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Construction Workers At GTR Station 
Image    This photograph shows men working on the Grand Trunk Rail Station. Photo is in good condition but the image is blurry.
Thomas Gordon 
Image    Photo of Thomas Gordon. He is sitting in a chair posed with his one hand on the arm of the chair and the other on a book which has been placed on a table. Below there is an inscription which went along with the photo in a display years ago that explains that Mr. Gordon may have been the one who...
People posed in a quarry 
Image    Photo of a group of people posed sitting or squatting in a quarry. Most of them look like they have been down there for awhile working away, but a couple of people stand out in their clean looking white shirts (especially the woman). Condition: Fair. Silvering along bottom. Stains and marks on...
St. Marys Fire Department, ca. 1908 
Image  ca. 1908  ...St. Marys Fire Dept. About 1908 Cal Williamson, Joseph Albert, John Edwards, J. Albert, W. Northgrave, G.W. Allen, Chief Noyes, Jack Albert, D. Fulcher, G. Coupland, E. Moore, Fn. Richardson, Giln (?), Browne Ruthig...
St. Marys Journal office 
Image    Copy of a photo of the St. Marys Journal office which was located at 142 Queen Street East. When the St. Marys Journal and the St. Marys Argus became one newspaper in the 1920s (to become the current St. Marys Journal Argus), the paper still occupied this building. Of course, the lettering was...
Hydro Plant, St. Marys 
Image    Photo of the hydro plant building that is located on Queen Street East (near the St. Marys golf course). Condition: Good. Has yellowed quite a bit but image is very clear.
St. Marys Collegiate Institute - Fifth Form 
Image    Photo of students of the Fifth Form year at St. Marys Collegiate Institute. The Fifth Form year was an optional year that students usually entered in the year they turned 16. Taking Fifth Form and Sixth Form was the equivalent of taking O.A.C. (or grade 13) or University Level credits now. The...
Kirk Session, 1908 - Presbyterian Church 
Image  1908  ...Photo of the Kirk Session from the St. Marys First Presbyterian Church in 1908. A Kirk Session is basically a group of Church Elders along with the Minister who meet and discuss the Church. Click on the link on the side ("What is a Kirk Session?" to learn more. The men have been identified as...
Men and women in comedy costume 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a group of people (actors) dressed in costume for what was presumably a play. A lot of long shepherding canes and corseted dresses and silly hats. Condition: Poor. Yellowed and worn with some detail missing. Matte has been cut down and is very jagged. End one is Ida King From Miss...
Methodist Church Choir, ca. 1908 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1908  ...Photo of the choir at the Methodist Church taken sometime around 1908. They are in the choir loft surrounding the organ (with the organist sitting at the organ, with his side to the camera). The women are dressed in light colours at the front, while the men are wearing darker colours...
Jones Street 
Image    Postcard view of Jones Street East. At the right Ercildoune (236 Jones Street East - corner of Jones and King Streets) is in view with lots of trees lining the street. Condition: Very good. Colour looks great - postcard just worn at the edges. Jones Street, St. Mary's, Ont. Canada
The Bridges, St. Marys 
Image    Postcard view of three different St. Marys bridges. The first in view is the Wellington Street bridge with the Church Street bridge just hiding right behind it. Way off in the background the London railroad bridge can be seen. In the foreground Trout Creek and the surrounding foliage and...
Grand Trunk Railway Station 
Image  Postmarked 1908  Postcard view of the railway station in St. Marys that is just north of the old Water Tower (located at Queen and James Streets). A horse and carriage can be seen with a couple of people. A sign on the building saying "ST MARYS" is clearly visible as well. Condition: Double-sided tape had...
Lock-up School 
Image  1908  ... until 1908 when it was torn down. In the background, railway cars from the St. Marys and Western Ontario Railway are in view, with girls playing by the building. See Early St. Marys by L.W. Wilson and L.R. Pfaff (#6) for more information....
St. Marys Lacrosse Team, ca. 1908 
Image  ca. 1908  ...Photo of the St. Marys lacrosse team of about 1908. This copy came from a postcard, so the glare could be from copying the original larger photo to the postcard, or from the postcard being photographed for this copy....
Classroom photo at West Ward school, ca. 1910 
ImageMysteries:  ca, 1910  Photo of a classroom with the students at their desk and the teacher at the back of the room. This classroom was located in West Ward school which is now the St. Marys Early Learning Centre (121 Ontario Street South). Condition: Copy is excellent.
Dr. John Mathieson 
Image    Dr. John Mathieson (1843-1916). He is pictured here with his hands in his pants picket. He is wearing a vest with a pocket watch chain clearly visible. He is standing looking off to the side in a fairly relaxed pose. Condition: Okay. Image is clear - but it has yellowed a lot with a few...
Water Wagon driven by Joe Alberts 
Image    Photo of Joe Alberts driving two horses pulling the water wagon. The fire station horses watered and swept the roads in order to keep them exercised. The photo was taken on Water Street South by Ball's Funeral home building. You can see a water wagon in the St. Marys Museum's collection...
Public Library and Town Hall 
Image  Postmarked September 4, 1913  Tinted postcard view of St. Marys Public Library and the Town Hall as viewed on Church Street from about halfway between Queen Street East and the Church Street bridge. J.D. Moore Co. can be seen in the background. The St. Marys Public Library was built in 1904 thanks to a Carnegie grant. The...
View of down town as seen from Presbyterian spire, ca. 1910 
Image    Aerial view of Downtown St. Marys as seen from the Presbyterian Church spire, ca. 1910. The Town Hall, the Library, an old mill, the Knox Presbyterian Church, Baptist Church, Anglican Church and Methodist (United) Church can all be seen as well. Condition: Copy is very good.

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