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Anna Hudson 
Image    Portrait photo of Anna Hudson, wife of Alexander Grant (see 0023ph). She is wearing a long dark dress with lace collar. A bow is in her hair and she is seated and posed as if she is reading a letter. Condition: some yellowing (fairly even); otherwise in very good condition. Back of photo and...
Alexander Grant 
Image    Portrait of Alexander Grant, a preacher in St. Marys for 21 years starting in 1885. He is standing in a long wool jacket lined in fur, holding onto a muff. Condition: Some yellowing/browning (fairly even, except in bottom right hand of photo - possibly from some sort of adhesive); otherwise in...
Trout Creek, St. Marys, Ont. 
Image  Postmarked Jan 4, 19__  Postcard view of Trout Creek with bridge seen mid-ground. "Trout Creek, St. Mary's, Ont."
William Weir 
Image    Portrait photo of William Weir (1844-1921). William Weir was one of the last owners of the Tracy house (now the St. Marys Museum). The Weirs were the ones to give the land the name "Cadzow Park". Mr. Weir lived in the house from 1875 until his death in 1921, and was the mayor of St. Marys in...
Image    Photo of a young woman wearing a puffy light coloured dress tightly cinched at the waist, holding onto the side of skirt. Condition: photo and matte appear to have mildew stained all over; photo detail is still good though.
Man and woman 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a woman and a man. The woman is sitting in a chair with her side to the camera (but facing it) while the man is standing next to her slightly turned so that he is standing behind the woman. She is dressed in a very nice looking light dress with her hair all done up proper, while the...
Sidney Fraleigh 
Image    Copy of a photo of Sidney Fraleigh. He has long sideburns that are just short of meeting his mustache. His hair is slicked at the sides and he is wearing a checkered jacket that is done all the way up to the top. Condition: This copy is in excellent condition. Sidney Fraleigh; May 1, 1851 -...
George Wallace Gouinlock 
Image    Copy of a photo of George Wallace Gouinlock. He is standing leaning on a wooden post looking directly at the camera. He is wearing a long jacket which is has buttoned up all the way. Condition: Copy is in excellent condition. George Wallace Gouinlock Architect of St. Marys' town hall & possibly...
Miss Clayton's Class, 1898 
Image  1898  Photo of a group of young women along with their teacher (Addie Clayton). The girls have been identified as: Back - Maud Jickling, Maggie Gordon, Lizzie Thompson, Kathleen Rice, Rachel Kirk, Grace Box, Elizabeth McVannel Middle: Margaret Amos, Alice McIntosh, Miss Addie Clayton (teacher),...
Lewis H. Reesor 
Image    ...Photo of Lewis H. Reesor standing in front of his bookstore. L.H. Reesor was the father of Milton W. Reesor, an amateur photographer who took many photos around St. Marys between 1898 and 1910. A collection of these photos are available at the St. Marys Museum....
Thomas Iredale and his wife, late 1890s 
Image  late 1890s  Photo of Thomas Iredale and his wife taken in the late 1890s. They are posed with him sitting in a chair, while she is leaning on another chair nearby. She is wearing a long dark skirt with a puffy sleeved (from shoulder to just above the elbow) blouse. He is wear a suit and has a medium length...
Jones Street, late 1890s 
Image  late 1890s  Photo of Jones Street East taken in the late 1890s. Two large and ornate homes are in view as well as telephone polls and the winter snow. Condition: Okay. Image has a yellow tone and some stains. Matting is very dirty and stained.
Steel bridge over Trout Creek, late 1890s 
Image  late 1890s  Photo of the steel bridge over Trout Creek (Water Street bridge). Condition: Okay. Detail isn't very good. Yellow tone to image. Matting very dirty. On back: STEEL BRIDGE OVER TROUT CREEK, ST. MARYS. AMATEUR PHOTO. BY M.W. REESOR.
London Bridge, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked 1907  Postcard view of the London railway bridge which crosses over Trout Creek in St. Marys. In the background a church's tower can be seen - in the foreground grass and trees . The Museum has two copies of this postcard under this identifying number (0945pc). Condition: Copy 1 - Fair. Yellowed...
Exterior of the second Knox Presbyterian Church 
Image  Sometime between 1891 and 1905  Photo of the second Knox Presbyterian Church. The Church was once located on Church Street South across from St. James Anglican church. The first Knox Presbyterian Church in St. Marys was built in 1879, but was destroyed by fire in 1891, as was its replacement in 1905. By the 1950s the...
Nora Clench 
Image    Photo of Nora Clench rather seductively posed sitting in a chair covered in furs with her violin sitting on her lap.
Mr. Dean's Sunday School Class 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of Mr. Dean's Sunday School class. Mr. Dean can be seen sitting in the middle with a mustache, and he is surrounded by a group of young ladies. Condition: Fair. Worn crease in image. Matte is stained worn and dirty. Handle Carefully.
William Weir 
Image    Portrait photo of William Weir (1844-1921). William Weir was one of the last owners of the Tracy house (now the St. Marys Museum). The Weirs were the ones to give the land the name "Cadzow Park". Mr. Weir lived in the house from 1875 until his death in 1921, and was the mayor of St. Marys in...
Store of M.J. O'Dea, Merchant Tailor 
ImageMysteries:    ...Written on the back: Second store in Whelihan Block, just across from Hutton Block, c. 1897-1898...
William Weir 
Image    William Weir was the last private owner of the Tracy House (now the St. Marys museum)and gave it the name "Cadzow Park" after his ancestral home in Scotland. He also served as the town's mayor for a year between 1916-1917. Only half the case is still in existence. The black background is drying up...

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