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Baby in a carriage 
ImageMysteries:    Baby dressed in white (Christening clothes?), proped up in a wicker carriage with scenery backdrop in behind. Condition: Gold leafing going green: overall a little dirty and scratched; back is very faded and dirty and also covered in fingerprints. Back of cabinet card is also available digitally...
Family; 3 men, 8 women 
ImageMysteries:    Group of people, sitting in a wide "U" shape, with everyone dressed rather somberly. Most of the women are holding onto books as is one of the girls sitting on the floor (she is the only one not looking at the camera). Condition: hole through centre-top; image browned and yellowed with surface...
Family; 3 males, 2 females, baby 
ImageMysteries:    Studio photo of a family with a man holding a baby,a girl and woman sitting with a young boy between them - another boy is standing in behind the girl and man. All looking very seriously towards the camera. Condition: overall very dirty and stained; one hole centre-top and 2 holes in bottom where...
Portrait photo of man 
ImageMysteries:    Older man with beard the covers most of his neck and a long moustache sitting in front of a backdrop. Condition: matting is very dirty; photo looks like it has been rubbed and therefore has a lot of worn areas (especially in centre - face/jacket).
Portrait of Man 
ImageMysteries:    Man with long sideburns and moustache and hair slicked back, looking to the side. Photo has been faded artistically around his jacket. Condition: "Leary" is scratched and faded; picture looks dirty with brown/yellow spots and marks all over.
2 boys, 1 girl; seated 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of 2 boys with hair parted to side, and one little girl with ringlets. The one boy is obviously sitting in a wooden chair, while the other boy is sitting with his arm around his sister protectively. Condition: Photo has an even brown tone throughout and the contrast is good, but there are...
Victoria Bridge, St. Marys, Ont. 
Image    Coloured-in postcard view of the Victoria bridge (seen from afar), with the river in the foreground. The St. Marys Opera House, the milland even the Miller's house can be seen in the background. "Victoria Bridge/St. Marys/Ont."
London Bridge, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked Nov 2, 1911  Postcard view of the London railway bridge (still in use today). The Thames river can be seen in the foreground, with a hut being seen off to the right side. "London Bridge, St. Mary's, Canada"
Bridges at St. Marys, Ont. 
Image  Postmarked May 12, ____  Postcard view of 3 bridges: foreground is the Church Street bridge; middle is the Wellington Street bridge; in the background the Grand Trunk railway bridge can be seen (now a walkway). "Bridges at St. Mary's, Ont., Canada"
Grand Trunk Viaduct, St. Marys 
Image    Coloured-in postcard view of the Grand Trunk railway bridge (now a walkway). "Grand Trunk Viaduct, St. Marys, Canada."
Victoria Bridge 
ImageMysteries:    Postcard view of the Victoria (Queen Street) bridge in St. Marys as it appeared at the time. In front, 2 girls wearing dresses and hats can be seen standing on blocks of limestone. "Victoria Bridge / St. Marys, Ont."
A Favorite Fishing Spot 
Image  Postmarked April 29, 1920  Postcard view of 2 men (one dressed in a suit jacket and hat, the other wearing a shirt, suspenders and a hat) fishing in the Thames River. A fallen tree can be seen in the background. "A Favorite Fishing Spot, River Thames, St. Marys, Ont."
The Bend, River Thames 
Image  Postmarked Aug 2, 1906  ...Photo taken by Milton Reesor, a young St. Marys photographer, ca. 1900. Printed and colourized to sell in the bookstore belonging to his father, L.H. Reesor....
Mr. T. Bennett from the St. Marys Fire Brigade 
Image    ...Detail from a larger group photo of the St. Marys Fire Brigade (ca. 1900). Mr. T. Bennett is dressed in his uniform. ...
Four St. Marys Pioneers 
Image    Photo of four older men standing outside on a farm. The men include (from left to right): John Legge, William McGregor, John Weir and William McIntosh. All four men are early settlers to St. Marys. Condition: matting is worn and stained, writing has bled a little; image is a little out-of-focus,...
Margaret McIntyre 
Image    Photo of a woman standing in her outdoor clothing including a rather large and elaborate hat, with falling "snow" coming down around her. Condition: matting is dirty and worn; photo is in good condition; white "spots" are meant to resemble snow On front: Margaret McIntyre, Gleason St....
Mrs. Alexander Grant nee: Anna Hudson 
Image    Photo of an older woman (Mrs. Alexander Grant) posed standing by a side table. She is wearing a long dark dress with a lace collar held together with a brooch. Anna (Grant) Hudson was the wife of Alexander Grant who was once a Minister at the Knox Presbyterian Church in St. Marys. Condition: a...
W.D. Spence; teacher in St. Marys from 1894-1907 
Image  1894-1907  Photo of a man with hair severely parted and slicked back with a very long mustache. The photo has the effect of being curled at the edges. Condition: Some stains and pen(?) marks, some mildew but good. W.D. Spence; teacher in St. Marys - 1894-1907.
St. Marys Collegiate 
Image    Photo of the St. Marys Collegiate as it would have appeared early on (before the many additions that make up Arthur Meighen Public School today). Around the school wooden fences can be seen, as well as a multitude of trees. Condition: Good condition. Some wearing and some surface dirt.
Alex Mennie 
Image    Photo of Alex Mennie who was Mayor of St. Marys in 1906-1907. He has a full beard, and is wearing a thickly knotted tie. Condition: Fair. Lots of surface wear and dirt. Photo has been hastily cut out in a circle. Some markings on face (possibly pencil). Hole in top where tack likely went...

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