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Family; 3 males, 2 females, baby 
ImageMysteries:    Studio photo of a family with a man holding a baby,a girl and woman sitting with a young boy between them - another boy is standing in behind the girl and man. All looking very seriously towards the camera. Condition: overall very dirty and stained; one hole centre-top and 2 holes in bottom where...
Six women seated; wearing Japanese costumes 
ImageMysteries:    Six woman all in Japanese dress holding hand fans behind their heads. Condition: Image has silvered at corners (especially the top corners); some uneven yellowing but image is still very clear.
Family (?): 9 women, 1 boy, 6 men 
ImageMysteries:    Possible family photo with 5 of the people sitting in chairs, one sitting on the floor and all the rest standing in behind with a backdrop of a home in behind them. All the family is dressed darkly and fairly serious in expression. Condition: image is severely discoloured (brown/yellow); a lot of...
Middle-aged man and woman, late 1800's 
ImageMysteries:  1880s  Photo of man sitting in chair with woman standing behind and to the side of him with her hand on his shoulder. Condition: yellowed/browned (unevenly); some brown spots; many surface scratches and fading/wearing of the image.
29 men in front of Richardson's Foundry 
Image  Approx. 1895  Group photo of workers of Richardson's Foundry taken around 1895. The workers are standing in front of the building they worked in. See inscription for names of people. Condition: Photo is very glossy with some scratches but looks very good. Back Row: Bill Haney, Dan McCarty, John Grimes, Dennis...
St. Marys Town Council, 1956 
Image  1956  4 men standing, 4 men sitting in front with a table covered in papers in the right-side foreground. In the background other council member pictures can be seen as well as a large wooden door. Condition: some tears on edges of photo; some marks on photo but they do not affect the image
Thames Quarry, St. Marys, 1909-10, 23 men 
ImageMysteries:  1909-1910  Group shot of 23 men down in the Thames Quarry. The men are dressed in work clothing and hats, behind them one can see limestone. Condition: Hole in top-centre of matting likely from tack. The photo was likely not processed well as it is unevenly faded and coloured and not very well contrasted....
2 boys, 1 girl; seated 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of 2 boys with hair parted to side, and one little girl with ringlets. The one boy is obviously sitting in a wooden chair, while the other boy is sitting with his arm around his sister protectively. Condition: Photo has an even brown tone throughout and the contrast is good, but there are...
St. Marys Class 1938 
Image  1938  Class picture of St. Marys Central School class in 1938 taken outside of the school building. From Left to Right: Back: Mr. McLeish, Jack Ellis, Bill Metcalfe, Louis Winger, Ida Smith, Velma (Heard) Hall, Irene Richardson, Kenneth Clyne, Charlie Sterrit Middle: Marion Clarke, Muriel Dickson,...
Four St. Marys Pioneers 
Image    Photo of four older men standing outside on a farm. The men include (from left to right): John Legge, William McGregor, John Weir and William McIntosh. All four men are early settlers to St. Marys. Condition: matting is worn and stained, writing has bled a little; image is a little out-of-focus,...
Angus McIntyre with his daughters: Adaline and Mary Ann 
Image  1882  Photo of a long bearded man sitting between 2 young girls. The girls are both wearing long dark dresses with fancy collars, and the man is wearing checkered-striped pants and a dark jacket. Condition: Has a fairly even yellow/brown tone; some stains on image, more on matting; image is still clear...
Six people in front of a house 
Image    Photo of six people sitting outside a rural homestead. Condition: Image and matte are dirty and stained; a lot of contrast has been lost and it is unevenly toned; Avoid contact and light if possible. Note: Grandma McIntyre - Dad Grandma Caven seated Aunt Agnes - on lawn nearest camera
Three women 
Image    Photo of three women standing next to each other. All have their hair up in elaborate ways while wearing very puffy blouses with high collars and a lot of detail. Condition: matting is very dirty and stained; unevenly yellow/brown tone; image is faded and contrast is starting to go "Aunt Mary...
Roberts Family 
Image    Photo of an older woman looking off to the side, a young man with a mustache looking to the side, a younger man looking directly at the camera and an older man with a long beard looking off to the side. Condition: Image is excellent; some silvering in the darkest black areas; yellow tone...
Hetherington Family 
Image    Family portrait with a mustached/long side-burned man next to a three small children and a woman. Condition: Photo is worn all over with uneven toning; two of the children are especially hard to focus on from the wear. James & Adaline Heatherington Eva, Frank & John Fullarton
5 people and a dog 
Image  1902-03  Photo of a group of people standing outside a home around a dog that is standing on its hind legs. Condition: photo appears to have always been out of focus - though it is worn and marked which makes it even harder to see detail; matte is good though - just regular wear and tear. "About 1902 or...
Class standing in front of school, 1893 
Image  1893  Photo of students and teachers of St. Marys Collegiate Institute in 1893. The school was later turned into a public school called at first "North Ward Public School" and then later "Arthur Meighen Public School." Identified in Journal-Argus of ca. 1943 as Staff and Pupils of St. Marys Collegiate...
School class 
Image    Photo of students standing in front of a building on what appears to be a class trip. Condition: very glossy so imperfections are very noticeable - these imperfections include some surface scratches. There is also a bit of curling (photo does not lay flat)
Class Picture 
ImageMysteries:    Black and white photo of a class, taken in the school gym. Dress of students and teachers indicates this photo was likely taken in the early 1970s. Condition: slightly warped but good condition. See also 0133ph and 0134ph.
Class picture 
Image    Black and white class photograph taken in a school gym. Dress indicates the photo was likely taken in the early 70s. Condition: a little yellowed and little warped; see 132ph for better condition. See 132ph and 134ph as well.

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