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St. Marys IOF Band, 1910 
ImageMysteries:  1910  St. Marys IOF Band, 1910 - before the formation of the once popular Maxwell Band and the St. Marys Cement Co. Kiltie Band Back Row: Arthur Riley, Bert Stricker, Clayton Allan, Dan Ross, unknown, Tom Crozier Middle Row: William Barrett (Band Master), George Thompson, Charles Allen, Alfred Schmidt,...
Portrait of the Riddell Brothers 
Image    portrait of the Riddell Brothers, Robert and Samuel. The men are holding a saw blade between them. condition: fair. some fading and loss of contrast.
Dr. Robert Latimer c. 1943 
Image    Dr. Robert Latimer c. 1943. Longtime St. Marys Doctor who died in 1980. condition: very good.
Susan Box (nee Brine) 
Image    Susan Box (nee Brine). This picture was taken later in Mrs. Box's life. She was the wife of William Box and the daughter of James Brine. condition: very good. "Susan Brine Box/ married to/ William Box."
John Forsyth Limited, St. Marys, June 1950. 
ImageMysteries:  1950  John Forsyth Limited, St. Marys, June 1950. Portrait of all employees. back row (left to right): Carol Partridge,Kay Wilmore, Lillian Wastelle, Mrs. Jacques, Mrs. Weir,____________, _______ Bronzi, Reg Bradley, Bob Cousins, _______ Dundas, Marjorie Haines, Bianca Bronzi, Velma Hall, Eleanor...
Mary Howard, ca. 1830 
ImageComments:    Mary Howard, ca. 1830. A watercolour profile portrait. Information from comment left by Larry Pfaff: "Mary Howard is the mother of Maria Howard Fraleigh (married to Samuel Fraleigh), Margaret Howard McIntyre(married to George McIntyre), and Catherine Howard Harrison (married to Milner Harrison). ...
Bill McConnell 
ImageComments:    Portrait of Bill McConnell, a St. Marys man who was a private in World War One. McConnell was one of St. Marys earliest fatalities in the war. The McConnell Club of St. Marys has been named in his honour. condition: excellent
Hamilton and Amelie Gubbins 
Image  Spring 1944  Taken in 1944 while the couple was on holiday in Atlantic City, this photo shows Hamilton and Amelie Gubbins. Hamilton was born in 1891 and died March 1947 in Illinois. His wife Amelie was born 1890 in Canada and immigrated to the United States where she met Hamilton. The couple were the aunt and...
Orloe Esther Bearss 
Image  1912  This photograph shows local resident Orloe Esther Bearss as a young child seated on a chair. The Archives also house a number of photos of her extended family living in the United States. The photo is in decent condition: there are creases and stains but the image looks clear.
Mrs. George Sutherland 
Image    This photo is a portrait of a Mrs. George Sutherland. Her first name is listed only as Lizzie which is likely short for a longer name such as Elizabeth. The photo was taken at the Gray photo studio in St. Marys which means it was taken some time between 1883-1931, though no specific date is...
Portrait of the Currie Brothers 
Image    This is a portrait of the two Currie brothers who fought overseas in the First World War. Alexander Jr. was the younger of the two and would have been only 15 when the war started. Due to his age he was not able to enlist as a soldier but he was able to go over to the front as a bugler. William...
The Iredale Family 
Image  1880  Pictured is the Iredale matriarch Mrs. Jane Iredale with her children. Left to right in the back row are Gordon, Thomas and Ralph while the front row is Almira, Jane, Hannah and Joseph Jr. With the exception of Gordon, these are all children from Jane's marriage to Joseph Iredale who she married...
Father Brennan 
Image  1937  This photograph shows Father P.J Brennan (Philip James) standing in front of a wooden door frame at the Holy Name Catholic Church, St. Marys. Father Brennan was born in Ireland but came to Canada in 1867 at which time he attended seminary school in Montreal. After completing school he served under...
William Weir 
Image    William Weir was the last private owner of the Tracy House (now the St. Marys museum)and gave it the name "Cadzow Park" after his ancestral home in Scotland. He also served as the town's mayor for a year between 1916-1917. Only half the case is still in existence. The black background is drying up...
Daniel McDougall 
Image    This is a copy of an original carte de visite showing Daniel McDougall who owned the Tracy House (now the St. Marys Museum). He was a wealthy businessman and moved here with his family in 1858 renaming it Cloudesdel Hall. The negative is also available.
Mrs. J. D. Moore 
Image    A portrait of Elizabeth Moore (nee Elizabeth Shand) the wife of businessman J.D. Moore. Image is in good condition.
Four Students from St. Marys Collegiate Institute 
Image    This photograph features four male students from the St. Marys Collegiate Institute. The caption on the back of the photo reads: "Four Form 5 Stalwarts" and goes into the details of each of the students featured in the photo. See inscription for more information. Condition: Good. The right side of...
Jim Sinkins and Kenneth Bragg 
Image    This is a photograph featuring two local men, Jim Sinkins and Kenneth Bragg posing smartly in their suits. Both men had attended St. Marys Collegiate Institute. Jim Sinkins was from the Uniondale area and later went on to work as a medical doctor at St. Joseph's in London, Ontario. Kenneth Bragg...
Two Teachers from St. Marys Collegiate Institute 
ImageMysteries:    This is a portrait of two teachers from St. Marys Collegiate Institute posing together for a photograph. The names of the teachers are currently unknown. Condition: Good. Slightly faded.
John Keck 
Image    This photograph was taken in front of the falls in the Thames River at St. Marys, Ont. In the background the Grand Trunk viaduct (Sarnia Bridge) can be seen. The man featured in the photograph is John Keck. He was known to travel to St. Marys' Junction Station daily through the C.N.R. Passenger...
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