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McKays Mill and Bridge 
Image  Postmarked Nov 7, 1907  Postcard view of McKay's Mill, and in the foreground a wrought iron bridge on stone supports. "Mc Kays Mill and Bridge, St. Marys, Ont."
Mc Kays Mill and River Thames, St. Marys 
Image  Postmark year 1907  Postcard view of McKay's Mill and the Thames River. "Mc Kays Mill and River Thames, St. Marys, Ont."
Mill Race, St. Marys 
Image  Postmark Apr 24, 1908  Postcard view of the Mill Race in St. Marys, Ontario. Milling once was a huge industry in St. Marys with the mills making use of the Thames River as a huge water power source. "Mill Race, St. Marys, Ont."
St. Marys Looking North From London Bridge 
Image  Postmark year 1913  Postcard view of the North side of St. Marys taken from the London (railway) Bridge. In the background the Presbyterian church can be seen on the left and the Catholic church on the right. "St. Mary's looking North from London Bridge"
Victoria Bridge, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked October 24, 1907  Postcard view of the Victoria (Queen Street) bridge as viewed from the west side. "Victoria Bridge, St. Marys, Ont."
City Hall and Public Library 
Image  Postmarked 1907  Postcard view of the St. Marys Town Hall and the St. Marys Public Library, likely taken up in the building located on corner of Church Street South and Queen Street East. "City Hall and Public Library / St. Marys, Ont."
Dr. W.F. Brown, St. Marys 
Image    Photo of man looking off to the side giving a nice side profile. He has a long mustache and hair off to the side. He is wearing a nice suit with tie and collar turned out. The photo is very light (exposed) and has been faded around the subject. Condition: some water stains on matting; matting...
Miss Alice Wilson, Public School Teacher 
Image    Photo of a young woman with her hair pulled back into a bun wearing a frilly sleeved blouse with a mid-length neck posed so that we see a side profile. See 0224ph and 0225ph for Alice at 100 years old. Condition: dirty with mildew stains and uneven yellow tone; rips in matting. Miss Alice Wilson,...
Grant Family 
Image  c. 1894  ...From Mrs. Grant To Birdie Aug. 12th 1894...
James McGrigor 
Image    Photo of a man with hair parted at the side looking (rather) sadly to the side. He is wearing a jacket, vest and shirt but no tie of any kind. The image has been faded around the subject artistically. Condition: Fair. Slightly faded with a yellow tone in parts of the image; dirty and stained.
John Sanderson 
Image  1890s  Photo of an older man (identified as John Sanderson). He has a white beard and is wearing a suit with a thickly knotted tie. The image has been faded around him artistically. Condition: Fair. Faded and unevenly toned with some marks on the image. John Sanderson
St. Marys Cooperage, 1890s 
ImageMysteries:  1890s  Photo of F.E. Butcher's St. Marys Cooperage taken sometime in the 1890s. There are a few men all standing outside the building in their aprons. Power lines can be seen above the building. Sign above door reads: J. Johnson House Contractor & Builder Sash Doors Blinds & C. The sign on top of...
Nora Clench 
Image    Photo of Nora Clench, wearing a ruffle-collared dress with her hair pulled back in a bun. Her face it turned to the side giving a nice profile view. Nora Clench (born Esther Leonora Clench) was born in St. Marys May 6, 1867. Her father Leon Clench taught her the violin and later on she studied...
William and Jane McFadzen 
ImageComments:    William and Jane McFadzen are seated in a photography studio but dressed in fine winter garments. William has an impressive fur coat, a Persian Lamb hat and wool mittens. Jane's winter coat has a luxuriant fur collar with matching muff. She wears a small, trimmed hat that ties under her chin. See...
Rev. W. A. Wilson 
ImageComments:    The Reverend W. A. Wilson was the first minister of the Knox Presbyterian Church in St. Marys, called in 1878 when the congregation had just formed, even before the church building was opened in 1880. On Christmas Day, 1879, he married Margaret Caven, daughter of the Reverend William Caven,...
Dr. John Sinclair Family, 1893-4 
ImageComments:  ca. 1893-4  ...Photo of Dr. John Sinclair and his family taken ca. 1893 or 1894. The family members are: Front Row - Mrs. Frances Henderson Sinclair, Gregg M. Sinclair, John F. Sinclair, Dr. John Sinclair, Jean Sinclair (later Kendrick.) Back Row: Robert Sinclair, Arthur Sinclair The Sinclairs once lived...
St. James Anglican Church Interior 
Image    ...The date 1880 on the reverse side may not be correct. The choir were not seated in the chancel until 1894 and previous to that the organ and choir were in the nave to the right of the wooden prayer desk....

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