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Rice Lake, St. Marys
View of the Thames River 
Image  approx. 1909  Souvenir postcard view of Rice Lake and the Thames River with some of downtown, the churches and some homes in view as well. This postcard is much longer than a normal postcard (over 55cm long!). We have 3 flat versions of this postcard in our oversize collection. Conditions for each copy:...
St. Marys, the Stone Town
View of downtown, northward, Thames River 
Image    Postcard panoramic view of the downtown and Thames River. The postcard is over 55cm long making it much longer than a normal postcard. The Museum has 3 flat copies in our oversize collection. Condition of each copy: Copy 1 - Fair. Dirty and stained - especially at edges which are worn. Copy 2...
St. Marys from the Water Tower 
Image  approx. 1909  Panoramic postcard view of St. Marys as seen from the old Water Tower (located on the corner of James and Queen Streets). Downtown can be seen, a few churches, the Town Hall, the water treatment buildings, as well as the London railway line. Postcard is much longer than a normal postcard - over...
St. Marys from the Water Tower 
Image  ca. 1909  A panoramic view of St. Marys as seen from the old Water Tower (corner of James and Queen Streets). On the left we can see a lot of homes, in the middle we are looking towards downtown, and to the right we see the London railway line and train station. Condition: Poor. Browned with stains and...
Thames River looking north from Sarnia Bridge 
Image    Photo of the Thames River as seen when looking north from the Sarnia railway bridge (now part of the Grand Trunk trail). Condition: Okay. Has yellowed a lot and is missing detail.
Carter's Dam and the North Ward 
Image    Photo of Carter's Dam with the North Ward visible in the background. Condition: Fair. Yellowed and matte is stained. Detail isn't very good. Carter's Dam and North Ward
"A Favorite Fishing Spot" at the River Thames in St. Marys 
Image    Postcard of two men fishing at the Thames River in St. Marys. Condition: Very good condition - some yellowing; minimal wear. A Favorite Fishing Spot River Thames, St. Marys, Ont.
River View and Railway Viaduct 
Image    Tinted postcard view of a bridge with a train crossing the railway viaduct in the background. Condition: Good. A little bit of wearing and yellowing. River View and Railway Viaduct, St. Marys
The Park, South Ward 
Image    Tinted postcard view of Westover Park, located in the West Ward of St. Marys on Thomas Street. You can see the Westover house in the background with a lot of snow and trees in the foreground. Condition: Good. Worn and dirty and a little yellow. The Park, South Ward, St. Marys, Ont.
The Bend in the River 
Image    Sepia toned postcard view of the bend in the river near the Sarnia Bridge (now part of the Grand Trunk walking trail). In the background we can see the Sarnia Bridge. Condition: Okay. Worn, dirty and yellowed. on the back: The Band int he River, St. Marys, Ont.
Emily Street from Sarnia Bridge, 1890s 
Image  1890s  Photo of Emily Street as seen from the Sarnia Bridge. We see a road with trees on one side, and on the left we see buildings with sidewalks directly in front of them. Note from Larry Pfaff written on back of photo: "The buildings at the left are scales, etc. for the flax mill situated just...
View from West Ward 
Image    Postcard view of St. Marys - apparently viewed from the West Ward. Condition: Fair. Yellowed considerably and fairly worn. View from West Ward, St. Marys, Ont.
The Falls looking north to the Presbyterian Church 
Image  1906-07  Photo of the original St. Marys dam. In the back the First Presbyterian Church can be seen. The St. Marys Museum has 4 copies of this photo under the identifier 0951ph in their collection. Two were scanned for the digital collection. Condition: Copy 1 - Fair. Browned severely. Stained with...
St. Marys View 
Image    Postcard views of St. Marys as seen from the London railway bridge (that crosses over Trout Creek) looking south west towards the back of the Town Hall (seen at the left in the skyline). The Church Street bridge can be seen in the centre with the Harrison Woolen mill seen just to the...
Jones Street 
Image    Postcard view of Jones Street East. At the right Ercildoune (236 Jones Street East - corner of Jones and King Streets) is in view with lots of trees lining the street. Condition: Very good. Colour looks great - postcard just worn at the edges. Jones Street, St. Mary's, Ont. Canada
The Thames, ca. 1950 
Image  ca. 1950  Photo of the Thames River. Bushes and trees can be seen as well as long grass. Condition: Copy is good.
The Dam, ca. 1950 
Image  ca. 1950  Photo of the the dam (which gives St. Marys one of its many nicknames: Little Falls), with the Sarnia railroad bridge visible in the background. Condition: Copy is good.
A view of the dam and Sarnia Bridge 
Image  ca. 1950  Photo of the dam and of the Sarnia Bridge viewed from the Queen Street bridge. Condition: Copy is good.
Wellington Street North - July 1, 1915 
Image  July 1, 1915  Photo of Trout Creek with Wellington Street North visible in the background (with houses going up the street). The old arena is visible as well as the Presbyterian and Catholic churches spires. This photo was taken before Parkview Street was added in front of the LCBO and Parkview Creamery...
St. Marys' North Ward, 1860 
Image  1860  Photo of St. Marys' North Ward as seen in 1860. The first dam is visible with a wall surrounding a bunch of trees. Some people can be seen standing on the wall with farm houses seen in the background. There are 2 copies of this photo under identifier 1007ph. Condition: Copy in with regular...

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