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Fred Hutton's Mother 
Image    Woman wearing a long dark dress with a long dark bonnet (appears to be the clothing of someone in mourning). Condition: matting worn and it appears a sticker has been removed; photo is a little yellow/brown but still looks good.
Mrs. (Doctor) Sparks (Caroline) in the living room at Ercildoune 
Image    Photo of an older woman (Caroline Sparks - Dr. Thomas' wife) sitting in a chair in the living room holding onto a book looking towards the camera. In the background we can see out the window which shows that this photo was taken in the wintertime. Ercildoune was originally built as a wedding gift...
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a woman posed looking off to the side with her body slightly turned. She is wearing a dark blouse with a light crocheted scarf around her neck and flowers just underneath at the front of her blouse. Her hair is up out of her face with just some curls near the front evident. Condition: ...
Woman wearing hat 
ImageMysteries:    Portrait of a elegantly dress woman. She is wearing what looks like a high-collared silk blouse, with a fur scarf around her neck and a locket. On her head is large fur hat. She is looking to the side with her neck bent down with an expression of boredom on her face. Condition: Good. Some...
Group of women outside 
Image    Photo of a group of women all sitting outside. Some are sitting on the ground, some are standing and some are sitting in chairs. They appear to be reading from books and discussing - they are not actually posed (it seems) but in the middle of movement and doing things. Some have been...
Six women in Japanese costume 
Image    Photo of six women all dressed in Japanese costumes including kimonos and fans with their hair up. One of these girls is Irene Eedy. Condition: Good. Some silvering and uneven tone - but image is clear.
Group of women 
ImageMysteries:    Photo a group of woman all wearing lovely light coloured dressed with some sort of flower attached to their blouses. Some of them have been identified... Bottom Row: 2nd from left - Eva Petty 4th from left - Gladys Butcher 6th from left - Florence Birtch 8th from left - Carrie Rae Second...
Misses Downings 
Image    Photo of two women posed so the one is looking to the right, and the other is looking to the left. They are both wearing high-collared frilly blouses with their hair up (the one has the hair on top of her head, while the other woman's is at the back of her head). The women are identified as the...
Nine women 
Image    Photo of nine women all posed together with an outdoor looking backdrop. Two of the women are identified - Back row - 3rd from left - Della Tracy Middle row - 2nd from left - Ada LaGear It is not for certain, but guessed that all these women worked for in the Millinery department at White and...
Bessie Weir 
Image    Photo of a woman wearing a high collared blouse with a brooch in the middle. Her hair is curly in the front, parted in the middle and pulled back. The woman is identified as Bessie Weir who was born in 1849 and died March 3, 1902. She was the daughter of William Weir and Margaret McArthur,...
Bessie Weir 
Image    Carte de visite of Bessie Weir (b. 1849 - d. 1902). She was the daughter of William Weir and Margaret McArthur, and the wife of Sidney Fraleigh. She is pictured here with her hair parted in the middle and pulled back, wearing a buttoned up dress with a high collar. She is holding a piece of...
Ann Weir Yule 
Image    Carte de visite of Ann Weir Yule (b. 1839 - d. February 19, 1895). She was the daughter of William Weir and Margaret McArthur and the wife of James Yule. She is photographed with her hair back from her face with slight curls. She has on a decorative blouse with a brooch at her collar and...
Frances Charlotte Weir 
Image    Carte de visite of Frances Charlotte Weir (b. March 8, 1853 - d. March 5, 1915). She was the daughter of William Weir and Margaret McArthur, and the wife of Henry Edward Wilson. She is pictured here with her hair pulled back except for some curly bangs in front. She is wearing drop-pearl...
Mary Jane and Catharine Cole 
Image    Photo of two women identified as Mary Jane and Catharine Cole. The woman on the left is seated facing the camera, while the other woman's body is slightly turned with her arm resting at the top of the chair. Condition: Okay. Black/gray spots on image. On front: Aunt Mary Jane - My Mother Job...
Hattie Cole, Mary Jane Cole and the mother of Harry Ellah 
Image    Photo of three women all posed together. The two younger women in the front are each holding something (Hattie a book, Mary Jane an accordion). They are identified as "Aunt Hattie", "Aunt Mary Jane" and "Hary Ellah Mother". Condition: Okay. Very yellow/orange and dirty. Front each woman is...
Two women, ca. 1914 
Image  1914+  Photo of two women standing in front of a building. The first woman is unfortunately no identified, but the woman in the white dress is Jean Provan, the wife of Scotty Provan (a vaudeville entertainer). The Provans owned the Pleasant Hour Theatre. Condition: Fair. Ripped, dry and...
Composite of the members of the McConnell Club, 1954 
Image  1954  Composite of portraits of the members of the McConnell Club of St. Marys in 1954. The large photo at the top-centre is the Honourary Past President: Mrs. Polly Bain. The three in the middle include the Secretary Mrs. Mary Taylor, the President Mrs. Eleanor Jackson and the Treasurer Mrs. Ann...
Susan Box (nee Brine) 
Image    Susan Box (nee Brine). This picture was taken later in Mrs. Box's life. She was the wife of William Box and the daughter of James Brine. condition: very good. "Susan Brine Box/ married to/ William Box."
Three Generations Portrait 
Image    Portrait of Three Generations. Mrs. J.D. Moore (Elizabeth Shand)(1843-1911) and her daughter Mrs. J.W. Turnbull (Elizabeth Shand Moore Turnbull)(1873-1953) and her granddaughter Alice Turnbull (1901-1913) Portrait taken ca. 1902. Condition: Poor. Matte and photo are worn and stained. Photo is...
Ellen Anderson, Jemima Hamilton and Sarah Atkinson 
ImageComments:    Photo of three older women in wheelchairs holding onto bouquets of flowers. They are identified as being sisters and are (from left to right) Ellen Anderson, Jemima Hamilton and Sarah Atkinson. Condition: We have three copies of this photo and they are all in pretty good condition. Measurements...

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