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Victor Tovell; Mayor of St. Marys in 1946 
Image    Copy of a photo of Victor Tovell, who was the Mayor of St. Marys in 1946. Here he is pictures in a striped suit and tie looking off into a corner. It would almost appear he is in someone's home (the sheer curtains in the background). Condition: Copy is in excellent condition.
Archie Skinner; Mayor of St. Marys in 1948 and 1949 
Image    Photo of Archie Skinner who was the Mayor of St. Marys in 1948 and 1949. Here he is pictures wearing a suit and designed tie. He has a trimmed mustache and hair slicked back. Condition: Very good. Clear and clean.
Women's Patriotic League 
Image    Photo of a group of women by the St. Marys Town Hall. They are identified as the Women's Patriotic League which raised funds for World War II. Condition: Good. Slightly faded looking but image is pretty clear.
Telephone switchboard across from the town hall 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of three women sitting at switchboards and another sitting at a desk. The one woman is identified as Jean White. Condition: Very good condition. Tiny stain. Telephone switchboard across from town hall Seated is Jean White
High school students boarding buses 
Image  1948  Photo of students from St. Marys Collegiate boarding their buses (down near Milt Dunnell field). Condition: Fair. Yellowed/browned and very worn with bubbles and tears all over.
High school students boarding buses 
Image  1948  Photo of a group of buses all parked with students lining up to get onto the buses. Condition: Okay. Yellowed/browned and a little worn but very clear.
St. Marys Collegiate Institute, 1943-44 
ImageMysteries:  1943-44  Panoramic photo of the 1943-44 students and teachers at St. Marys Collegiate Institute. The photo was taken outside with students sitting and standing. Condition: Very poor. Image is clear but paper has yellowed badly and has ripped badly into three separate pieces. Paper is very dry. ...
J.G. Jose, Mayor of St. Marys (1947) 
Image  1947  Photo of J.G. Jose who was the Mayor of St. Marys in 1947. He is dressed wearing a military uniform (jacket, hat). He is looking just off to the side. Condition: Very good. Image is extremely clear. Matte has been cut down and is in slightly rough shape but appears to be sturdy.
Victoria Day at the St. Marys Town Hall 
Image    Photo of a Victoria Day celebration taking place in front of the Town Hall. In the foreground some adults can be seen, but in the back a large group of children wearing hats and carrying flags can be seen. In behind them, the former Windsor Hotel (where Mac's Milk is now located across from the...
Alice Ready Laidlaw 
Image    Photo of Alice Ready Laidlaw. She is pictured posed looking just above the camera wearing a silk-looking dress and with her hair pulled away from her face. The photo has been coloured in with a blue background, a green dress, brown hair, reddish lips and just a hint of pink in her skin. Alice...
Bobbie McIntyre 
Image    Photo of a boy standing smiling in a garden wearing a jacket and tie whole holding onto a pageboy hat. The boy has been identified as Bob McIntyre who's family owned the McIntyre Drugstore downtown St. Marys. Condition: Good. Some bends and folds. Bobbie McIntyre *Drugstore*
Presentation of the HMCS Stone Town's bell to the Town of St. Marys 
Image  1947  Photo of Mrs. William Dale and Mayor J.G. Jose (Mayor of St. Marys in 1947) accepting the bell from the HMCS Stone Town from an unidentified Naval Officer. See the link to the photo of the HMCS available at the St. Marys Museum to learn more. You can even see the bell at the St. Marys Museum in...
Drawing room of Westover Park, ca. 1943 
Image  ca. 1943  Photo of the drawing room at Westover Park taken around 1943. Around this time, the house was occupied by Priests of the Catholic Church as the home was being operated as a Catholic Seminary. Condition: Copy is very good.
Westover Park from Thomas Street, ca. 1943 
Image  ca. 1943  Winter scene photo of Westover Park as seen from Thomas Street. Trees and tree stumps can be seen in the snow, with the house and conservatory seen in the background. This photo was taken around 1943 when Westover was being used as a Catholic seminary. Condition: Copy is very good.
Coach House at Westover Park, ca.1943 
Image  ca. 1943  Photo of the Coach house at Westover Park, which today is used as accommodation for visitors to the Inn, but at the time this photo was taken (around 1943) used as a coach house. A man with a horse is standing in front of the coach house, looking as though they are making their way...
Chapel in Drawing Room at Westover Park, ca. 1945 
Image  ca. 1945  Photo of the Scarboro Foreign Mission Priests kneeling in their Chapel, located in the drawing room of Westover Park. This photo was taken around 1945 when the home was being used as a Catholic Seminary. Condition: Copy is very good.
Westover Park from the south, ca. 1943 
Image  ca. 1943  Winter scene photo of the exterior of Westover Park. At the time when this photo was taken (approximately 1943), Westover Park was used as a Catholic Seminary. Condition: Copy is very good.
Facade of Westover Park, ca. 1945 
Image  ca. 1945  Photo of the Westover Park house taken probably in very early spring. There are tulips in the garden, but the awnings and roof have traces of snow. At this time (around 1945), a Catholic Seminary occupied the house. Condition: Copy is very good.
Southwest corner of Queen and Wellington Streets 
Image  ca. 1940?  Photo of the southwest corner of Queen and Wellington Streets showing the original entrance to the Province of Ontario bank (now Desjardins, with the entrance where the drugstore is in this photo). Just a bit down the street, it appears work is being done to one of the buildings with...
St. Marys Cement Limited band 
ImageMysteries:    Photo of the St. Marys Cement band. The band members are all dressed in Scottish dress holding onto their instruments. Another man in a suit is standing off to the side, along with a baby sitting in the middle on top of the drum with the company's logo on it. Condition: Good. Some creases and...

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