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Young girl with ringlets; seated 
ImageMysteries:    A young, stern looking girl with ringlets in a dark frilly dress with lace collar and sleeves sitting posed in a portrait studio. Condition: overall dirty in appearance; corners appear to be torn and worn; image is browned with little spots all over
Baby in a carriage 
ImageMysteries:    Baby dressed in white (Christening clothes?), proped up in a wicker carriage with scenery backdrop in behind. Condition: Gold leafing going green: overall a little dirty and scratched; back is very faded and dirty and also covered in fingerprints. Back of cabinet card is also available digitally...
Family; 3 men, 8 women 
ImageMysteries:    Group of people, sitting in a wide "U" shape, with everyone dressed rather somberly. Most of the women are holding onto books as is one of the girls sitting on the floor (she is the only one not looking at the camera). Condition: hole through centre-top; image browned and yellowed with surface...
Anna Hudson 
Image    Portrait photo of Anna Hudson, wife of Alexander Grant (see 0023ph). She is wearing a long dark dress with lace collar. A bow is in her hair and she is seated and posed as if she is reading a letter. Condition: some yellowing (fairly even); otherwise in very good condition. Back of photo and...
Alexander Grant 
Image    Portrait of Alexander Grant, a preacher in St. Marys for 21 years starting in 1885. He is standing in a long wool jacket lined in fur, holding onto a muff. Condition: Some yellowing/browning (fairly even, except in bottom right hand of photo - possibly from some sort of adhesive); otherwise in...
Six women 
Image    Photo of six women all dressed in long dark dresses. Some of the woman are looking towards the camera, some slightly away and one in particular is faced completely away from the camera. Condition: matte is dirty and worn; uneven brown and yellow tone throughout photo; some scratches and stains....
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a mustached man with hair severely parted and slicked in a very tidy style, posed looking off to the side. The photo has been done creatively to look as though it is folded at the edges and pasted onto another piece of paper (whole thing is smooth and one piece of paper). Condition: ...
James McGrigor 
Image    Photo of a man with hair parted at the side looking (rather) sadly to the side. He is wearing a jacket, vest and shirt but no tie of any kind. The image has been faded around the subject artistically. Condition: Fair. Slightly faded with a yellow tone in parts of the image; dirty and stained.
Three MacLean sisters 
Image    Photo of three women. Two of the women are standing on either side of a woman who is sitting in a wicker chair. All the women have their hair up loosely and are wearing high collared dresses that puff out just slightly at the sleeves. They all have rather serious looks on their faces. Condition:...
John Sanderson 
Image  1890s  Photo of an older man (identified as John Sanderson). He has a white beard and is wearing a suit with a thickly knotted tie. The image has been faded around him artistically. Condition: Fair. Faded and unevenly toned with some marks on the image. John Sanderson
William Stacey and Mary (Balsdon) Stacey 
Image    Photo of a man and a woman identified as William and Mary Stacey.. The man is wearing a suit with a long jacket and a flower in his lapel, while the woman is wearing a stylish long dress belted at the waist with a flower in her hair. Condition: Very good. Image is excellent and clear with just...
Mary (Balsdon) Stacey 
Image    Photo of a woman standing with her hand on a chair. She is wearing a blouse where the sleeves are puffy from the shoulder to the elbow (then fitted down to the wrist) and her hair is all up loosely. Condition: Image is good with some yellowing. The matte is stained, dirty and browned. Mary...
William Gordon and Mary (Balsdon) Stacey 
Image    Photo of a baby (identified as William Gordon Stacey) and artistically set behind a woman (identified as the baby's mother Mary Balsdon Stacey). The baby is wearing a long gown and has some of its curly hair up on top of its head. The woman has her hair up on top of her head with a flower in her...
Jack Sanderson 
Image    Photo of a standing boy wearing shorts and leggings along with a shirt(jacket?) that has a collar with a tie around his neck. This boy has been identified as Jack Sanderson. Condition: Image is good with some uneven yellowing and browning. Matting has some stains as well. Jack Sanderson
William Tytler 
Image    Photo of William Tytler. He is sitting in a chair with a book (which is on a table) being kept partially opened with his hand. His legs are crossed and he is looking off to the side. Condition: Fair. Has yellowed (almost orange) completely. Some stains and uneven toning. William...
William Weir Senior 
Image    Photo of a drawing of William Weir Sr. the father of William and John Weir. The story went that William Sr. was the father of the first white child born in St. Marys (William Jr.). This appears to be a photo copy of a drawn portrait of the bearded man that has been then placed into a cabinet...
Margaret McArthur Weir 
Image    Photo of Margaret McArthur Weir (1808-1895). She was the mother of William Weir (the supposed first white child born in St. Marys) but was also a lace maker who at one time lived in the Tracy House (St. Marys Museum). Here she is pictured wearing a bonnet around her hair done up at her chin. ...
J.A. Donald milk wagon 
Image    Photo of an unidentified delivery man standing with a J.A. Donald owned delivery wagon delivering milk from Gowan Brae Dairy. The Gowan Brae Dairy was located on the Donald Farm east of St. Marys (Lot 16, concession 19). The wagon is covered in cedar boughs (likely for a special...
Rev. W. A. Wilson 
ImageComments:    The Reverend W. A. Wilson was the first minister of the Knox Presbyterian Church in St. Marys, called in 1878 when the congregation had just formed, even before the church building was opened in 1880. On Christmas Day, 1879, he married Margaret Caven, daughter of the Reverend William Caven,...
William McLean's Class at the First Presbyterian Church 
ImageComments:    Photo of William McLean's class at the First Presbyterian Church in St. Marys. There are a group of boys (some sitting on the floor, some standing) posed looking at the camera. The boys are identified as - Back: Fred McIntosh, Archie Willard, Howard Fraleigh, Dave Murray, Jim McGregor,...

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