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Ercildoune - Dr. Thomas Sparks' House 
Image    Photo of Ercildoune (236 Jones Street East - corner of Jones and King Streets). You can see some people standing by the porch as well as a horse and carriage. Ercildoune was originally built as a wedding gift to George Carter's daughter Charlotte when she married Henry Lincoln Rice in 1880....
Old quarries west of Water Street 
Image    Photo of a group of men and horses down in a quarry that once existed just west of Water Street. Click on the photo for a slightly larger view. Condition: Okay. Some fading but looks pretty good. A crusher can be seen behind team operated by John Bonis who was killed on job and was replaced...
St. Marys Fire Department, ca. 1908 
Image  ca. 1908  Photo of some buildings with people in uniforms with horses and carriages sitting out in front. Condition: Good copy. Some discolouration and warping in paper. St. Marys Fire Dept. About 1908 Cal Williamson, Joseph Albert, John Edwards, J. Albert, W. Northgrave, G.W. Allen, Chief Noyes, Jack...
House, barn, man with horse and buggy. 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a man sitting in a buggy being pulled by a horse outside of a rather large looking farm house with barn seen in the background. Carter and Isaac were a husband/wife photography team who started photographing around St. Marys in 1903. They especially specialized in photos of rural...
View of North Ward looking south along Church Street, 1891 
Image  October 1, 1980  This came from the October 1, 1980 copy of the St. Marys Journal Argus (page 4). It is described as such: "View from the North Ward looking south along Church Street, circa 1891. Building directly above carriage is the mill which stood where the Old Mill Apartments are now located. Towers in...
Horse Drawn Fire Wagon at Water and Queen Streets (ca. 1930s) 
Image  ca. 1930s  Photo of the corner of Water and Queen Streets taken possibly in the 1930s. The MacPherson Arts and Crafts store can be seen in the background with people standing in front of it. In the foreground is a horse drawn fire wagon crossing Water Street. Condition: (Oversize) Good. Copy of original. ...
Rollie Blundell at the back of the Boat House Hotel 
Image  1900-05  Photo of a man (Rollie Blundell) sitting in a horse drawn carriage behind the Boat House hotel. An article is included in the Museum's file about this specific photograph: "The 'Wild West Era' in St. Marys" "This old-time photo taken around 1900-05 shows the team and hack owned by the late James...
Queen Street looking east 
Image    Postcard view of Queen Street looking east. The varying sizes of the buildings can be seen looking up towards the water tower (seen in the distance on the right) and the Town Hall (seen in the distance on the left). In the foreground, horse drawn wagons can be seen at Queen and Water Streets ...
C. Richardson Shop & Church, St. Marys 
Image  1913  Photo of the C. Richardson shop & churn in St. Marys. A man identified as Alex Murray is posed with a couple horses who are backed up either receive a load or return a load to the shop. Condition: Photocopy not does give the best detail and has been folded.
Queen Street looking west, ca. 1905 
Image  ca. 1905  Photocopy of a postcard showing Queen Street looking west. The image starts at the Wellington/Queen Streets corner looking down towards Victoria bridge. Some horse drawn carriages can be seen as well as people walking along the sidewalks. Condition: Photocopy is not the best quality. Queen St....
Coach House at Westover Park, ca.1943 
Image  ca. 1943  Photo of the Coach house at Westover Park, which today is used as accommodation for visitors to the Inn, but at the time this photo was taken (around 1943) used as a coach house. A man with a horse is standing in front of the coach house, looking as though they are making their way...
Church Street looking south 
Image    Copy of a photo of a horse pulling a carriage with a man and woman aboard. The view is Church Street, looking south with the United Church's steeple just in view (the steeple no longer exists on the church). Condition: Not a good reproduction but the paper is in good condition.
Water wagon 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1900  Photo of a water wagon being pulled by 2 horses. A woman is seated on the one horse, with another younger woman sitting on top of the water tank. Two young girls are standing on a ledge on the water tank. A man appears to be standing in behind one of the horses. Condition: Copy is excellent.
Victoria Mills Flour and Feed Store 
Image    Photo of the Victoria Mills Flour and Feed store with a horse and carriage on the street below, some people standing outside the shop and the Stevens family sitting on the balcony of the second floor. Condition: One copy has better detail available but both are very good copies.
Horses in front of the Fire Station on Water Street 
Image    Photo of horses pulling the ladder wagon in front of the Fire Station that was once located on Water Street. Condition: Copy is very good.
Fire Station with horses and people out front 
Image    Photo of the fire station and fire chief's house with horses and people all in front of the station with the horses. Condition: Copy is very good.
Water wagon 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1900  Photo of a water wagon being pulled by 2 horses. A woman is seated on the one horse, with another younger woman sitting on top of the water tank. Two young girls are standing on a ledge on the water tank. A man appears to be standing in behind one of the horses. Baptist Church in...
Stage coach behind CPR Hotel (Southeast corner of Water and Jones Streets) 
Image    Photo of a stagecoach being pulled by two greys (horses), with the driver posed looking at the camera in his seat. The photo was taken behind the former C.P.R. Hotel (which has since been demolished). This building was once located at the southeast corner of Water and Jones Streets. Condition: ...
Thames Quarry, ca. 1910 
Image    Photo of the Thames Quarry taken around 1910 with the mining operations underway. Men are posed with horses and carts and other equipment used for the quarrying of the limestone. Condition: Poor. Looks as though it got wet - bubbled and messy looking. Gloss shows the imperfections. Print...
Water Wagon driven by Joe Alberts 
Image    Photo of Joe Alberts driving two horses pulling the water wagon. The fire station horses watered and swept the roads in order to keep them exercised. The photo was taken on Water Street South by Ball's Funeral home building. You can see a water wagon in the St. Marys Museum's collection...

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