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Queen Street looking East 
Image    Postcard view of downtown St. Marys taken from about Water Street looking east up the hill towards the town hall. Queen Street looking East, St. Mary's, Ont.
Water Street, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked Oct 22, _____  Postcard view of Water Street (looking north from Jones Street towards Queen Street). Way in the background the Water Street bridge can be seen. The Opera House, the Post Office, a restaurant as well as many other businesses can be seen lining the streets. At one time, Queen Street and Water...
Whyte Packing Co. Butchers 
Image  ca. 1920  Photo of 172 Queen Street East, which at this time was the Whyte Packing Co. Butchers and is now William J. Galloway's Law Office. In the picture the bookkeeper Miss Ida King is seen as well as the Manager Mr. Morrissey - both standing just outside the door in front of the store's large window....
Frank Garuse Imported and Domestic Fruits 
Image    Photo of five people standing outside a store. The window reads "Frank Garuse's Imported and Domestic Fruits." Condition: in okay condition; surface scratches and some slight folds but still good.
A.H. Lofft & Company 
Image  1884  Stereoview of downtown St. Marys - most specifically in view A.H. Lofft & Co. This is Queen Street East, the north side, just east of Wellington Street (Andrew's Jewelers - now Anstett's - is seen being built on the left). Condition: Copy is in excellent condition. Queen St., north side, just...
Queen Street looking West 
Image  1884  Stereoview of Queen Street looking west. In view is the old Windsor Hotel which was demolished in the early 1960s (and is now the site of the Mac's Milk). Condition: Copy is in excellent condition. Looking west from above Church St. is a view of Queen Street 1884 On the left, Windsor Hotel...
Queen Street looking west, 1865 
Image  1865  One side of a stereoview of Queen Street looking east. The intersection we are at is Church Street and Queen Street and seen just a little in front to the right (just about where TD Canada Trust is today) is the A. Beattie store. Condition: Copy is in excellent condition. Queen St., looking west...
Front of a business, ca. 1890 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of three women standing outside a storefront (162 Queen Street East, St. Marys). They are all wearing hats and dresses with two of them standing on the main entrance's platform and the other lady standing up on the window platform. The building has a big storefront windows with a tin...
Andrew's Block just after construction in 1884 
Image  1884  Copy of a photo of the Andrew's block just after construction. The Andrew's Jewellery store is the most remarkable of any of the buildings in this photo and clearly stands out with its large two-stories and a clock tower. Next door we can see a smaller frame building which we can read on the...
Theodore Hutton, Opera House, W.V. Hutton Blocks in 1884 
Image  1884  One side of a steroview of the Theodore Hutton block, the Opera House block and the William Veal Hutton block found on the west side of Water Street. Of these buildings the Opera House is by far the most famous and beautiful. It has gone from being an Opera House/Oddfellow meeting place to being...
St. Marys from the Water Tower 
Image  ca. 1909  A panoramic view of St. Marys as seen from the old Water Tower (corner of James and Queen Streets). On the left we can see a lot of homes, in the middle we are looking towards downtown, and to the right we see the London railway line and train station. Condition: Poor. Browned with stains and...
Lewis H. Reesor 
Image    Photo of Lewis H. Reesor standing in front of his bookstore. L.H. Reesor was the father of Milton W. Reesor, an amateur photographer who took many photos around St. Marys between 1898 and 1910. A collection of these photos are available at the St. Marys Museum. Condition: Good. Image is very...
Queen Street looking west 
Image    Contact print from a copy negative of a postcard (that we do have on file)> This postcard is photographed around Wellington Street looking west towards Water Street and the Victoria Bridge. There are horses and carriages and people all in the streets. Condition: Very good. Some marks on paper...
Beattie's storefront and staff during Old Boy's Reunion - July 19, 1899 
ImageMysteries:  July 19, 1899  Photo of the A. Beattie & Co. storefront, with the staff all standing out front. This photo was taken July 19, 1899 during the Old Boys' Reunion. The people have been identified as: J.D. Stanley, G. Sutherland, Geo. Ross, Miss Lovell, M. Delmage, A.J. Lovell, Harry Robinson, Etta _________, Jas....
Horse Drawn Fire Wagon at Water and Queen Streets (ca. 1930s) 
Image  ca. 1930s  Photo of the corner of Water and Queen Streets taken possibly in the 1930s. The MacPherson Arts and Crafts store can be seen in the background with people standing in front of it. In the foreground is a horse drawn fire wagon crossing Water Street. Condition: (Oversize) Good. Copy of original. ...
View of Stonetown, 1909 
Image  1909  Panoramic postcard of St. Marys. Photo would be taken from near Queen Street (near Ingersoll property) looking northeast at Queen Street and the Thames River (with dam visible). Condition: Fair. Yellowed and a little wavy. Stains and rips at edge. St. Mary's, the Stone Town Copyright Canada...
Queen Street, north side just west of Church Street, 1884 
Image  1884  Photo of the first few buildings on the north side of Queen Street just west of Church Street (TD Canada Trust is now on the corner). Condition: Copy is very good.
McPherson Arts and Crafts store building, 1884 
Image  1884  Photo of 91 Queen Street East, which currently houses McPherson Arts and Crafts. This photo was taken in 1884 after a redesign of the building. At the time a Mr. Chalmers owned this corner block. Condition: Copy is excellent.
View of Queen Street looking east from point just west of Victoria bridge, 1865 
Image  1865  Photo of Queen Street looking east just over the west side of the Victoria bridge. Some men are standing on the west side with a horse drawn carriage crossing over the bridge as well as a person walking. The Box residence can be seen in the background (on the right) and the mill can be seen on...
Queen Street looking west 
Image  Postmarked 1914  Tinted postcard view of Queen Street looking west. Andrew's/Anstett Jewelers tower can be seen as well as the varying shapes and colours of the buildings of downtown on both sides of the street starting at about Church Street. A horse and carriage can be seen heading east with people walking on...

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