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Old Town Cement Company Band 
Image    Photo of the St. Marys Cement Company band. They are wearing their uniforms that include kilts, and very evident is the drum with the band's name and logo on it. Condition: Good. Slightly discoloured. Dark photo to begin with.
IOF Band, St. Marys 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of the St. Marys IOF Band posed outside the doors at lower level of the St. Marys Town Hall (which at one point served as the Police Station). Identified as: Back - Dan Ross, Bob Eddes, Bob Furnace, Percy King, Clayton Allan, Sam Conley, Charles Allan, Jerry Hawkins, Frank Allan, George...
St. Marys Cement Company band, ca. 1912 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1912  Photo of the St. Marys Cement Company band, taken around 1912. The men are in their band uniforms each holding onto their instruments. The drum with the band's logo is placed in the centre directly on the ground. Condition: Copies are both excellent (there are 2 copies).
The St. Marys Cement Company Band 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of the St. Marys Cement Company Band. The men are all posed holding onto their instruments with the drum (bearing the band's logo) right in the middle. Condition: Okay. Has browned considerably. Image is hard to see (lighting changed digitally to bring out more detail).
Maxwell Band, ca. 1917 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1917  Photo of the Maxwell Band (likely taken around 1917). Maxwell was a manufacturer in town that employed many St. Marys residents until its closure. This photo shows the band members all holding onto their instruments and in their band uniforms. Additional information: Top row - second from...
Maxwell Band 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a group of men who were a part of the Maxwell Band. They are posed with their instruments wearing suits and identical hats. In the middle is a drum with their name on it. The Maxwell Band consisted of employees of the Maxwell factory of St. Marys. Condition: Paper is good.
Maxwell Band 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of the Maxwell Band, a band formed of Maxwell employees. The men are pictured here in band uniforms holding onto their instruments. A drum with their logo on it is in the middle. Condition: Reproduction not the best - paper is good.
St. Marys Cement Limited band 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of the St. Marys Cement band. The band members are all dressed in Scottish dress holding onto their instruments. Another man in a suit is standing off to the side, along with a baby sitting in the middle on top of the drum with the company's logo on it. Condition: Good. Some creases and...
Maxwell Band 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of the Maxwell band posed in suits and ties with band hats on. They are each holding their instruments and are in front of a stone building that has the words "Maxwell/Maple Leaf/Band Rooms" stamped on the shutters. One of the members has been labeled "George" in pen. Condition: Okay. ...
St. Marys Cement Company Band, ca. 1930 
Image    Photo of the St. Marys Cement Company Band dressed in their kilts and holding onto their instruments. One man has been identified as Richard Rule (front row, at the far right end, kneeling). Condition: Okay. Curled, bent and scratched.
Citizen Band and three majorettes, ca. 1953 
Image  ca. 1953  Photo of the Citizen band along with 3 majorettes all posed together as a group with their instruments/batons outside. Condition: Copy is very good.
Cement Plant Band, ca. 1915 
Image  1915,   Photo of the Cement Company band posing with their instruments. The band was made up of both cement company employees and other musicians from the town. Nicknamed the Kilty Band, their uniform consisted of kilts, plaids, red tunics, gaiters and Glengarry caps. This was a brass band although it...
Purple Hill Fife and Drum Band 
Image    This photo shows a line of men and boys holding instruments. The long flute like instrument is a fife which is similar to a piccolo but with a higher shrill tone. Photo is not in good condition and is fading.
Maxwell Band 
ImageMysteries:    This image is one in a series of postcards from the Reg Near collection. This photo is of the Maxwell Band, which was formed from employees of the Maxwell company. Each of the band members is holding their instruments and wearing a uniform. The bands name has been printed onto the front of the...
Cement Co. Band, St. Marys 
Image    This image is one in a series of postcards from the Reg Near collection. The band depicted here was common for major companies in the turn of the 20th century. St Marys Cement was founded in 1912 by John Lind and Alfred Rogers. Together they led a small group of investors in building a 2 kiln, 180...

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