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Widder Street 
ImageComments:  Postmarked 1913  Postcard view of Widder Street, St. Marys. The photo shows the street is lined with trees with a few houses only slightly visible. Condition: Fair. Glass shows imperfections. Browned & dirty. Original photo likely wasn't very god to begine with. Back has dirt and fingerprints. Toronto, Jan....
North side of Queen Street between Water and Wellington Streets 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  ca. 1930  Photo of buildings along Queen Street East on the north side between Wellington and Water Streets. In view is Jack's Fruit Store, Paul's Meat Market, Thames Valley Bread Co., as well as E.N Bickell's and Canadian Pacific ticket place. A group of cars and people are out front, mostly employees...
Artist William Greason in his St. Marys studio, 1907 
ImageComments:  1907  Photo of William Greason in his St. Marys studio. William Greason (1884-1945) was born in St. Marys and the St. Marys Museum is proud to have some of his work in our possession. Condition: Paper is great - but reproduction is not the best quality.
Wellington Street South home, ca. 1909 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  ca. 1909  Photo of the second house south of Park Street on Wellington Street South (east side of the street). There is a woman and a child out front the simple one-storey home. Condition: Copy is excellent.
Proposed drawings for Ercildoune 
ImageComments:    Photo of architectural drawings done by architect William Williams (of St. Marys) of the West Elevation of Ercildoune (236 Jones Street East). Condition: Copy is excellent. William Williams Architect St. Marys
Plans for Westover, 1881 
ImageComments:  1881  Photo of the architectural drawings done by Humphris for the planned addition to Westover(300 Thomas Street) that was never built. This view shows the plans for the first floor, the second floor and the basement. Condition: Copy is excellent.
Mill and Miller's House, 1860 
ImageComments:  1860  Photo of the mill that used to be located on Queen Street East just before the Victoria bridge (on the east side of the bridge). The miller's house can also be seen in the background. This is the site of Thomas Ingersoll's 1843 grist mill. See "Early St. Marys" by L.W. Wilson and L.R. Pfaff...
St. Marys Collegiate Staff, ca. 1930s 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  ca. 1930s  Photo of the staff at the St. Marys Collegiate taken sometime in the 1930s. Some have been identified (from left to right) - Front row: *unknown*, *unknown*, Frances O'Brien, Annie McIntosh, *unknown*, Miss Fugler Back row: *unknown*, *unknown*, *unknown*, Mr. Seggie, Arnold Dunnell, Erskine...
St. Marys Collegiate Staff 
ImageComments:  1947  Photo of the staff at St. Marys Collegiate. The people have been identified as (left to right) - Back row: Gordon Sutherland, Bert Middleton, Erskine Evans (principal), John Webb, John Askew, Charlie Courtnage, Ralph Ainslie Front row: Annie McIntosh, E. Lawson, Inez Nickels, Clare Walls,...
Thomas Pierson and Melissa Ann Martin 
ImageComments:    Photo of an older man and woman posed in front of a tree. The man is identified as Thomas Pierson and the woman Melissa Ann Martin. They moved to St. Marys shortly after they were married and lived on Thomas Street. Condition: Paper is good, but photo is blurry and dark.
Mrs. Clench and Miss Cruttenden in the living room of the Clench home 
ImageComments:  July, 1901  Photo of Mrs. Clench and Miss Cruttenden sitting in the living room of the Clench home (96 Robinson Street). A large bookcase can be seen in the background as well as a fireplace and many objects. A photo of Nora Clench and her violin can be seen at the right. Condition: Copy is very good.
CPR Hotel 
ImageComments:    Photo showing the former CPR Hotel (now demolished). This hotel was once located on the east side of Water Street South at Jones Street. Condition: Good - some yellowing.
Seale Monuments, ca. 1911 
ImageComments:  ca. 1911  Photo of three men standing outside of Seale Monuments. There are a few gravestones near them - the one right next to the man in the middle says "Heywood/Selena/wife of/Wesley Heywood/Died May 4, 1911/Aged 45 yrs./at rest." Seale Monuments had been located on Water Street North. Benjamin Seale...
View of the North Ward, ca. 1890 
ImageComments:  ca. 1890  Photo showing the North Ward around 1890. The Presbyterian Church can be seen and seems an imposing figure in comparison to the rest of the rather young and not very built up area. Young trees can be seen lining the streets with some houses already in place. A rather deteriorated building can...
Tom Swan standing near the Junction station 
ImageComments:    Photo of Tom Swan standing near the St. Marys Junction station (located in the background on the left). On the right, the water tower can be seen (no longer exists). A train can be seen on the tracks by the junction building. Condition: Copy is very good.
Grads of 1952 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1952  Photo of a large group of young women all standing in front of S. Ross Marriott Furniture store downtown St. Marys holding onto gift boxes. They are the female graduates of 1952 from St. Marys District Collegiate Institute. Note the saddle shoes and bobby socks that the girls are wearing as well...
St. James Anglican Church 
ImageComments:    Side view of the St. James Anglican Church. This photo shows a nice view of the church gardens. The original church (the middle section of the church overall now), was built in 1858 with the tower being added in 1885 (as well as other renovations being performed to enhance the church's...
Portrait of Frederika Ryckman Dale 
ImageComments:  1914  Professional portrait of Frederika Ryckman Dale, wife of Professor William Dale. She is seated wearing a light, full length, high collared dress. Condition: Very good. Minimal dirt and creasing. Skirt has been cut out to flow out of the photo. Love to Baby Dale From Gladys Easter/Tide/1914
Group Posed on the Steps at Westover 
ImageComments:    Group posed on the steps at Westover. Top Row: Evans Hessey, Dr. McKay, Luella Hessey, Dr. Bryan Second Row: Leon Ford, Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Harstone, Myself (Julia Ford) Third Row: Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hessey Bottom Row: Mina, Mrs. Ross and child, Barbara Baird, Mrs....
Margaret Dale's Sunday School class at the St. Marys Methodist Church 
ImageComments:Mysteries:    Nine young girls from Margaret Dale's Sunday School Class, standing in front of the double doors of St. Marys Methodist Church (now the St. Marys United Church). Condition: Excellent Copy (scanned from negative)

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