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2 boys, 1 girl; seated 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of 2 boys with hair parted to side, and one little girl with ringlets. The one boy is obviously sitting in a wooden chair, while the other boy is sitting with his arm around his sister protectively. Condition: Photo has an even brown tone throughout and the contrast is good, but there are...
Unidentified child 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a young child seated on a stool looking just to the side of the camera. The child is wearing ankle shoes, a large light coloured shirt, and dark leggings. Condition: Poor. Mildew stains all over. Has obviously been wet in the past.
George Milner Mathieson 
Image    Copy of a photo of a young boy (identified as George Milner Mathieson). He is dressed in Scottish clothing with plenty of tartan. Condition: Copy is in excellent condition.
Donald Milner Mathieson 
Image    Copy of a photo of a young boy in Scottish dress. The boy has been identified as Donald Milner Mathieson. Condition: Copy in excellent condition.
Ronald Granville and Maurice Douglas Sgariglia 
Image  February 5, 1932  Photo of a baby and a young boy posed together both looking of to the side. The young boy is Ronald Granville Sgariglia, who was born October 29, 1928. The baby is his brother Maurice Douglas Sgariglia born March 4, 1931. Condition: Poor. Looks like it got wet in the past which has severely...
Parade along Queen Street 
Image    Photo of a parade going west down Queen Street towards the fairgrounds. There is a procession of children walking down the street together with people all along the street watching them walk by. Andrew's Jewelery building can be seen in the background, along with the Ready shoe store, J.C....
Former Church Street Bridge, ca. 1950s 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1950s  Photo of a group of children standing on the sidewalk of the former Church Street bridge. The bridge was rebuilt in 1979. Condition: Okay. Is creased and bend which shows quite well in the gloss. Image is clear though. On back: Former Church Street Bridge Old mill in Background 1950's "The...
Queen Street near Water Street during flood of 1947 
Image  1947  Photo of Queen Street East looking at the south-side near Water Street during the flood of 1947. A child on a bicycle is seen in the foreground with a car and a truck seen in the background going through the flood waters. Condition: Good. Some browning/yellowing.
Lorne Eedy, ca. 1888 
Image  ca. 1888  Lorne Eedy posed leaning on a rocking horse with a hat in the other hand. The hat and hand are slightly blurry showing that he was likely slightly moving his hand. Lorne Eedy is said to be 7 years old in this photo, meaning it was taken around 1888. Condition: Poor. Very dirty and stained. ...
Julia Ford, Essie Cruttenden, Leon Ford, ca. 1861 
Image    Photo of three children posed together. The girls are posed standing next to one another with the boy sitting in a chair. Condition: Good. Yellowed with green tint, but in excellent condition otherwise. On back: Julia Ford, Essie Cruttenden (?), Leon (?) Ford ca. 1861?
Julia and Arthur Ford, 1863 
Image  1863  Carte de visite of two young children posed together in dresses. They are identified as Arthur (left) and Julia (right) Ford who were 3 and 5 years old at the time of this photo. Condition: Fair. Very worn, stained and dirty. (Example here is Copy 2). Copy 1 is not in very good condition with...
Two girls playing on the banks of the Thames 
Image    Photo showing two girls playing on the banks of the Thames River. The one girl has her back to the camera while the other girl can be seen sitting closer to the water. The background shows a view of the South Ward including the steeple of the then Methodist church (now the United Church)....
Group of children playing in the Thames 
Image    Photo of a group of children playing in the Thames River. The former Park Street bridge can be seen in the background. Condition: Copy is very good.
View of Church Street at Jones Street 
Image    Photo looking south at Church Street right at the intersection to Jones Street. Two little girls are on the sidewalk in knee length dresses and summer hats. A stone wall can be seen on the property across the street. Condition: Copy very good (though dark).
Cruttenden Grandchildren 
ImageComments:    Carte de visite: Seven grandchildren of Lauriston and Permilla Cruttenden, ranging in age from one year to 10 or 11 years old. The children represent three different families: the Fords, the Clenches and the Henry Cruttendens. Back row: Julia and Arthur Ford, Mary B. Clench. Propped up in...
160 Maiden Lane, ca. 1918 
ImageComments:  ca. 1918  Two children standing on the lawn of the house at 160 Maiden Lane. This house is located on a large lot on the south side of Maiden Lane between Robinson Street to the east and Ontario Street to the West. The house is associated with long-time owner, W.H. Graham, who had a gas station and fuel...
121 Carrall Street 
ImageComments:  1914  Photo of two children (identified as Bessie Riddell - later Bessie Frank - and her brother) standing outside 121 Carrall Street. This is how the house appeared before the front veranda was removed in 1914 . There was once a boardwalk out to Elgin Street. This is the original Daniel McAinsh...
Three Children 
Image    Three children sitting for a portrait photo. The one is a young infant being held up by the older girl, with a girl slightly younger sitting with a book at her feet. Would have been taken between 1883 and 1889 as that is when Gray Brothers was in operation in St. Marys. Condition: image and...
Model Train Club 
Image  Possibly the late 1970s,   Photo of a group of people (adult males and male children) standing around a model train set. One child (in the foreground) is playing with a train with some of the other people watching him and laughing. Condition: Good. Bent and creased in corners.
121 Carrall Street 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1914,   Photo of two children (identified as Bessie Riddell - later Bessie Frank - and her brother) standing outside of 121 Carrall Street. This is how the house appeared before the front veranda was removed in 1914 and added on to. There was once a boardwalk out to Elgin Street. This house was built...

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