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Elementary school class in Wellington Street rooms at the back of Willard's paint shop about 1913-1914 
ImageMysteries:  1913-1914  Photo of a class of students standing outside their school, which was located in a back alley (off of Wellington Street) in Willard's paint shop. This building was used temporarily while waiting for a more permanent building. In "Our St. Marys Schools" (a booklet published by the St. Marys...
Entrance Class 1914 - Central School 
Image  1914  Photo of a class of students sitting and standing outside Central School. There is a teacher sitting in the middle with the students all around. Condition: Fair to good. Matting and image are filthy. Some surface scratches and some contrast has been lost. Handle carefully. People have been...
John Legge, William McGregor, John Weir, William McIntosh in 1914 
Image  1914  ...Photo of four St. Marys pioneers taken in 1914. Each man is wearing s jacket and hat and are posed towards the camera. The men include: John Legge (age 85), William McGregor (age 83), John Weir (age 80) and William McIntosh (age 80)....
Group photo of 70 year old men 
Image  1914  Photo of six older men. They are all wearing simple suits and are posed looking fairly comfortable. All of these men were born in 1844, and were therefore 70 years old at the time this photo was taken. The men are identified as: Front: J.O. Robson, L.D. Brown, Geo. Mathieson, William...
Miss Ingersoll's class (c. 1913) and photo of the teaching staff 
ImageMysteries:  around 1913-1915  On the one side, there is a picture of Miss Ingersoll's 2nd book class in old Central school - taken around 1913. On the other side, is a newspaper print of a photo of the teaching staff of St. Marys Public Schools in 1915. Please click on the photo at the side to see this photo. The teachers...
Laying the cornerstone of the new Central School, 1914 
Image  1914  ...Photo of the laying of the cornerstone for the new Central school building which took place in 1914. In this photograph, the foundation of the building has been completed with some framing looking like it's been done. A lot of stones are around with people standing about watching the laying...
London Bridge 
Image    Tinted postcard view of London Bridge from the north. The old water tower can be seen in the background, with a train going over the London bridge (heading towards the station / heading to London). Condition: Excellent. Some yellowing, but is in amazing shape for age. London Bridge, St. Mary's,...
St. James Episcopal Church 
Image    Postcard view of the St. James Anglican church. All three sections of the building are present in this photo, which means this can be dated from 1908 on. The original church (the middle section of the church), was built in 1858 with the tower being added in 1885 (as well as other renovations...
Martha Harrison 
Image    Photo of Martha Harrison, daughter of Milner Harrison (established one of the first stores in St Marys, and became a successful businessman and politician). She is pictured here with her hair parted in the middle and puffed up slightly. She is wearing a high-collared blouse. Condition: Good. ...
London Bridge 
Image    Tinted postcard view of London Bridge from the north. The old water tower can be seen in the background, with a train going over the London bridge (heading towards the station / heading to London). Condition: Good. Some wear at edges. London Bridge, St. Mary's, Ont., Canada
Two women, ca. 1914 
Image  1914+  ...Back: Jean Provan (white dress) wife of Scotty Provan approx. 1914+...
Laying of the cornerstone of Central School, 1914 
Image  1914  ...Photo showing the laying of the cornerstone at Central school in 1914 - the last municipal building in St. Marys to be built out of limestone. The photo features (from left to right): Esther Mitchell, Margaret Barbour, Elizabeth Cruttenden, Dr. J.R. Stanley, Alice Wilson and D.J. Anderson (the...
View of the laying of the cornerstone at Central school, 1914 
Image  1914  ...Photo of a large group of people watching the laying of the cornerstone at Central school (in 1914). The site is obviously in the midst of construction with lots of building material around and stone in places. The people in the preceding photo (1693ph) are either setting up for the shot...
322 Emily Street 
Image  1914  ... with the bell curve roof seen at the right hand side. A couple can be seen standing just in front of the front porch. This view was taken in 1914 when the home was owned by J.O. Mitchell. 322 Emily Street was designated in 2008, bylaw 32....
138 Wellington Street North 
Image  ca. 1914  ...Photo of 138 Wellington Street North - one of the oldest houses in St. Marys. It is a log building with clapboard covering it. This photo was taken around 1914 when the home was occupied by the family of Joseph Patterson. The Patterson family lived in this home for almost a century. You can...
Clay Quarry 
Image  1914  ...Photo of the clay beds at the St. Marys Cement Works taken in June 1914. A couple of men can be seen with one standing next to a large piece of equipment, and the other on the piece of equipment....
Rubble reducer 
Image  1914  ...Photo of the rubble reducer at the limestone quarry taken June 1914....
Stone quarry 
Image  1914  ...Photo of the stone quarry at the St. Marys Cement Works taken in June, 1914....
Portland Cement Factory 
Image  1914  ...Photo of the Portland Cement Factory in St. Marys taken in June, 1914....
Image  1914  Photo showing the dam possibly at Victoria Mill located on the Thames River just south of St. Marys. Condition: Copy is very good.

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