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Elderly woman seated, holding a book 
ImageMysteries:    Elderly woman formally dressed and posed in a portrait studio holding a book Condition: Right top edge clipped off; photo & matting browned with age (possible shellac browning); hole in top where tack may have gone through; bottom centre ripped.
Young girl with ringlets; seated 
ImageMysteries:    A young, stern looking girl with ringlets in a dark frilly dress with lace collar and sleeves sitting posed in a portrait studio. Condition: overall dirty in appearance; corners appear to be torn and worn; image is browned with little spots all over
Portrait of Man 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of stern looking man with hair parted to side, longish side-burns wearing a thick bow-tie, shirt with collar up on his face, a vest and a jacket. Photo almost has the appearance of a drawing. Condition: faded; dirty; bent down middle; hole on top and bottom where tacks likely went through.
29 men in front of Richardson's Foundry 
Image  Approx. 1895  ...Group photo of workers of Richardson's Foundry taken around 1895. The workers are standing in front of the building they worked in. See inscription for names of people....
Water Street, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked Oct 22, _____  Postcard view of Water Street (looking north from Jones Street towards Queen Street). Way in the background the Water Street bridge can be seen. The Opera House, the Post Office, a restaurant as well as many other businesses can be seen lining the streets. At one time, Queen Street and Water...
Rice Lake from Royal Edward Hotel, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked March 31, 1910  Postcard view of the are just above the "Little Falls" and Milt Dunnell Field ("The Flats"). At the time, this was locally known as "Rice Lake" after Henry Lincoln Rice, a mill owner. "Rice Lake From Royal Edward Hotel, St. Marys, Canada."
Mother and Daughter 
Image    Portrait photo of a woman dressed very properly in a high-collared decorative blouse sitting with an infant in her lap. The woman is looking to the side while the infant is looking right at the camera. Condition: looks like matting got wet: lots of stains; some yellow/brown stains on photo; a lot...
Uncle John Sanderson 
Image    Portrait of an older man with a white beard wearing a suit and a thickly knotted tie. Condition: looks like matting got wet - lots of water stains; photo looks worn and has a few spots (possibly fungus); a little silvered, but the image is still pretty good.
Dr. Wm. Irving 
Image    Portrait of man with hair parted and curled back with a long mustache dressed neatly and sharply in a suit and tie. Condition: Photo has black splotches all over with some loss of contrast; still fairly good image quality despite that though. "Medical Health Officer at the beginning of 1900's"
Fred Hutton's Mother 
Image    Woman wearing a long dark dress with a long dark bonnet (appears to be the clothing of someone in mourning). Condition: matting worn and it appears a sticker has been removed; photo is a little yellow/brown but still looks good.
Knox Presbyterian Church Choir - 1895 
Image  1895  ...Group photo of the Knox Presbyterian Church Choir in 1895. There are men and women who are all standing and sitting posed for the camera in front of the organ pipes at the front of the church. The people have been identified as such: Back - Mackenzie, James Fleming, David Gibson, Richard...
Carter's Dam and the North Ward 
Image    Photo of Carter's Dam with the North Ward visible in the background. Condition: Fair. Yellowed and matte is stained. Detail isn't very good. Carter's Dam and North Ward
J.H. Carter's Residence 
Image    Photo of J.H. Carter's residence located at 67 Peel Street South in St. Marys. Snow is on the ground and the fence can be seen around the home which really dominates the street with barely any homes on the street. Condition: Okay. Image is not perfect. Loss of detail and yellowing.
Emily Street from Sarnia Bridge, 1890s 
Image  1890s  Photo of Emily Street as seen from the Sarnia Bridge. We see a road with trees on one side, and on the left we see buildings with sidewalks directly in front of them. Note from Larry Pfaff written on back of photo: "The buildings at the left are scales, etc. for the flax mill situated just...
22 Salina Street South, ca. 1895 
Image  ca. 1895  ...Photo of 22 Salina Street South taken around 1895. A woman is standing at the front door posing for the camera. Included is a 2004 photo of the house which shows how the house has changed with decorations added in the gable - but also how it has stayed the same with the shutters and the window...
John Bartlett and Gertrude S. Gamble 
Image  May 8, 1895  ...Wedding picture for John Bartlett and Gertrude S. Gamble, the second wife for John Bartlett. This photo was taken May 8, 1895 and shows Mr. Bartlett wearing a long buttoned jacket holding a rolled up piece of paper in his hands, while his new wife is sitting in a wicker chair wearing a long dark...
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gray, 1895 
Image  1895  ...Photo of Dr. Thomas Gray and his wife taken in 1895. She is seated on a chair holding a book in her hand, while he is leaning against another chair....
Cruttenden and Nichol Flour Mill 
Image    Photo of the Cruttenden and Nichol flour mill located on the Thames River just south of St. Marys (approximately where the Cement Company conveyor crosses the river today). Was located on the east side of the Thames River. Condition: Copy is excellent.
J. Naismith Hardware Store (1890s) 
ImageMysteries:  1890s  Exterior photo of J. Naismith's hardware store along with the staff of the store. Condition: Good copy - paper is slightly aging though.
William Weir 
Image    Photo of William Weir (1844-1921) wearing a tam o'shanter. He is looking at the camera wearing a suit jacket and tie. William Weir was one of the last owners of the Tracy house (now the St. Marys Museum). The Weirs were the ones to give the land the name "Cadzow Park". Mr. Weir lived in the...

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