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Elderly woman seated, holding a book 
ImageMysteries:    Elderly woman formally dressed and posed in a portrait studio holding a book Condition: Right top edge clipped off; photo & matting browned with age (possible shellac browning); hole in top where tack may have gone through; bottom centre ripped.
Young girl with ringlets; seated 
ImageMysteries:    A young, stern looking girl with ringlets in a dark frilly dress with lace collar and sleeves sitting posed in a portrait studio. Condition: overall dirty in appearance; corners appear to be torn and worn; image is browned with little spots all over
Portrait of Man 
ImageMysteries:  1875  Man wearing thickly knotted tie, non-collared shirt, corduroy vest and wool jacket. His eyebrows are thick and he has longish hair on his neck but otherwise has a clean-shaven face. Condition: Image is (very) browned; matte and image extremely dirty; shellac coating looks unevenly rubbed...
Portrait of Man 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of stern looking man with hair parted to side, longish side-burns wearing a thick bow-tie, shirt with collar up on his face, a vest and a jacket. Photo almost has the appearance of a drawing. Condition: faded; dirty; bent down middle; hole on top and bottom where tacks likely went through.
Baby in a carriage 
ImageMysteries:    Baby dressed in white (Christening clothes?), proped up in a wicker carriage with scenery backdrop in behind. Condition: Gold leafing going green: overall a little dirty and scratched; back is very faded and dirty and also covered in fingerprints. Back of cabinet card is also available digitally...
Family; 3 men, 8 women 
ImageMysteries:    Group of people, sitting in a wide "U" shape, with everyone dressed rather somberly. Most of the women are holding onto books as is one of the girls sitting on the floor (she is the only one not looking at the camera). Condition: hole through centre-top; image browned and yellowed with surface...
Anna Hudson 
Image    Portrait photo of Anna Hudson, wife of Alexander Grant (see 0023ph). She is wearing a long dark dress with lace collar. A bow is in her hair and she is seated and posed as if she is reading a letter. Condition: some yellowing (fairly even); otherwise in very good condition. Back of photo and...
Alexander Grant 
Image    Portrait of Alexander Grant, a preacher in St. Marys for 21 years starting in 1885. He is standing in a long wool jacket lined in fur, holding onto a muff. Condition: Some yellowing/browning (fairly even, except in bottom right hand of photo - possibly from some sort of adhesive); otherwise in...
Dr. J.H. Mathieson 
Image    Portrait photo of Dr. J.H. Mathieson (1843-1914) who practiced medicine in St. Marys. Dr. Mathieson is sitting, arm on a side table (with book), his hand near his chin and a finger by his ear. He is dressed in a suit with a shirt that has a collar that covers his neck. Condition: some silvering...
Portrait photo of man 
ImageMysteries:    Older man with beard the covers most of his neck and a long moustache sitting in front of a backdrop. Condition: matting is very dirty; photo looks like it has been rubbed and therefore has a lot of worn areas (especially in centre - face/jacket).
Portrait of Woman 
ImageMysteries:    Woman wearing dark blouse with sleeves that flow out and aren't quite long enough to reach her wrists. She is wearing a brooch on the lace collar. Hair is slicked down, but the hint of curls are evident underneath. Photo is faded artistically below her blouse. Condition: image very yellowed...
Marion Dickson 
Image    Young girl (Marion Dickson) seated in an elaborate wood chair with hair loosely pulled back in a bow, wearing a light coloured, frilly dress. She is holding flowers, and behind her is a side table with a vase of flowers upon it. Condition: image is browned at bottom but rest of image is fairly...
Portrait of Man 
ImageMysteries:    Man with long sideburns and moustache and hair slicked back, looking to the side. Photo has been faded artistically around his jacket. Condition: "Leary" is scratched and faded; picture looks dirty with brown/yellow spots and marks all over.
William Weir 
Image    Portrait photo of William Weir (1844-1921). William Weir was one of the last owners of the Tracy house (now the St. Marys Museum). The Weirs were the ones to give the land the name "Cadzow Park". Mr. Weir lived in the house from 1875 until his death in 1921, and was the mayor of St. Marys in...
Mr. T. Bennett from the St. Marys Fire Brigade 
Image    Detail from a larger group photo of the St. Marys Fire Brigade (ca. 1900). Mr. T. Bennett is dressed in his uniform. Condition: Is a copy, and is in very good condition
Portrait of a Woman 
Image  1876-1879  Photo of a woman with head off to the side. Her hair is loosely pulled back from her face and has highly arched eyebrows. She is believed to possibly be Addie Roberts. Photo would have been taken between 1876-1879 as that is when this specific photographer existed in St. Marys. Condition: Photo...
Nellie and Annie Ross 
Image    Photo of two ladies looking off to the side. Both ladies are wearing elaborate hats (decorated with feathers) and fur coats with their hair put up elegantly. Condition: some stains on image (mark on left woman's face); matting is a little worn and has hole from a tack at the top-centre; image is...
Margaret McIntyre 
Image    Photo of a woman standing in her outdoor clothing including a rather large and elaborate hat, with falling "snow" coming down around her. Condition: matting is dirty and worn; photo is in good condition; white "spots" are meant to resemble snow On front: Margaret McIntyre, Gleason St....
Mother and Daughter 
Image    Portrait photo of a woman dressed very properly in a high-collared decorative blouse sitting with an infant in her lap. The woman is looking to the side while the infant is looking right at the camera. Condition: looks like matting got wet: lots of stains; some yellow/brown stains on photo; a lot...
Uncle John Sanderson 
Image    Portrait of an older man with a white beard wearing a suit and a thickly knotted tie. Condition: looks like matting got wet - lots of water stains; photo looks worn and has a few spots (possibly fungus); a little silvered, but the image is still pretty good.

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