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The Race and Sarnia Bridge, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked July __, 1909  Postcard view of "The Race" (water flow used for the mills), and in the background the Sarnia railway bridge (still in use) is visible. Four men in a boat are visible, a couple of them tipping their hat to the photographer. This photo was taken by Milton Reesor and is available in the Reesor...
Methodist Church, St. Marys 
Image    Postcard view of the Methodist Church, constructed in 1879. On June 10, 1925, the Methodist church officially became The St. Marys United Church, with the Methodists and some of the members of the two Presbyterian congregations joining together as one community. It has remained the United Church...
Thames River, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked November 15, 1923  Postcard view of the Thames River up near Emily Street in St. Marys, Ontario. "Thames River, St. Mary's, Ont."
Humphris, Richardson & Humphris Planing Mill 
Image    Photo of the Humphris, Richardson & Humphris planing mill and the workers all standing in front of the building. The building is now the restaurant the Parkview Creamery. Condition: Photo is in poor condition. Ripped and torn all over. It is also very faded with very poor contrast. Do not handle...
Cadzow Park house around 1902 
Image  ca. 1902  ...Cadzow Park, St. Marys, ca. 1902 Original possession of Mrs. E. Phillimore, Toronto...
Back view of Cadzow Park, ca. 1902 
Image  ca. 1902  ...Cadzow Park, St. Marys, back view, ca. 1902 Original in possession of Mrs. E. Phillimore, Toronto John Weir & second wife & ?...
St. Marys, the Stone Town
View of downtown, northward, Thames River 
Image    Postcard panoramic view of the downtown and Thames River. The postcard is over 55cm long making it much longer than a normal postcard. The Museum has 3 flat copies in our oversize collection. Condition of each copy: Copy 1 - Fair. Dirty and stained - especially at edges which are worn. Copy 2...
Peter Lennon, Mary Lennon, Mike O'Dea and two unidentified women 
ImageMysteries:  1902  ..."St. Marys July 16th 1902."...
"A Favorite Fishing Spot" at the River Thames in St. Marys 
Image    Postcard of two men fishing at the Thames River in St. Marys. Condition: Very good condition - some yellowing; minimal wear. A Favorite Fishing Spot River Thames, St. Marys, Ont.
River View and Railway Viaduct 
Image    Tinted postcard view of a bridge with a train crossing the railway viaduct in the background. Condition: Good. A little bit of wearing and yellowing. River View and Railway Viaduct, St. Marys
The Park, South Ward 
Image    Tinted postcard view of Westover Park, located in the West Ward of St. Marys on Thomas Street. You can see the Westover house in the background with a lot of snow and trees in the foreground. Condition: Good. Worn and dirty and a little yellow. The Park, South Ward, St. Marys, Ont.
The Bend in the River 
Image    Sepia toned postcard view of the bend in the river near the Sarnia Bridge (now part of the Grand Trunk walking trail). In the background we can see the Sarnia Bridge. Condition: Okay. Worn, dirty and yellowed. on the back: The Band int he River, St. Marys, Ont.
Replacing girders on the Sarnia railway bridge 
Image    Photo of the girders being replaced on the Sarnia bridge. Just visible is the original dam. Condition: Copy is good.
Original Ingersoll Foundry 
Image    Photo of the original Ingersoll foundry and adjoining buildings that were located on Queen Street, just west of the Thames River. Condition: Copy is good.
Misses Downings 
Image    Photo of two women posed so the one is looking to the right, and the other is looking to the left. They are both wearing high-collared frilly blouses with their hair up (the one has the hair on top of her head, while the other woman's is at the back of her head). The women are identified as the...
Church Street looking south 
Image    Copy of a photo of a horse pulling a carriage with a man and woman aboard. The view is Church Street, looking south with the United Church's steeple just in view (the steeple no longer exists on the church). Condition: Not a good reproduction but the paper is in good condition.
Interior and a class in the old Central School 
Image    Photo of the interior of an old Central school classroom. Students are sitting at their desk, with the teacher standing at the side of the classroom next to a chalkboard. Condition: Very good copy.
Queen Street looking east 
Image  Early 1900s  Photo of Queen Street looking east from Victoria Bridge. The dirt street is fairly empty except for a man with a penny farthing bicycle (at Queen and Water Streets). Condition: There are two copies in the Museum's collection. The one is an original, while the other is a newsprint type...
Interior or Parsons Fair Store, St. Marys 
Image  Pre-1915  Photo of the interior of Parsons Fair Store that was once located in St. Marys. This photo was taken sometime before 1915. The photo shows many goods including kitchen and dining items. A few people can be seen near the back of the store. Condition: Poor. Gloss/sheen shows a lot of...
Second Knox Presbyterian Church, ca. 1900 
Image    Exterior view of the second Knox Presbyterian Church taken around 1900. Knox Presbyterian Church buildings were once located at 66 Church Street South where Knox Apartments is now located. This specific building was destroyed by fire in 1905 and rebuilt a third and final time (as the first...

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