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Jones Street, late 1890s 
Image  late 1890s  Photo of Jones Street East taken in the late 1890s. Two large and ornate homes are in view as well as telephone polls and the winter snow. Condition: Okay. Image has a yellow tone and some stains. Matting is very dirty and stained.
Emily Street from Sarnia Bridge, 1890s 
Image  1890s  Photo of Emily Street as seen from the Sarnia Bridge. We see a road with trees on one side, and on the left we see buildings with sidewalks directly in front of them. Note from Larry Pfaff written on back of photo: "The buildings at the left are scales, etc. for the flax mill situated just...
Jones Street 
Image    Postcard view of Jones Street East. At the right Ercildoune (236 Jones Street East - corner of Jones and King Streets) is in view with lots of trees lining the street. Condition: Very good. Colour looks great - postcard just worn at the edges. Jones Street, St. Mary's, Ont. Canada
Queen Street looking west 
Image    Contact print from a copy negative of a postcard (that we do have on file)> This postcard is photographed around Wellington Street looking west towards Water Street and the Victoria Bridge. There are horses and carriages and people all in the streets. Condition: Very good. Some marks on paper...
Widder Street 
ImageComments:  Postmarked 1913  Postcard view of Widder Street, St. Marys. The photo shows the street is lined with trees with a few houses only slightly visible. Condition: Fair. Glass shows imperfections. Browned & dirty. Original photo likely wasn't very god to begine with. Back has dirt and fingerprints. Toronto, Jan....
Queen Street looking west 
Image  Postmarked 1914  Tinted postcard view of Queen Street looking west. Andrew's/Anstett Jewelers tower can be seen as well as the varying shapes and colours of the buildings of downtown on both sides of the street starting at about Church Street. A horse and carriage can be seen heading east with people walking on...
Queen Street looking east 
Image    Postcard view of Queen Street looking east. The varying sizes of the buildings can be seen looking up towards the water tower (seen in the distance on the right) and the Town Hall (seen in the distance on the left). In the foreground, horse drawn wagons can be seen at Queen and Water Streets ...
Queen Street looking west 
Image    Tinted postcard view and copy of an old photograph of Queen Street looking west. This photo shows a clothing store on the south side of Church and Queen Streets, Allen movie theatre on the north side of Church Street as well as the original entrance to the Toronto Dominion Bank on Queen Street...
Queen Street looking west, ca. 1905 
Image  ca. 1905  Photocopy of a postcard showing Queen Street looking west. The image starts at the Wellington/Queen Streets corner looking down towards Victoria bridge. Some horse drawn carriages can be seen as well as people walking along the sidewalks. Condition: Photocopy is not the best quality. Queen St....
Duggan's Clothing Store, built in 1900s 
Image    Photo of the southwest corner of Church and Queen Streets looking from the north side of Queen specifically at Duggan's Clothing store with a group of people outside and standing at the corner of the street. Far back, not far from where Lind Park is now, a wall or fence and woman can be...
Corner of Wellington Street and Queen Street 
Image    Photo of the northeast corner of Queen and Wellington Streets. A hardware store is on the corner (where the Royal Bank is located now) with a few cars seen parked and some people walking around. Andrew's Jewelry store can be seen just next door to the hardware store. Condition: Copy is good.
View of Queen Street looking east, 1920s 
Image  1920s  Photo of Queen Street looking east taken from probably the Victoria bridge. A couple of cars can be seen parked near the corner of Queen and Water with some snow seen on the sides of the road and on the awnings of the businesses. The road appears to not have been paved yet. Condition: Excellent...
Old Central School (looking north down Church Street South) 
Image  Postmarked 1911  Photo of Church Street South looking north towards the old Central school (located on the corner of Church Street and Elizabeth Street). The stone wall in front of Athol Brae (147 Church Street South) is also visible in this photo. Condition: Copy is good.
Parade along Queen Street 
Image    Photo of a parade going west down Queen Street towards the fairgrounds. There is a procession of children walking down the street together with people all along the street watching them walk by. Andrew's Jewelery building can be seen in the background, along with the Ready shoe store, J.C....
Queen Street looking east 
Image    Photo of Queen Street looking east up towards the Town Hall. White & May Co., and a bicycle shop sign can be seen, but otherwise the signs are a little too blurry to read. Horses pulling carriages and wagons can be seen with some power lines (telephone lines?) visible as well. Condition: Good...
Main Street, St. Marys 
Image    Copy of a postcard showing Queen Street (looking east). The photo starts at about the corners of Water and Queen Streets. Cars and people can be seen about downtown with all the buildings in site (but none of the names of the businesses visible). The road is the main thing in focus, and is...
Queen Street looking east 
Image  Early 1900s  Photo of Queen Street looking east from Victoria Bridge. The dirt street is fairly empty except for a man with a penny farthing bicycle (at Queen and Water Streets). Condition: There are two copies in the Museum's collection. The one is an original, while the other is a newsprint type...
Massey Harris-Ferguson Building, ca. 1950 
Image  ca. 1950s  Photo of the Massey Harris-Feguson Building that used to exist at 201 Queen Street East (beside the Town Hall). Downtown Pontiac was at this location throughout the 1980s and 1990s with the new location now at Queen Street West. A truck is parked in front of the building, with blockades formed...
Aftermath of fire to 117 Queen Street East, ca. 1975 
Image  ca. 1975  Photo of the aftermath of a fire that destroyed 117 Queen Street East (at that time a hardware store). The photo was taken around 1975 and features the hole left by the missing building as well as two woman standing out front, the one looking at the damage. The building was rebuilt and houses...
Queen Street looking west towards Water Street at the time of a flood, 1937 
Image  1937  Photo of Queen Street East during a flood in 1937. The flood waters are up to the doorways of the businesses downtown and seems to have flooded some cars (including one at the Queen Street and Water Street intersection). Condition: Good. Gloss shows imperfections, but the image looks good.

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