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St. Marys Cement Company band, ca. 1912 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1912  Photo of the St. Marys Cement Company band, taken around 1912. The men are in their band uniforms each holding onto their instruments. The drum with the band's logo is placed in the centre directly on the ground. Condition: Copies are both excellent (there are 2 copies).
White and May storefront with staff 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a group of employees standing outside of the White & May store. A bicycle is sitting out front of the store, and a sign on a piece of wood reads: "the one price store." Condition: Okay. Faded with slight contrast loss but image looks pretty good.
White & May storefront and staff 
Image    Photo of employees of White & May standing outside the store. One man (possibly Jerry White) is standing holding onto a bicycle. A sign stating "Millinery Showroom Open Now!" can be seen beside a man wearing a vest. Condition: Okay. Slight contrast loss, but image looks okay.
Employees of the Millinery Department at White & May 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of six women and one man posed in a small room surrounded by hats. These people are identified as having worked in the Millinery Department of the former White & May store. Only two are identified: Back row - 2nd from the left: Della Tracy Back Row - far right - Ada LaGear Condition: ...
Richardson's Foundry, ca. 1910 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1910  Photo of twenty Richardson Foundry employees posed in front of the building. Condition: Copy is excellent.
St. Marys Collegiate Staff 
ImageComments:  1947  Photo of the staff at St. Marys Collegiate. The people have been identified as (left to right) - Back row: Gordon Sutherland, Bert Middleton, Erskine Evans (principal), John Webb, John Askew, Charlie Courtnage, Ralph Ainslie Front row: Annie McIntosh, E. Lawson, Inez Nickels, Clare Walls,...
Thames Quarry, ca. 1910 
Image    Photo of the Thames Quarry taken around 1910 with the mining operations underway. Men are posed with horses and carts and other equipment used for the quarrying of the limestone. Condition: Poor. Looks as though it got wet - bubbled and messy looking. Gloss shows the imperfections. Print...
P.U.C. Employees 
Image  1964  Group of 11 employees of the Public Utilities Commission in St. Marys in 1964. The people are identified as (left to right): Front row - Vera Weston, H. Dickinson, M. McNaughton, W. Scheuerman Back Row - J. Haney, R. Blanchard, Ray Fowler, W. Osgerby, W. Stinson, F. White, Gerald Near Condition:...
Thames Quarry, ca. 1910 
Image    Photo of the Thames Quarry taken around 1910 with the mining operations underway. Men are posed with horses and carts and other equipment used for the quarrying of the limestone. The Thames Quarry was operated by John Bonis. The location of this quarry is now the present water reservoir on...
Richardson & Webster Foundry with Richardson Foundry Staff out front, 1893 
Image  1893  Photo of the Richardson and Webster Foundry with the staff standing outside the building (some even in the doorway). The foundry manufactured agricultural implements, stoves, mill gear and ploughs. In 1886, they expanded into the making of machinery for cheese and butter factories. Condition: ...
Staff of the St. Marys Journal Argus, 1930 
Image  1930  Photo of the employees of the St. Marys Journal Argus standing out in front of the Journal Argus' building. The photo was taken in 1930 - about 10 years after the St. Marys Journal and the St. Marys Argus merged into one paper. The sign on the building had still not been changed to show the...
Women employees at Maxwells, 1944 
Image  1944  Photo showing some women employees from Maxwells. This photo was taken in 1944 during World War II when Maxwell's was manufacturing grenade shells. These women are identified as: Back row - Dorothy Ellis, Joyce Binnington (Smith), ________ Sherman, ____________________, ___________________,...
Maxwell factory interior with employees 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1910-1920  Photo showing the interior of the Maxwell factory (specifically the cooperage section). A group of male employees (including a boy) are posed together. The fifth man from the right is identified as John Massey. Condition: Very good. Photocopy shows great detail.
J.D. Moore Cold Storage, 1909 
ImageMysteries:  1909  Photo showing people outside of the J.D. Cold Storage building (in 1909). They are identified (from left to right) as: Back - R.C. Hunter, Emma Hoyt, Tom Salisbury, Ada Massey, Lily Darling, Unknown, Unknown, James Mitchell, Will Smith, Unknown Front: Annie Barrett, Tom Massey, Unknown, Cora...
John Forsyth Limited, St. Marys, June 1950. 
ImageMysteries:  1950  John Forsyth Limited, St. Marys, June 1950. Portrait of all employees. back row (left to right): Carol Partridge,Kay Wilmore, Lillian Wastelle, Mrs. Jacques, Mrs. Weir,____________, _______ Bronzi, Reg Bradley, Bob Cousins, _______ Dundas, Marjorie Haines, Bianca Bronzi, Velma Hall, Eleanor...
Forsyth Limited Group Staff Photo, 1951 
ImageMysteries:  1951  Forsyth Limited Group Staff Photo, 1951. * note: 2487ph shows Forsyth employees of 1950. Some of these people may be the same. Condition: Excellent Copy. It has been laminated.
Staff of A. Beattie's, 1890 
ImageComments:  1890  Photo of the staff A. Beattie store located in downtown St. Marys (corner of Church and Queen Streets, currently the TD Bank). The people have been identified as: Standing - Dave Smith (son of Sam Smith), Martha Delmage, Mr. Chambers, Miss Whetstone, George Smith Seated Middle - James...
Women employees at Maxwells, 1944 
ImageMysteries:  1944  Photo of women inspectors of hand grenades at Maxwells during the World War II. The inspectors were government employees. These women are identified as: Back row - Anna Birch, _________________, _______________, __________ Sherman, Ida Tamblyn (Chidley), Adelaide Tamblyn (Crozier),...
Horseshoe Quarry, 1903 
Image  1903  A photo giving a view of the floor of the Horseshoe Quarry in 1903. The photo was taken by local amateur photographer Milton Reesor. Quarry workers are loading cars with stone. A car is being winched up the ramp into the building in this photo. The Horseshoe Quarry predated the cement company in...
Robert Blundell on a Railway Velocipede 
Image    A photo taken by local photographer Milton Reesor featuring Grand Trunk Railway baggage man Robert "Bob" Blundell operating a velocipede. The railway velocipede, also known as a "jigger", was used by railroad workers such as station agents and track foremen for trips between local...

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