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Elderly woman seated, holding a book 
ImageMysteries:    Elderly woman formally dressed and posed in a portrait studio holding a book Condition: Right top edge clipped off; photo & matting browned with age (possible shellac browning); hole in top where tack may have gone through; bottom centre ripped.
Portrait of Man 
ImageMysteries:  1875  Man wearing thickly knotted tie, non-collared shirt, corduroy vest and wool jacket. His eyebrows are thick and he has longish hair on his neck but otherwise has a clean-shaven face. Condition: Image is (very) browned; matte and image extremely dirty; shellac coating looks unevenly rubbed...
Portrait of Man 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of stern looking man with hair parted to side, longish side-burns wearing a thick bow-tie, shirt with collar up on his face, a vest and a jacket. Photo almost has the appearance of a drawing. Condition: faded; dirty; bent down middle; hole on top and bottom where tacks likely went through.
Portrait of Woman 
ImageMysteries:    Woman wearing dark blouse with sleeves that flow out and aren't quite long enough to reach her wrists. She is wearing a brooch on the lace collar. Hair is slicked down, but the hint of curls are evident underneath. Photo is faded artistically below her blouse. Condition: image very yellowed...
Portrait of a Woman 
Image  1876-1879  Photo of a woman with head off to the side. Her hair is loosely pulled back from her face and has highly arched eyebrows. She is believed to possibly be Addie Roberts. Photo would have been taken between 1876-1879 as that is when this specific photographer existed in St. Marys. Condition: Photo...
Angus McIntyre with his daughters: Adaline and Mary Ann 
Image  1882  Photo of a long bearded man sitting between 2 young girls. The girls are both wearing long dark dresses with fancy collars, and the man is wearing checkered-striped pants and a dark jacket. Condition: Has a fairly even yellow/brown tone; some stains on image, more on matting; image is still clear...
ImageMysteries:  1881-82  Photo of a man with wavy hair parted to the side and a mustache. The photo has been faded around him artistically. Condition: yellow/brown tone; dirty on bottom (from handling); possibly some mildew; handle only if necessary.
Sidney Fraleigh 
Image    Photo of Sidney Fraleigh. His hair is parted at the side and slicked, and he has long side burns and well maintained mustache. Condition: photo is dirty and worn; limit exposure & handle carefully. "Sidney Fraleigh" "d. 1915"
____________ Barber 
Image    Carte de visite of a woman with her hair back wearing a long sleeved dark dress with a bustle in the back. Her body is to the side and she is leaning against a "tree" with a forest scene in the background. Condition: Image is good. Some surface dirt and a little bit of silvering. "Barber"
Man with beard 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a man with a long beard looking off to the side. His hair is parted to the side and he is wearing a suit jacket. Condition: Poor. Image is speckled and worn; has a green/yellow tone.
ImageMysteries:  1878  Carte de visite of a man taken in 1878 by George Wilson. The man has his hair combed to the side and is wearing a thick suit jacket and bow tie. He is looking off to the side and giving a slight side-profile in doing so. Condition: Very poor. Very stained with barely any contrast left. ...
Man and two women 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a man and two women. The man is sitting on a pile of "rocks" with one of the women sitting next to him. Then the other woman is standing in between the other woman and man. Condition: Fair. Very dirty with stains. Image is fairly clear though.
Baby sitting on woman's lap 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a baby wearing a light coloured gown and bonnet. The baby is being held by a woman dressed in dark colours with her head bowed down as if she is looking at the baby herself (which hides her face and almost makes her unnoticeable - as if the baby is almost floating in the middle...
Man with long beard 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a man with a long beard looking very seriously off to the side. Condition: Fair. Very dirty and stained with fingerprints. Has yellowed severely and may have once been in a moist environment.
Woman and man 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a woman and a man. The woman is standing in behind the man and is wearing a long dark dress with a fairly full skirt. The man is sitting in a chair with his arm resting on a side table. He has a beard, is wearing a suit and has his hair slicked back. Condition: Fair to...
Man and woman 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a man and a woman. The man is sitting in a chair with his legs and arms crossed in front of him while the woman is standing next to him with an arm on the back of the man's chair. The woman's skirt is very full, and the man's hair is slicked back. Condition: Fair to poor....
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a woman sitting in a chair with her one arm resting on a table and the other resting on her lap. She is looking directly at the camera with a very controlled appearance on her face. Condition: Fair. Very worn and dirty.
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a girl. She is leaning on an object and looking off to the side. She is wearing a light coloured dress with a full looking skirt. Her hair is in ringlets and held back from her face with a ribbon headband. Condition: Fair. Worn and dirty with some stains and uneven...
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a man standing next to a side table. His hand is holding a book which he has resting on the table. He is wearing a long jacket, has a beard and appears to be looking directly at the camera. Condition: Poor. A lot of stains (water? grease?) and very dirty. Uneven tone and...
Woman in full skirt 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a woman. She is wearing a very full dark skirt and a dark jacket. Her one hand is at her side and her other hand is on a book that is placed on a table. Her hair is parted in the middle and pulled back away from her face (but covering her ears). Condition: Fair. Very dirty....

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