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W.D. Spence; teacher in St. Marys from 1894-1907 
Image  1894-1907  Photo of a man with hair severely parted and slicked back with a very long mustache. The photo has the effect of being curled at the edges. Condition: Some stains and pen(?) marks, some mildew but good. W.D. Spence; teacher in St. Marys - 1894-1907.
Miss Alice Wilson, Public School Teacher 
Image    Photo of a young woman with her hair pulled back into a bun wearing a frilly sleeved blouse with a mid-length neck posed so that we see a side profile. See 0224ph and 0225ph for Alice at 100 years old. Condition: dirty with mildew stains and uneven yellow tone; rips in matting. Miss Alice Wilson,...
Shirley Paul 
Image    Photo of a young woman (Shirley Paul who was a teacher at Central school for many years). She is sitting at a desk in what looks like a classroom full of desks. Condition: very good - only has a slight surface scratch (which is barely visible). "Shirley Paul - teacher at Central school for many...
Marie Sillery (Moser) 
Image  ca. 1954  Photo of a woman (Mrs. Sillery, a teacher in St. Marys for many years), sitting posed at a desk for a school portrait. Condition: in excellent condition. "Marie Sillery (Moser)"
Image  ca. 1954  Teacher portrait of a woman wearing 50's style glasses. Condition: Excellent.
Mrs. Tyler (Margaret Darling) 
Image  ca. 1954  School portrait of Mrs. Tyler (Margaret Darling) who was a kindergarten teacher at Central Elementary school. She has dark hair pulled away from her face and a brooch at the top of her blouse. Condition: hole in side (border) but otherwise excellent. "Mrs. Tyler (Marie Darling) kindergarten...
Teachers of Central School 
Image  c. 1960  Photo of a group of teachers standing outside a building. The teachers are identified as (left to right): Burton Morgan, Julia McIntyre, Mary Blackler, Shirley Ferguson, Edith McArthur, Anna Hardy Condition: Very good. Some yellowing on left.
Teachers of St. Marys 
Image  1888  Photo of five men posed together in a studio setting with a fur rug on the floor. They are all dressed in suit with their hair parted similar and four of the men having mustaches (the other man with a full beard). The men have been identified as: Back: Stephen Martin, Isaac M. Levan...
Teachers of St. Marys 
Image  1886  Photo of five men posed together in suits with their hats off. The scene has been made to almost appear as if they are outside as they are in simple wooden chairs and some are holding wooden walking sticks. Men have been identified as (updated April 15, 2009): Left to right: Isaac M. Levan...
Julia McIntyre 
Image    Photo of a very young Julia McIntyre. She is sitting in a little rocking chair wearing a light coloured gown looking off to the side. Julia McIntyre was a long-time teacher and principal at St. Marys schools (Central and North Ward). The St. Marys Museum was lucky enough to receive her very...
St. Marys Collegiate Institute class picture, 1922 
ImageMysteries:  April 1922  Panoramic class photo taken at St. Marys Collegiate Institute April, 1922. The school building (currently Arthur Meighen Public School) can be seen in the background to the left. The Museum has 5 flat copies in the Oversize Collection. Condition of the photos are as follow: Copy 1 - Fair. ...
St. Marys High School Staff and Senior Pupils, 1886-87 
ImageMysteries:  1886-187  Photo of staff and students of St. Marys High school taken in either the autumn of 1886 or the spring of 1887. Everybody is dressed in very serious dark looking clothing and are posed fairly seriously as well. A British flag can be seen in the behind the students. Please note this photo is the...
Miss Ingersoll's class (c. 1913) and photo of the teaching staff 
ImageMysteries:  around 1913-1915  On the one side, there is a picture of Miss Ingersoll's 2nd book class in old Central school - taken around 1913. On the other side, is a newspaper print of a photo of the teaching staff of St. Marys Public Schools in 1915. Please click on the photo at the side to see this photo. The teachers...
T. Murray McLeish, Mel Lightfoot and A.K.C. Seale 
Image  ca. 1950s  Photo of T. Murray McLeish (Principal of Central), Mel Lightfoot (the Mayor of St. Marys) and A.K.C. Seale (Assistant Principal) all posed outside with Mr. McLeish holding the Lightfoot School Parade Trophy. Condition: Very good. Matte and photo are intact and in great shape.
Interior and a class in the old Central School 
Image    Photo of the interior of an old Central school classroom. Students are sitting at their desk, with the teacher standing at the side of the classroom next to a chalkboard. Condition: Very good copy.
The Stone School 
Image  1900s  Photo of a class sitting in the old stone school (likely early 1900s). The school was located at the southwest corner of Queen and James Streets. It served as a combined school and church building at first, then was exclusively a school and then finally a building for the 110th Perth Battalion...
Jenny Hotson 
Image    Photo of Jenny Hotson, standing outside wearing a dark dress posed with her hands clasped together in front of her. Jenny Hotson was a teacher at Central School in St. Marys, and was also at one point a missionary in China. Condition: Very good.
W. R. Riddell 
Image    Cabinet card photo of W.R. Riddell who was a teacher of mathematics at St. Marys Collegiate Institute from 1880 to 1883, and was also a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario. He is posed here with a book in his lap, sitting in an armed chair with his legs crossed. Condition: Good. Some...
W. R. Riddell, 1882 
Image    Photo of W.R. Riddell who was a teacher of mathematics at St. Marys Collegiate Institute from 1880 to 1883, and was also a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario. He is posed here standing wearing a fur coat and hat. Condition: Good. Some simple staining. Photo paper has yellowed quite...
Elizabeth Cruttenden 
Image    Photo of Elizabeth Cruttenden sitting in a chair with an elbow leaning on a book and her other hand holding a page in the same book. She is wearing a dark dress with puffy sleeves (from the shoulder to the elbow) and lace details on the forearm part of the sleeve and collars. Elizabeth...

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