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Middle-aged man and woman, late 1800's 
ImageMysteries:  1880s  Photo of man sitting in chair with woman standing behind and to the side of him with her hand on his shoulder. Condition: yellowed/browned (unevenly); some brown spots; many surface scratches and fading/wearing of the image.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Rice 
Image    Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Rice taken while they are older standing outside. Mr. Rice is turned towards the camera but appears to be looking off in the distance while Mrs. Rice looks as though she is smiling to someone off to the side. It was obviously a very sunny day as unfortunately there...
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gray, 1895 
Image  1895  Photo of Dr. Thomas Gray and his wife taken in 1895. She is seated on a chair holding a book in her hand, while he is leaning against another chair. Condition: Good. Simple dirt on matte. Image is purple-toned. Dr. Gray and wife Dr. W.F. Brown took over Dr. Gray's practice in St. Marys, ca....
Jack (Attilio) and Flossie (Florence) Sgariglia wedding photo 
Image  June 3, 1924  Photo of Jack (Attilio) and Flossie (Florence) Sgariglia on their wedding day (June 3, 1924). They are pictured with "Flossie" looking directly towards the camera with a bouquet resting on her lap, while Jack is next to her looking just to the side of the camera. Condition: Fair. Silvering at...
Mr. and Mrs. William Gunning of Blanshard 
Image    Photo of an older couple posed sitting next to each other looking off to the side. Her hands are clasped together in her lap, while his arms are both stiffly to his sides. They are identified as Mr. and Mrs. Gunning of Blanshard. See inscription for more detail included with the photo....
Mr. and Mrs. McDougall (?) 
ImageMysteries:    This photo is possibly of Mr. and Mrs. McDougall from Fullarton Township most likely taken before they moved out west. Condition: Copy is slightly blurry but paper is in great condition.
Mr. James Robinson and Mrs. Lottie (Pearn) Robinson 
Image  1947?  Photo of an older man and woman seated looking off to the side. The man has been identified as Mr. James Robinson and the woman as Mrs. Lottie (Pearn) Robinson - and they were married in 1897. Perhaps this photo was taken for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Condition: Image is very good. Matte...
322 Emily Street 
Image  1914  The original owner of 322 Emily Street was John Robinson who worked for the Grand Trunk Railway and was built in 1860. In 1863 the house was sold to retired merchant Milner Harrison and his wife Catharine HOward. They had run a dry-goods store in St. Marys since 1845. Harrison had in fact sold...
"Scotty" William Provan and Jean Provan wedding photo 
Image    Wedding photo of "Scotty" William Provan and Jean Provan. They were the owners and operators of the Pleasant Hour Theatre from around 1918 to the early 1920s. They are photographed here with Mrs. Provan standing next to a sitting Mr. Provan. Condition: Poor. Bent, creased, ripped, yellowed and...
Agnes and Fredrick Gosling 
Image  1912  This photographs shows Agnes Ada Gosling (nee Currie) with her husband Frederick Gosling. Two years from when this photo was taken Frederick would leave with his father-in-law and his two brother-in-laws to go fight in the First World War. Very good copy.
K.C. and Eleanor Seale, c. 1947 
Image  1947  This is a photograph of a couple posing in the downtown business district of St. Marys. The man and woman featured in the photo are K.C. Seale and Eleanor Seale. The photo was taken sometime in 1947. K.C. Seale was a long-time St. Marys resident and local school teacher. He was known for his...
Wedding Photo of Mr. and Mrs. B. Gregory 
Image    This is a photograph of wedding couple Mr. and Mrs. B. Gregory. The Gray Brothers photo studio from St. Marys took the picture. The couple are posed in their wedding outfits, with Mrs. Gregory holding her bouquet of flowers. Condition: Okay - some stains on the image. The paper folder is very worn...
Robert Dickson and Jennie Nicol; Wedding 
Image    Robert Dickson and Jennie Nicol seated in a parlor setting. This photograph was likely taken for their wedding on September 20, 1873. Photocopy of original.
Brick House, Couple with Dog on Front Porch, c. 1902-1906 
ImageMysteries:    This photograph was taken by local photographers Carter & Isaac in the early 20th century. A couple are posing in front of a one and a half storey brick house. The man is seated in a chair and the woman is standing behind a large bush. The house features an uncovered porch where a dog is lying to...
Farmhouse, Man and Woman with Two Girls, c. 1902-1906 
ImageMysteries:    This photograph was taken by local photographers Carter & Isaac in the early 20th century. A man and a woman are standing with two little girls, likely their children. A harnessed horse is standing next to the man. The small clapboard house shows signs of carpentry skill in the design of the front...
Board and Batten House with Family, Steam Engine, c. 1902-1906 
ImageMysteries:    This photograph was taken by local photographers Carter & Isaac in the early 20th century. This photo shows a family of four, a man and a woman with two small children. The man is seated to the left with his hat in his hand, the woman is seated to the right with a little girl in her lap. A small...
Family Portrait, Board and Batten Farmhouse, c. 1902-1906 
ImageMysteries:    This photograph was taken by local photographers Carter & Isaac in the early 20th century. A man and a woman are sitting in chairs in front of a board and batten house in the country. A little girl is sitting in the woman's lap. A young man is standing behind the couple. A dog is lying at the feet...
Man and Woman in Front of St. Mark's Cathedral, Venice 
Image    This image is one in a series of postcards from the Reg Near collection. It depicts an unknown couple standing in front of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. It is addressed to Mrs. Hugh Thomson of St. Marys, and dated August 3, 1927. Condition: Fair - Wear on all four corners and edges,...

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