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Ercildoune - Dr. Thomas Sparks' House 
Image    Photo of Ercildoune (236 Jones Street East - corner of Jones and King Streets). You can see some people standing by the porch as well as a horse and carriage. Ercildoune was originally built as a wedding gift to George Carter's daughter Charlotte when she married Henry Lincoln Rice in 1880....
Brick Home on corner of Tracy and Park Streets (199 Tracy Street) 
Image  c. 1904  Photo of 199 Tracy Street, St. Marys. This home is on the corner of Park and Tracy Street. This home was built for local merchant W.H. May around 1900. Him and his family can be seen here in the photo standing outside of it. Condition: Fair to good. Image looks great but it has yellowed a...
Queen Street looking east 
Image  1884  One part of a stereoview of Queen Street looking east. Buildings can be seen on either side of the street with people and vehicles seen on the dirt street or the wooden sidewalks. Condition: Copy is in excellent condition. A view of Queen St. looking east from Victoria Bridge 1884. -foreground...
St. Marys Fire Department, ca. 1908 
Image  ca. 1908  Photo of some buildings with people in uniforms with horses and carriages sitting out in front. Condition: Good copy. Some discolouration and warping in paper. St. Marys Fire Dept. About 1908 Cal Williamson, Joseph Albert, John Edwards, J. Albert, W. Northgrave, G.W. Allen, Chief Noyes, Jack...
Leon M. Clench 
Image    Photo of Leon Clench (father of world famous violinist Nora Clench) posed sitting on a bicycle. He has long sideburns and is wearing a hat and looks as though he is trying to pretend he is moving. Condition: Fair to poor. A lot of stains likely caused by moisture and improper storage. Very...
Train derailment 
Image  1930s  Photo of a train that derailed in St. Marys in the 1930s. People can be seen watching the progress of the clean-up by the crew. Condition: Okay. Bent in a corner. Is also very worn and is starting to curl.
Train derailment 
Image  1930s  Photo of a train that derailed in St. Marys in the 1930s. A crowd can be seen sitting up on the hill watching the crew try and clean-up the mess. Condition: Okay. Fairly worn and slightly curling.
Train derailment 
Image  1930  Photo of a train that derailed in the 1930s. A crew can be seen trying to clean up the mess with a crowd standing and sitting up on the hill watching. Condition: Okay. Better than the others. Mostly just wear where the album corner was.
Train derailment 
Image  1930s  Photo of a crew trying to clean-up after a train derailment. Condition: Okay. Some wear, especially where the album corners once were.
Train derailment 
Image  1930s  Close-up of one of the freight cars all dumped over after a train derailment. Men are all standing around with others moving about showing they are trying to clean up the mess. Condition: Okay. Slightly curled and worn.
Train derailment 
Image  1930s  Photo of a train derailment that occurred in the 1930s. Men can be seen standing at the tracks with bags of something in the foreground. Condition: Okay. Slightly curled and worn - especially where album corners were.
Replacing girders on railway trestle over Trout Creek by CNR station, 1912 
Image  1912  Photo of a girder being replaced on the railway trestle that crosses Trout Creek (near the St. Marys train station). Men can be seen standing on either side, with large machinery seen slowly letting the girder down. Click on the image to see an article on the replacement of the girders....
River View and Railway Viaduct 
Image    Tinted postcard view of a bridge with a train crossing the railway viaduct in the background. Condition: Good. A little bit of wearing and yellowing. River View and Railway Viaduct, St. Marys
Horse Drawn Fire Wagon at Water and Queen Streets (ca. 1930s) 
Image  ca. 1930s  Photo of the corner of Water and Queen Streets taken possibly in the 1930s. The MacPherson Arts and Crafts store can be seen in the background with people standing in front of it. In the foreground is a horse drawn fire wagon crossing Water Street. Condition: (Oversize) Good. Copy of original. ...
Church Street Bridge 
Image    Photo of the Church Street bridge with the London railway bridge seen far off in the background. Trout Creek is in the foreground flowing under the bridge. Condition: Very good. Some dirt on the back of the postcard. "St. Marys, Ont."
Victoria Bridge and the Thames River 
Image  Dated in letter, 1906  Tinted postcard view of the Thames River, the Victoria bridge (Queen Street bridge) and of the old mill and back of the Opera House. Condition: Fair. Strange colouring (got wet?). Handle carefully. Victoria Bridge, St. Marys On back: Dear Friend - I got your letter and I want to know what...
Train #409 Derailment south of St. Marys 
Image    Photo of a group of people standing around a derailed train numbered 409. Condition: Copies are good - not the best reproduction though.
Man adjusting top on vintage car on Wellington Street 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a man adjusting the roof on a vintage car while a few young boys look on. Mid-Town Cleaners can be seen in the background in the stone building, along with a sign above a door at the side that reads "Motor-Oil-20¢". The car is parked in front of where the Guardian Drugstore is located...
G.T.R. Station, ca. 1908 
Image  ca. 1908  Reproduction of a postcard showing the St. Marys G.T.R. station as it appeared then (ca. 1908). A horse with a carriage can be seen as well as plenty of people standing on the platform. A train can be seen trailing up to the station. Condition: Copy is very good. G. T. R. Station, St. Marys,...
Construction Workers at the G.T.R. station, ca. 1908 
Image  ca. 1908  Photo of a group of men and horses posed together. In the background, 23 St. George Street North can be seen. Condition: Copy is very good.

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