope harnessed calves. May 17-29, Quebec. IHC catalogue number: 2235
Young Adult Male Feeding Chickens in a Poultry House 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1952  May 17-29, Quebec. IHC catalogue number: 2236-52
Men Being Interviewed in an Office 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1952  A man dressed in a suit interviews two labourers from behind an office desk. May 17-29, Quebec. IHC catalogue number: 2239-52
Family Eating at a Kitchen Table 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1952  An unidentified family made up of three men, a woman, and four young children, sits at a kitchen table eating a meal in their kitchen. On the walls around them there are various wall hangings including a crucifix. Clocks are also visible in the background. May 17-29, Quebec. Alternate view taken,...
Unidentified Family Posing for Photo Outside House 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1952  An unidentified family poses for a photo on the front steps of their two story home in a yard with a white picket fence. Quebec. IHC catalogue number: 2257-52
Unidentified Woman Standing in Kitchen with Fridge Door Open, Englehart, ON 
ImageMysteries:  c. May 1952  An unidentified woman stands in a kitchen in Englehart, Ontario with the refrigerator open as she looks at an item from inside. Also visible in the photo are a kettle, clock, and iron. IHC catalogue number: 2274
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