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Marie Sillery (Moser) 
Image  ca. 1954  Photo of a woman (Mrs. Sillery, a teacher in St. Marys for many years), sitting posed at a desk for a school portrait. Condition: in excellent condition. "Marie Sillery (Moser)"
Marilyn Lancaster
Image  ca. 1954  Photo of a young female student with short bangs and a head band on smiling for a student portrait. Condition: in excellent condition. "Marilyn Lancaster"
Image  ca. 1954  Teacher portrait of a woman wearing 50's style glasses. Condition: Excellent.
Mrs. Tyler (Margaret Darling) 
Image  ca. 1954  School portrait of Mrs. Tyler (Margaret Darling) who was a kindergarten teacher at Central Elementary school. She has dark hair pulled away from her face and a brooch at the top of her blouse. Condition: hole in side (border) but otherwise excellent. "Mrs. Tyler (Marie Darling) kindergarten...
Paul Hovey, Mayor of St. Marys (1954) 
Image  1954  ...Photograph of Paul Hovey who served as Mayor of St. Marys in 1954. He is pictured here looking off to the side wearing a jacket and tie with his hair back from his face. Obviously he was cropped out of a photo that had other people in it in order to get this oversize photo (this photo is 0044ph...
Former Church Street Bridge, ca. 1950s 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1950s  Photo of a group of children standing on the sidewalk of the former Church Street bridge. The bridge was rebuilt in 1979. Condition: Okay. Is creased and bend which shows quite well in the gloss. Image is clear though. On back: Former Church Street Bridge Old mill in Background 1950's "The...
Massey Harris-Ferguson Building, ca. 1950 
Image  ca. 1950s  Photo of the Massey Harris-Feguson Building that used to exist at 201 Queen Street East (beside the Town Hall). Downtown Pontiac was at this location throughout the 1980s and 1990s with the new location now at Queen Street West. A truck is parked in front of the building, with blockades formed...
Queen Street looking west, ca. 1954 
Image  ca. 1954  ...Photo of Queen Street looking west (from Church Street). The movie theatre sign says it is currently playing "Silver Chalice" with Jack Palance, which was released in 1954 dating this photo around 1954/55. Cars can be seen parked on both sides of the street with cars driving up and down Queen...
Maxwell building, early 1950s 
Image  ca. 1950s  Photo of the former Maxwell factory building office entrance that was located off of James Street South. After providing a building for Maxwell for many years, it served as the building for Allied. The building was demolished in 1987. Condition: Poor. Some sort of green/brown stains on photo....
Widder Street at Peel Street looking east, 1950s 
Image  1950s  Photo of Widder Street at Peel Street looking east down Widder before the trees were cut down. Photo was likely taken in the 1950s during the winter. Condition: Good. Detail a little hard to see on original but paper is in great shape.
West Ward school in the winter 
Image  likely 1950s  Photo of the north side of the West Ward school (now the St. Marys Early Learning Centre). The hill is covered in snow which shows the many foot prints. Condition: Copy is very good.
Painting the Grand Central Hotel building, 1954 
Image  1954  Photo showing the Grand Central Hotel building being painted (located on the south side of Queen Street between Church and Wellington Streets). A man is standing on the sidewalk watching the others painting. A car can be seen driving up the street. Condition: Okay. Small and a little worn.
Composite of the members of the McConnell Club, 1954 
Image  1954  ...Composite of portraits of the members of the McConnell Club of St. Marys in 1954. The large photo at the top-centre is the Honourary Past President: Mrs. Polly Bain. The three in the middle include the Secretary Mrs. Mary Taylor, the President Mrs. Eleanor Jackson and the Treasurer Mrs. Ann...
P.U.C. Office interior 
Image    Photo of Vera Weston sitting at her desk. This photo is showing the interior of the Wellington Street P.U.C. office. Condition: Good. Yellowing at left. Hole punch marks at top.
Julia McIntyre 
ImageComments:  ca. 1954  A school photograph of Julia McIntyre, long-time teacher for the St. Marys Public School Board. Miss McIntyre began her teaching career at the one-room Brocksden School northeast of Stratford. She started teaching in St. Marys in 1943 and taught Grade 5 at Central School for many years. When the...
St. Marys Town Council, 1954 
ImageComments:  1954  ...Photograph St. Marys Town Council, probably taken just after inauguration, January 1954. Councillors include: Back Row: Charles E. Richardson, Mr. Vanstone, ---, Clerk Mr. Durr, ---. Front Row: Dave Stevens, Mayor Paul Hovey, ---....
Annie McIntosh 
Image    This photo features local teacher Annie McIntosh posing next to the St. Marys Collegiate Institute where she worked. The school eventually transitioned to Arthur Meighen Public School, and the building was demolished in 2016. Condition: Good. Contrast is not very high, some details are missing.
Portrait of a Woman 
ImageMysteries:    This photograph features a woman standing outside the St. Marys Collegiate Institute building, which would later house Arthur Meighen Public School. The woman is unidentified, however she is possibly a teacher at the school. Condition: Good. Some dirt and residue. The photo is missing some...

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