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Boy sitting in two-wheeled cart 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a little boy sitting in a little 2-wheeled cart. He is looking off to the side and smiling with long hair and a hat on. Condition: Good. Image is a little worn at the edges; matting is a little worn and stained.
St. Marys IOF Band, 1910 
ImageMysteries:  1910  St. Marys IOF Band, 1910 - before the formation of the once popular Maxwell Band and the St. Marys Cement Co. Kiltie Band Back Row: Arthur Riley, Bert Stricker, Clayton Allan, Dan Ross, unknown, Tom Crozier Middle Row: William Barrett (Band Master), George Thompson, Charles Allen, Alfred Schmidt,...
Town Band at Grand Central Hotel 
ImageComments:Mysteries:    Uniformed town band posed in front of the Grand Central Hotel. Condition: Good.
Becky or Beatrice Harstone 
ImageComments:Mysteries:    Studio photo of a young woman who is either Becky or Beatrice Harstone. She is dressed in an ankle length skirt and is wearing a pair of skates. She is posed to look like she is outside on a pond taking a break from skating. Condition: Very good. Yellowed, but looks great for the age of the...
Canadian Legion Branch 236 Hockey Team 
ImageMysteries:    This is a photograph of the Canadian Legion's Branch 236 hockey team. The players are posing in full gear on the ice alongside their coaches. Condition: Good. The photograph is slightly worn and the colour has darkened and browned.
Baseball Team, St. Marys 
ImageMysteries:    This is a photograph of the local St. Marys baseball team. The men are all wearing striped uniforms and are standing on the baseball field for the portrait. Condition: Good. The photo contains some light creases.
Baseball Game at Teddy's Field, August 1980 
ImageMysteries:  "Baseball Game at Teddy's Field, August 1980," St. Marys Journal Argus, September 3 1980, p. 17  This is a photograph of a baseball game in session at Teddy's Field in St. Marys. The photo includes a Shakespeare player and a Baird Lumber Kings member sliding into the plate. Condition: Good. The photo is printed on thin paper. Some discolouration of the image is present.
J.B. Tudor Ltd. Boys Hockey Team 
ImageMysteries:    This is a photograph of the J.B. Tudor Limited Boy's Hockey Team. The team was sponsored by J.B. Tudor's a local business once located in downtown St. Marys. The boys are in full uniform and are posing with their coaches for a team photo. Condition: Good. Some creasing on the photograph corners.
Co-ed Badminton Team, c. 1950s 
ImageMysteries:    This is a photograph of a co-ed badminton team made up of both males and females. The photo was taken circa 1950s, and the team name is unknown. Condition: Good. Tape has been stuck to the bottom of the photo. The upper left corner of the image has been torn away.
Wildcats Baseball Team 
ImageMysteries:    This is a photograph taken of the men's baseball team known as the Wildcats. The men are posing in uniform with a trophy in the foreground. Their uniforms are printed with a large "W" and an image of a wild cat on the front. Condition: Good. The image is slightly worn.
St. Marys Blue Angels Basketball Team 
ImageMysteries:    This photograph features the local all-male basketball team known as the St. Marys Blue Angels. The players are posing with a trophy in the foreground of the team portrait. Their team jerseys are labeled "Blue Angels". Condition: Fair. The photograph is creased severely down the center. The paper...
Young Man Playing Golf 
ImageMysteries:    A photograph of an unknown man playing golf. He is wearing a plaid shirt, shorts and standing by one of the holes on the golf course while holding the flag. Condition: Fair. Paper is moderately damaged, specifically in the upper right corner. The flaws are showing through the gloss on the paper.
St. Marys Cement Plant Hockey Team 
ImageMysteries:    This is a photograph of a hockey team sponsored by the St. Marys Cement Company. "St. Marys Cement" can be seen printed on their hockey jerseys. The players are posing alongside their coaches with hockey sticks in hand. The St. Marys Cement Company was an important business that contributed within...
Maxwell's Hockey Team 
ImageMysteries:    This is a photo taken of a local St. Marys boy's hockey team that was sponsored by the Maxwell Company. The players are posing in full gear on the ice alongside unknown men, some of which are likely coaches. The Maxwell Company was an important part of industry in St. Marys that contributed...
Blanshard Boys' Baseball Team 
ImageMysteries:    This is a photograph taken of the Blanshard Boys' Baseball Team, from Blanshard Township, Ontario. The boys are posing on the baseball diamond alongside two unknown adults who are likely coaches. There is a trophy situated in front of the team. This photo is one in a set of two. Condition: Very...
Blanshard Boys' Baseball Team 
ImageMysteries:    This photo displays two boys receiving a trophy from an unknown man. The boys were a part of the Blanshard Boys' Baseball Team. They appear to be posing on the baseball diamond. This photo is one in a set of two. Condition: Very good.
Football Team, c. 1950 
ImageMysteries:    This photograph features a local male football team posing in full gear alongside their coach. This photo was taken sometime around 1950. Condition: Good photocopy.
Flood, Spring 1947 
ImageMysteries:  Spring 1947  This photograph displays the high flood waters at the Flats (Milt Dunnell Field) in St. Marys. Children are swimming in the flood waters. The photo was taken between May and June of 1947. Condition: Very good copy - not a lot of detail can be seen in image.
Four Men on the Thames River 
ImageMysteries:    A photo showing four young men sitting in a small motor boat named "City of St. Marys". The men are floating down the Thames River and are dressed smartly in their jackets and hats. The photo was taken by local amateur photographer Milton Reesor. The exact date of the photo is unknown; however, it...
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