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Front of a business, ca. 1890 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of three women standing outside a storefront (162 Queen Street East, St. Marys). They are all wearing hats and dresses with two of them standing on the main entrance's platform and the other lady standing up on the window platform. The building has a big storefront windows with a tin...
Image  1884  Copy of a photo of a quarry (east of Water Street) taken in 1884. Condition: Very good copy. Some pin pricks.
Lime Kiln Crew 
Image    Copy of a photo of the crew from a lime kiln. Many men, horses and wagons can be seen. Condition: Copy is in very good condition. Dunseith, J. Neeve, Chas. Neeve, Jim Dunseith, Dave Cousins, Geo. Hogg, Jim Finnie, Enn Clarke, Wib Dunseith, Jim Ready, property of R.U. Sowers.
People posed in a quarry 
Image    Photo of a group of people posed sitting or squatting in a quarry. Most of them look like they have been down there for awhile working away, but a couple of people stand out in their clean looking white shirts (especially the woman). Condition: Fair. Silvering along bottom. Stains and marks on...
Group of men 
Image    Photo of a group of men who appear to be workers for some sort of factory. The guess is perhaps C. Richardson and Co., Maxwells or the door factory. Condition: Good. Some dirt on corners and slight loss of contrast.
Telephone switchboard across from the town hall 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of three women sitting at switchboards and another sitting at a desk. The one woman is identified as Jean White. Condition: Very good condition. Tiny stain. Telephone switchboard across from town hall Seated is Jean White
Old quarries west of Water Street 
Image    Photo of a group of men and horses down in a quarry that once existed just west of Water Street. Click on the photo for a slightly larger view. Condition: Okay. Some fading but looks pretty good. A crusher can be seen behind team operated by John Bonis who was killed on job and was replaced...
The DeLong Hook and Eye Co. building after the flood of 1937 
Image  1937  Photo of the DeLong Hook and Eye Company building after a flood in 1937. All around debris can be seen making a wall of where the water would have most certainly hit. Condition: Good. A little curled with uneven yellowing.
St. Marys Journal 
Image  approx. 1909  Photo of the outside of the Journal newspaper's building. Lorne Eedy and Gus Woods are inside the office and can be seen through the windows. This building is located at 142 Queen Street East in St. Marys. It is now the home of the Chocolate Factory, but for many years housed the St. Marys...
Advertisement for St. Marys Argus and Gray Photography 
Image    Photo of W.K. McLeod, owner of the St. Marys Argus, pointing at an issue of the Argus with "Only $1.00 in advance/Always get the best!/Photography by/Gray" written on the paper. Condition: Fair. Paper has yellowed considerably with some stains all over along with wearing. The St. Marys...
"Ma" Day's Boarding House 
ImageMysteries:  1909-10  Photo of the interior of "Ma" Day's boarding house. A very large dining table with many men sitting at it is the main focus. Very elaborate woodwork and decorations can be seen in the background. "Ma" Day's Boarding House was in the red brick house (the Box House) next door to the Museum (Tracy...
St. Marys Cooperage, 1890s 
ImageMysteries:  1890s  Photo of F.E. Butcher's St. Marys Cooperage taken sometime in the 1890s. There are a few men all standing outside the building in their aprons. Power lines can be seen above the building. Sign above door reads: J. Johnson House Contractor & Builder Sash Doors Blinds & C. The sign on top of...
Front of White & May Co. 
Image    Photo of White & May Co. taken at dark. The display windows show off some of the merchandise of the store and are lighted while the rest of the photo is very dark (can just make out "White" in the sign above). White & May Co. once existed where the ScotiaBank building now stands on the corner...
Maxwell Oat Roller 
Image  December 14, 1981  Photo of a Maxwell oat roller that had been recently donated to the St. Marys District Museum by Sam Knapton of Thorndale. It was one of the first Maxwell pieces the Museum received for their Maxwell collection. Before "The Barn" was built in 1988 on the St. Marys Museum site, the larger...
Beattie's storefront and staff during Old Boy's Reunion - July 19, 1899 
ImageMysteries:  July 19, 1899  Photo of the A. Beattie & Co. storefront, with the staff all standing out front. This photo was taken July 19, 1899 during the Old Boys' Reunion. The people have been identified as: J.D. Stanley, G. Sutherland, Geo. Ross, Miss Lovell, M. Delmage, A.J. Lovell, Harry Robinson, Etta _________, Jas....
Plan of McIntosh Mill Property (Woolen Mill), 1868 
Image  1868  Photo of the "Plan of the McIntosh Mill Property" in St. Marys. (Photo was taken in order to make a copy of the original, then a contact print was made from the negative. Negative is on file). Shows lot numbers within Thames Avenue, Victoria Street, Water Street and St. Maria Street....
Plant No. 1, St. Marys, Ontario 
Image  1915  Photo of Plant No. 1 of the St. Marys Cement plant. A field can be seen in the foreground with all the buildings in the background. This photo comes from a series of 20 photographs dated 1915. Three show the St. Marys Cement Plant while 17 show buildings and bridges (mostly in Toronto)...
View of Stone Quarry, St. Marys, Ontario 
Image  1915  View of the quarry and some of the equipment and machinery used as well as some of the buildings. In the background a lot of plain land with grass and trees can be seen. This photo comes from a series of 20 photographs dated 1915. Three show the St. Marys Cement Plant while 17 show buildings...
View of Clay Beds and Factory, St. Marys 
Image  1915  Photo of the clay beds and the factory at the St. Marys Cement plant. This photo comes from a series of 20 photographs dated 1915. Three show the St. Marys Cement Plant while 17 show buildings and bridges (mostly in Toronto) constructed using Rogers Cement. They were in a sales package, and...
Upper portion of MacPherson's Arts and Craft store 
Image  1988  Photo of the upper portion of MacPherson's Arts and Crafts store, located at 91 Queen Street East. In view is the mansard roof and some of the windows. Part of the stone building can be seen along the bottom along with more windows. Condition: Very good. Blue stain at bottom-centre but...

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