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St. Marys Town Council, 1956 
Image  1956  4 men standing, 4 men sitting in front with a table covered in papers in the right-side foreground. In the background other council member pictures can be seen as well as a large wooden door. Condition: some tears on edges of photo; some marks on photo but they do not affect the image
Men at a meeting 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a group of men in what appears to be a factory. One man is talking (hand in air) while the others are standing around and listening. Condition: some imperfections and bends but in very good condition.
Shirley Paul 
Image    Photo of a young woman (Shirley Paul who was a teacher at Central school for many years). She is sitting at a desk in what looks like a classroom full of desks. Condition: very good - only has a slight surface scratch (which is barely visible). "Shirley Paul - teacher at Central school for many...
Alan Lofft 
Image  1951  School portrait of Alan Lofft sitting at a desk in front of an opened book. Condition: photo is out of focus but is in excellent condition. Alan Lofft 1951 (Grade 5)
Marie Sillery (Moser) 
Image  ca. 1954  Photo of a woman (Mrs. Sillery, a teacher in St. Marys for many years), sitting posed at a desk for a school portrait. Condition: in excellent condition. "Marie Sillery (Moser)"
Marilyn Lancaster
Image  ca. 1954  Photo of a young female student with short bangs and a head band on smiling for a student portrait. Condition: in excellent condition. "Marilyn Lancaster"
Image  ca. 1954  Teacher portrait of a woman wearing 50's style glasses. Condition: Excellent.
Mrs. Tyler (Margaret Darling) 
Image  ca. 1954  School portrait of Mrs. Tyler (Margaret Darling) who was a kindergarten teacher at Central Elementary school. She has dark hair pulled away from her face and a brooch at the top of her blouse. Condition: hole in side (border) but otherwise excellent. "Mrs. Tyler (Marie Darling) kindergarten...
T.G. Pinney; Mayor of St. Marys in 1953 
Image    Copy of a photo of T.G. Pinney who was the Mayor of St. Marys in 1953. He is pictures here wearing a striped suit and shirt with a crooked tie. Condition: Copy is in very good condition (original doesn't look like it was the best though).
Melvin Lightfoot; Mayor of St. Marys in 1951 and 1952 
Image    Photo of Melvin Lightfoot who was the Mayor of St. Marys in 1951 and 1952. He is pictured here wearing a suit jacket and designed tie. His hair is pushed back from his face and he is looking directly at the camera. Condition: Good. Image looks excellent but the top corners are ripped off.
Sam Bartlett and Libby Bartlett (née Cash) 
Image    Photo of an older couple sitting on a front stoop with the woman holding onto a bunch of flowers. This couple have been identified as Sam and Libby Bartlett (née Cash). This picture was taken on their 50th wedding anniversary. Condition: Good. Some bump marks in the gloss of the paper with...
North Ward school 
Image    Photo of North Ward public school (currently Arthur Meighen Public school). Built in 1875, its most famous graduate is Arthur Meighen, ninth Prime Minister of Canada. The school has been added onto many times, and has been a public school since 1955 when a new high school building was opened...
Bill Elliot - the Coal Man 
Image  1950s  Photo of Bill Elliot who is identified as "Bill the Coal Man" for the calendar that this photo was used in. He is wearing a cap and holding a smoking pipe between his lips. Condition: Fair. So yellow it is practically neon; rip in image. Please note that we also have one in the oversize drawer...
St. Marys Town Hall 
Image    Photo of the St. Marys Town hall decorated at Christmas with lights on the tree. There is snow on the ground, and it appears to be snowing. There is an image of Santa with 2 reindeer at the bottom-right corner. Condition: Image looks great, matting is a little worn and dirty.
Paul Hovey, Mayor of St. Marys (1954) 
Image  1954  Photograph of Paul Hovey who served as Mayor of St. Marys in 1954. He is pictured here looking off to the side wearing a jacket and tie with his hair back from his face. Obviously he was cropped out of a photo that had other people in it in order to get this oversize photo (this photo is 0044ph,...
Lena Hyde (Tovell) and Bill Rose 
Image    Photo of Lena Hyde (Tovell) and Bill Rose searching for props in Mrs. Clysdale's attic. Both were involved in St. Marys Little Theatre, a theatre group that existed in St. Marys just after World War II. Condition: Very good. Paper is curling slightly
St. Marys Little Theatre 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of the cast of a St. Marys Little Theatre production. The cast are sitting and standing on stage with the set all behind them. The St. Marys Little Theatre was a theatre group in St. Marys just after World War II. Lots of St. Marys residents got involved and took part in producing these...
Cast of The Hasty Heart, St. Marys Little Theatre 
Image    Photo of the cast of The Hasty Heart (see link at side to read what play was about). The cast are in their costumes on stage. Condition: Very good. Some yellowing.
Bob Currie and Audrey Henderson (McGrigor) 
Image    Photo of Bob Currie and Audrey Henderson (McGrigor) sitting on a couch on stage performing a play for the St. Marys Little Theatre group. Condition: Very good. Some yellowing.
Cast and/or Crew of The Hasty Heart 
Image    Photo of the cast and/or crew of The Hasty Heart, which was performed by the St. Marys Little Theatre. They are all sitting and standing on stage at the set. They have been identified as: Standing Left to Right - Archie Petrie, Miles Overend, Cecil Meta, Jake Harris Seated - Will Lancaster,...

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