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A Glimpse of Westover Park, St. Marys 
Image    Postcard view of the gardens at Westover Park. Westover Park was built in 1867 for William and Joseph Hutton, early settlers of St. Marys. The home has had many different uses over the years including a Catholic seminary, a commune and is now a luxury hotel catering especially to Stratford...
Church Street Bridge, St. Marys, Ont. 
Image    Postcard view of the Church Street bridge (north side of Church Street). Back has not been digitally reproduced. "Church St. Bridge, St. Marys, Ont."
In the North Ward 
Image    Postcard view of the North Ward of St. Marys, Ontario. Holy Name of Mary Roman Catholic Church can be seen on the right, and the First Presbyterian Church can be seen far to the left. The Maxwell family's homes can also be seen (the red brick ones) up by the Presbyterian church as well. The...
Cement Works, St. Marys 
Image    Postcard view of the Cement Works in St. Marys, Ontario as it appeared then. Limestone has played a huge role in St. Marys' industry, starting first with quarrying the limestone for various purposes, and now for making cement. See 046pc-OA for another view. "Cement Works, St. Marys, Ont."
Town Hall and Libary 
Image    Postcard view of the St. Marys Public Library along with the St. Marys Town Hall. Photo would have been taken about halfway between Queen Street East and the Church Street bridge. "Town Hall and Library, St. Marys, Ontario, Canada."
Mrs. Currie's Party 
Image    Photo of a group of people posed on the porch of a home. The people in the photo have been identified as: FRONT: Bessie Bain, Claire Doolittle, Flo Sparling, Dr. Fraleigh, Rose Doolittle, Miss McRoberts, Isabel Sparks, Joe Doolittle, Jessie Sharp BACK: Katie Irving, Barbara Sparks, Grace...
Thames Flood, St. Marys 
Image    Photo of a fairly regular event in St. Marys - the flooding of the Thames River. This photo shows the water is extremely high and appears to be very fast moving. Condition: Good. Normal wear. Thames Flood St. Marys Ont
IOF Band, St. Marys 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of the St. Marys IOF Band posed outside the doors at lower level of the St. Marys Town Hall (which at one point served as the Police Station). Identified as: Back - Dan Ross, Bob Eddes, Bob Furnace, Percy King, Clayton Allan, Sam Conley, Charles Allan, Jerry Hawkins, Frank Allan, George...
Curling Team, 1915 
Image  1915  ...Photo of the 1915 Curling Team. This team consisted of: Back - W.A. Lavelle, Dr. Wilkinson, A.B. Creighton, Walter Leslie Front - Mr. Sutherland, B. Northgraves, Mr. Anderson (Principal of "old" school), L. Maxwell...
Men and women dressed for a play 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of men, women and children standing on stage dressed in their costumes. The child is in the middle with all the adults standing on either side. In behind is obviously the backdrop for the play which looks as though it is a living room or sitting room of a home. Condition: Fair. Photo is...
Mrs. McIntyre and Bob 
Image    Photo of a boy and a woman standing together in a garden. The woman is dressed nicely in a lace skirt holding onto a pair of gloves, while the boy is wearing a jacket and tie with his hair neatly to the side. The boy is sticking out his tongue while unknowingly the woman stands with her arm...
Wellington Street North - July 1, 1915 
Image  July 1, 1915  ...July 1, 1915...
St. James' Church 
Image  July 1, 1915  ...Photo of St. James' Anglican Church, taken July 1, 1915. The door to the church is open and the grounds have been very well cared for. The original church (the middle section of the church overall now), was built in 1858 with the tower being added in 1885 (as well as other renovations being...
Plant No. 1, St. Marys, Ontario 
Image  1915  ...Photo of Plant No. 1 of the St. Marys Cement plant. A field can be seen in the foreground with all the buildings in the background. This photo comes from a series of 20 photographs dated 1915. Three show the St. Marys Cement Plant while 17 show buildings and bridges (mostly in Toronto...
View of Stone Quarry, St. Marys, Ontario 
Image  1915  ...View of the quarry and some of the equipment and machinery used as well as some of the buildings. In the background a lot of plain land with grass and trees can be seen. This photo comes from a series of 20 photographs dated 1915. Three show the St. Marys Cement Plant while 17 show buildings...
View of Clay Beds and Factory, St. Marys 
Image  1915  ...Photo of the clay beds and the factory at the St. Marys Cement plant. This photo comes from a series of 20 photographs dated 1915. Three show the St. Marys Cement Plant while 17 show buildings and bridges (mostly in Toronto) constructed using Rogers Cement. They were in a sales package...
St. Marys curling team, 1915 
Image  1915  ...Photo of the 1915 St. Marys Curling team. They are pictured with the trophy right in the middle of the group of men. Two brooms are being held in a cross which draws more attention to the trophy....
St. Marys Collegiate Institute, 1922 
Image  April, 1915  Panoramic of the St. Marys Collegiate Institute students and teachers. This photo was taken April, 1922 and shows the students and teachers posed outside the school building (currently Arthur Meighen Public School). Condition: Fair. Very dirty, aged and worn. Some sort of shiny stain and orange...
John McArthur Weir 
Image  1910s  Photo of John McArthur Weir (1834-1920) posed holding onto the Globe newspaper. He is around 70-80 years old in this photo and still appears to have a bit of a smile in his face. John Weir is a former resident of 177 Church Street South, now the St. Marys Museum. Condition: Good. Some...
St. Marys Lacrosse Team 
Image    Photo of the St. Marys Lacrosse team (date unknown). The team is posed together with one of the players holding onto a dog. They are identified as: Back Row (L to R) - Geo Vanstone, Jas. Pebeles or Jasper Leslie, John Calhous, Jack Lancaster, Dan Baird, Harry Tuer Centre (L to R) - P.T....

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