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Lime Kiln Crew 
Image    Copy of a photo of the crew from a lime kiln. Many men, horses and wagons can be seen. Condition: Copy is in very good condition. Dunseith, J. Neeve, Chas. Neeve, Jim Dunseith, Dave Cousins, Geo. Hogg, Jim Finnie, Enn Clarke, Wib Dunseith, Jim Ready, property of R.U. Sowers.
St. Marys Lacrosse Team, 1920 
Image  1920  See the various individual photos of the players by searching for 0343ph. Players identified as: Clarence Smith, Cecil Hobbs, Carman Foreman, Alex Bodfield, Charles Stewart, Frank Yates, Ray Nethercott, Lawrence Rundle, Clarence Heuther, Charles Robinson, Carman Mossip, Pat Newman, Percy Butcher,...
Margaret Weir, 1893 
Image  1893  Photo of Margaret Weir at the age of 85 in the year 1893. She is posed looking off to the side with a bonnet around her head tied under her chin. Margaret McArthur Weir (1808-1895) was the mother of William Weir (the supposed first white child born in St. Marys) but was also a lace maker who at...
John Bell pointing out Sclater's Lime Kiln in the North Ward, ca. 1953 
Image  ca. 1953  Photo of reporter John Bell pointing out the site of the former Sclater's lime kiln (located in the North Ward on Widder Street East). Condition: Copy is very good.
John Bell pointing out Sclater's Lime Kiln in the North Ward, ca. 1953 
Image  ca. 1953  Photo of reporter John Bell pointing out the site of the former Sclater's lime kiln (located in the North Ward on Widder Street East). Condition: Copy is very good.
P.U.C. Office interior 
Image    Photo of Vera Weston sitting at her desk. This photo is showing the interior of the Wellington Street P.U.C. office. Condition: Good. Yellowing at left. Hole punch marks at top.
Throwing of the switch 
Image  1951  Photo of Bob Stapleton and the throwing of the switch on a box that in the 1990s was still in use at the sub-station. Condition: Good - though it is slightly warped and worn.
Shoveling snow on Queen Street 
Image  late 1930s  Photo showing people shoveling the sidewalks downtown on Queen Street. Piles of snow can be seen separating the street and the sidewalk with cars seen parked across the street. The man in the foreground is identified as a Near. Condition: Very good.
Conveyor from east to west quarry to crusher, ca. 1912 
Image  ca. 1912  Photo of a man walking down the tracks that acted as a conveyor to go from east quarry to west quarry of the Thames Quarry and to the crusher. Condition: Fair. Very wrinkled and ripped. Hard to see image.
William and Susan Box Family Portrait 
Image    William and Susan Box Family Portrait back row (left to right): James, Alonza Gilbert, Albert John, William Charles front row (left to right): Mary, Grace, William Box, Susan Brine Box, Evangeline * family member Louisa Box is not in this picture. condition: good
Queen Street overpass and the Water Tower 
ImageComments:    Photo showing the St. Marys Water Tower (left side of photo), and the old wooden Queen Street overpass (right). Steam from a train can be seen behind the bridge. A man is sitting right in the foreground of the photo. Condition: Fair. Worn, dirty and yellowed.
Cast/Crew of The Late Christopher Bean 
ImageComments:Mysteries:    Photo of the cast and crew of the play "The Late Christopher Bean." They are posed on the stage in front of the set with some of the people on stage obviously in costume. They are identified as: Tom B_______, Cecil M_____, Eleanor Jackson, Toots Boyd, Robert Finnie, Chuck Cole, Georgie Smith,...
Agnes and Fredrick Gosling 
Image  1912  This photographs shows Agnes Ada Gosling (nee Currie) with her husband Frederick Gosling. Two years from when this photo was taken Frederick would leave with his father-in-law and his two brother-in-laws to go fight in the First World War. Very good copy.
Dr. Arthur Fraleigh 
Image    This image is a portrait of Dr. Arthur Fraleigh who ran his practice in St. Marys. He was part of a well known family in town. Photo is in good condition.
Margaret Ann Austin Hutton Rumsey Bryan 
Image  1874  This image is a portrait of Margaret Ann Austin Hutton Rumsey Bryan as a girl. Her long name is due to the fact that she married twice, once to C.S. Rumsey and once to J.C. Bryan who was a doctor. She died in 1948. Photo is in good condition. Margaret Ann Austin Hutton Rumsey-Bryan daughter of Mr...
M.E. Harstone 
Image    This photographs is a portrait of Mary Euphemis Harstone. She married Noah Quance, principle of St. Thomas Collegiate Institute in 1894. Photo is in fair condition although there is some staining on the dress. There is a letter written on the back of the photograph addressed to a Juliet and signed...
World War One Soldiers 
Image  1916  This photograph shows two men dressed in First World War uniforms. The man on the left is Alexander Currie Sr. He and both of his sons fought overseas during the First World War and all three returned home at the end of the war. The man on the right is Fred Gosling, Currie's son-in-law. This is a...
St. Marys Town Basketball Team 
Image  1939  This photos shows the St. Marys Town Basketball Team. The team members are identified on a sports reference card. Photo is in good condition
Mary Ann Morris 
Image    This photograph is a portrait of Mary Ann Morris a woman who married Benjamin Robinson, a St. Marys man. She was born in 1857 and died in 1937. Photo is in fair to poor condition with a sticky residue covering its surface. Mary Ann Morris 1857-1937 Daughter /John Morris/ Jane Nolan/...
Maxwell Office Staff 
Image  1906  This photograph shows the office staff of the Maxwell Company posed outside of the building. The Maxwell Company was started in 1888 when David Maxwell moved his operations from Paris, Ontario to St. Marys. In the early days they were major producers of farm equipment but later switched to...

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