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Victor Tovell; Mayor of St. Marys in 1946 
Image    Copy of a photo of Victor Tovell, who was the Mayor of St. Marys in 1946. Here he is pictures in a striped suit and tie looking off into a corner. It would almost appear he is in someone's home (the sheer curtains in the background). Condition: Copy is in excellent condition.
Women's Patriotic League 
Image    Photo of a group of women by the St. Marys Town Hall. They are identified as the Women's Patriotic League which raised funds for World War II. Condition: Good. Slightly faded looking but image is pretty clear.
Victoria Day at the St. Marys Town Hall 
Image    Photo of a Victoria Day celebration taking place in front of the Town Hall. In the foreground some adults can be seen, but in the back a large group of children wearing hats and carrying flags can be seen. In behind them, the former Windsor Hotel (where Mac's Milk is now located across from the...
CN Station during World War II 
Image  Early 1940s  Platoon of soldiers standing at the wooden plank platform waiting to board a train at the CN Station in St. Marys. Various onlookers in the background. Names located in World War II catalogue (page 67). Condition: Good. Slight wear and dirty.
Sgt. Humphrey Alberts 
Image  late 1930s or early 1940s  Photo of Sgt. Humphrey Alberts posed wearing a military jacket and hat. Condition: Good. Worn a little, but looks really good (states that it is a proof photo on the back).
Peter Bradford 
Image  late 1930s or early 1940s  Photo of a man (identified as Peter Bradford) posed looking at the camera in World War II dress. Condition: Very good. (labeled as a proof photo on the back.)
William Tobin (LAC) 
Image  late 1930s or early 1940s  Photo of William Tobin posed looking just to the side of the camera in a World War II uniform. Condition: Very good. Some silvering.
Journal Argus bulletin board during World War II 
Image  1939-1945  Photo of a man reading the bulletins posed on the windows of the St. Marys Journal Argus during World War II. The bulletins give information on what is happening around the world in terms of the war. Some of the stories can be read with the high-quality digital photo. If interested in viewing,...
Dr. Edgar Williams 
Image    Photo of Dr. Edgar Williams in his uniform. He helped bring the HMCS Stonetown bell to St. Marys. This photo was found in storage at the Town Hall on May 16, 1988. Condition: Very good. The photo and matte are in great condition.
St. Marys Centennial Celebration, 1942 
Image  1942  ...Photo of the St. Marys Centennial Celebration that took place at "The Flats" (now Milt Dunnell Field) in September of 1942. The Hon. Arthur Meighen is standing on the stage addressing the audience with (from left to right) Lincoln Rice, Agnes Knox Black, F.G. Sanderson M.P., F.E. Butcher and Mayor...
Harrison Garden, 1942 
Image  1942  ...Harrison Garden located at Elgin Street taken in 1942. There are four people sitting in the garden including Maude & W.N. Harrison and their daughter Betty as well as Emma Fraleigh (who is in the foreground)....
P.U.C. employees 
ImageComments:    Photo of the P.U.C. staff posed outside on a bench with a few trucks parked in behind them. The employees are identified as (left to right): Front row: A. Stapleton, C. Noice, Vera Weston, Earl Myers, Ray Pfaff Back row - Wm. Scheuerman, Gerald Near, W. Moscrip, Percy Foster, Fairbairn White, R....
Hooper's Dairy Vehicles 
Image  1942  This image shows the vehicles that Hooper's Dairy used to deliver their products. The presence of both horse drawn carts and vans show that the transition to automobiles was still in progress. Photo is a good copy.
Dave White; Mayor of St. Marys in 1939 to 1945 
ImageComments:    Photo of David White who was the Mayor of St. Marys all throughout World War II (1939-1945). He is pictured here with his hair parted to the side, wearing a suit and tie looking off to the side. Condition: Good. Some tears.
Manufacturing Munitions 
Image    This photo was taken in what was then a manufacturing building for Maxwell Company. The building later become the Friendship Center before its demolition in 2014. In this photo, women are working on grenades to be used in World War Two. The Maxwell company was an important manufacturer of...
Blanshard House, c. 1942-1943 
Image    ...This photograph was taken prior to the demolition of the house known as the Blanshard House, sometime between 1942 and 1943. The Blanshard House was located on the Northwest corner of Water Street S. extension to Highway 7 (County Rd. 123). Fenton Rumble & Co. demolished the property...
Blanshard House, c. 1942-1943 
Image    ...This a photograph taken sometime between 1942 and 1943. The building in the picture was known as the Blanshard House. It was located on the Northwest corner of Water Street S. extension to Highway 7 (County Rd. 123). This image was taken prior to the demolition of the property by Fenton Rumble...

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