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Front of White & May Co. 
Image    Photo of White & May Co. taken at dark. The display windows show off some of the merchandise of the store and are lighted while the rest of the photo is very dark (can just make out "White" in the sign above). White & May Co. once existed where the ScotiaBank building now stands on the corner...
Lewis H. Reesor 
Image    Photo of Lewis H. Reesor standing in front of his bookstore. L.H. Reesor was the father of Milton W. Reesor, an amateur photographer who took many photos around St. Marys between 1898 and 1910. A collection of these photos are available at the St. Marys Museum. Condition: Good. Image is very...
Wellington Street North, ca. 1910 
Image  ca. 1910  Photo of Wellington Street North. In view is the former Frank Willard Paint Shop on the right and the St. Marys Argus at the left. A man with a bicycle is outside of Willard's shop with another bicycle resting by a window. Condition: Copy is very good.
C. Richardson Shop & Church, St. Marys 
Image  1913  Photo of the C. Richardson shop & churn in St. Marys. A man identified as Alex Murray is posed with a couple horses who are backed up either receive a load or return a load to the shop. Condition: Photocopy not does give the best detail and has been folded.
A.H. Lofft and Company, ca. 1905 
Image  ca. 1905  Photo of A.H. Lofft & Co. dry goods store. This photo shows the building (151 & 153 Queen Street East) as it appeared around 1905. Condition: Copies are all in excellent condition.
White and May storefront with staff 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a group of employees standing outside of the White & May store. A bicycle is sitting out front of the store, and a sign on a piece of wood reads: "the one price store." Condition: Okay. Faded with slight contrast loss but image looks pretty good.
White & May storefront and staff 
Image    Photo of employees of White & May standing outside the store. One man (possibly Jerry White) is standing holding onto a bicycle. A sign stating "Millinery Showroom Open Now!" can be seen beside a man wearing a vest. Condition: Okay. Slight contrast loss, but image looks okay.
Employees of the Millinery Department at White & May 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of six women and one man posed in a small room surrounded by hats. These people are identified as having worked in the Millinery Department of the former White & May store. Only two are identified: Back row - 2nd from the left: Della Tracy Back Row - far right - Ada LaGear Condition: ...
North side of Queen Street between Water and Wellington Streets 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  ca. 1930  Photo of buildings along Queen Street East on the north side between Wellington and Water Streets. In view is Jack's Fruit Store, Paul's Meat Market, Thames Valley Bread Co., as well as E.N Bickell's and Canadian Pacific ticket place. A group of cars and people are out front, mostly employees...
Daniel McLaren store, ca. 1890 
Image  ca. 1890  Photo of two men standing outside of a store with people looking out of the windows of the 2nd and 3rd floors. The store is identified as Daniel McLaren's store (currently the entrance to Desjardins bank). Condition: Okay. Faded (some loss of contrast). Matte is rough looking image is intact....
Jack Sgariglia in front of his store at 99 Queen Street East 
Image    Photo of Jack Sgariglia casually sitting outside the window of his store (located at 99 Queen Street East). He is wearing a shirt and tie along with an apron tied at his waist. Condition: Very good copy.
Jack Sgariglia in front of his store at 99 Queen Street East 
Image    Photo of Jack Sgariglia who owned a fruit store downtown (at 99 Queen Street East) posed in front of the window of his store. Condition: Very good copy.
Jack Sgariglia sitting outside his fruit store talking with a boy 
Image    Photo of Jack Sgariglia sitting outside his store (99 Queen Street East) talking with a boy. Both are in shirts and ties with aprons tied at their waists. Condition: Copy is very good.
Jack Sgariglia and his wife Flossie outside their store 
Image    Photo of Jack and Flossie Sgariglia as well as another woman standing outside Jack's Fruit Store (located at 99 Queen Street East). Condition: Very good copy.
Inside Jack Sgariglia's store at 99 Queen Street East 
Image    Photo of Jack Sgariglia inside his Fruit Store which was located at 99 Queen Street East. Condition: Copy is very good.
Jack Sgariglia's new Fruit Store at 122 Queen Street East 
Image    Photo of Jack Sgariglia's Fruit Store at the new location of 122 Queen Street East (had been at 99 Queen Street East). In front of the Jack's Fruit Store sign a cut out of Santa and his reindeers can be seen (decorated for Christmas). Signs advertising Coca Cola can be seen on the door, in each...
Sign outside of Jack's Fruit Store at 122 Queen Street East 
Image    Photo of the sign out front of Jack's Fruit Store after it was relocated to 122 Queen street East. Condition: Very good copy. Jack's - - Fruit Store
J. Naismith Hardware Store (1890s) 
ImageMysteries:  1890s  Exterior photo of J. Naismith's hardware store along with the staff of the store. Condition: Good copy - paper is slightly aging though.
Victoria Mills Flour and Feed Store 
Image    Photo of the Victoria Mills Flour and Feed store with a horse and carriage on the street below, some people standing outside the shop and the Stevens family sitting on the balcony of the second floor. Condition: One copy has better detail available but both are very good copies.
C.T. Stewart Paint Store during flood of 1947 
Image  1947  Photo of the C.T. Stewart Paint Store during the flood of 1947. C.T. Stewart Paint store was located at 16 Water Street North where Stonetown Styles & Summer Dreams Tanning is located now. Condition: Good. Browned and ripped/creased on left side, but the image is very clear.

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