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Thames Quarry, St. Marys, 1909-10, 23 men 
ImageMysteries:  1909-1910  Group shot of 23 men down in the Thames Quarry. The men are dressed in work clothing and hats, behind them one can see limestone. Condition: Hole in top-centre of matting likely from tack. The photo was likely not processed well as it is unevenly faded and coloured and not very well contrasted....
C.W. Coupland advertising postcard 
Image    Postcard used to advertise a Singer Sewing Machine (No. 127-3). Postcard was sent out by Coupland. Singer No. 127-3 Vibrating Shuttle On Embossed Cabinet Table No. 3 Your Choice of the following on this Table: Singer No. 15-30 Oscillating Shuttle Singer No. 115-1 Rotary Hook Singer No....
A Glimpse of Westover Park, St. Marys 
Image    Postcard view of the gardens at Westover Park. Westover Park was built in 1867 for William and Joseph Hutton, early settlers of St. Marys. The home has had many different uses over the years including a Catholic seminary, a commune and is now a luxury hotel catering especially to Stratford...
Church Street Bridge, St. Marys, Ont. 
Image    Postcard view of the Church Street bridge (north side of Church Street). Back has not been digitally reproduced. "Church St. Bridge, St. Marys, Ont."
Facts About St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked July 3, 1912  The back side of an envelope where "Facts About St. Marys" were relayed to the reader. The front side of the envelope gives the true purpose of the mailing - A Firemen's Convention and Demonstration would be taking place in St. Marys on August 5th, 6th and 7th in 1912. FACTS ABOUT ST. MARYS The...
Power House, St. Marys 
Image    Postcard view of the "Power House." Built in 1898 as a way to pump water and make electricity. The Power House now houses some waterworks equipment. "St. Marys, Ont., Power House."
In the North Ward 
Image    Postcard view of the North Ward of St. Marys, Ontario. Holy Name of Mary Roman Catholic Church can be seen on the right, and the First Presbyterian Church can be seen far to the left. The Maxwell family's homes can also be seen (the red brick ones) up by the Presbyterian church as well. The...
Cement Works, St. Marys 
Image    Postcard view of the Cement Works in St. Marys, Ontario as it appeared then. Limestone has played a huge role in St. Marys' industry, starting first with quarrying the limestone for various purposes, and now for making cement. See 046pc-OA for another view. "Cement Works, St. Marys, Ont."
Town Hall and Libary 
Image    Postcard view of the St. Marys Public Library along with the St. Marys Town Hall. Photo would have been taken about halfway between Queen Street East and the Church Street bridge. "Town Hall and Library, St. Marys, Ontario, Canada."
Rene Webster 
Image    Portrait of a young girl with Down syndrome. She is sitting sideways in a chair with her arm resting against the back of the chair. Condition: Image is very good with simple surface scratches; matte is very dirty and stained.
ImageMysteries:    Portrait of an older woman looking off to the side. Her hair is back, with shorter hair at the front. She is wearing a high collared blouse with brooch, and the sleeves on the blouse are puffy. Condition: a little yellowed but very good; matte is stained with white stuff.
ImageMysteries:    Portrait of an older man with light hair slicked back and a light medium length beard. Condition: Photo has yellowed but is still very good.
Four St. Marys Pioneers; John Legge, William McGregor, John Weir, William McIntosh 
Image    Photo of four of St. Marys first settlers: John Legge, William McGregor, John Weir and William McIntosh (see also 0073ph). The men are all wearing suit s and hats and appear to be standing outside a farm. Condition: Photo is out of focus but in good condition with just some light surface dirt.
Sam Dusty 
Image    Photo of an older man with long white beard. Condition: lots of mildew marks (brown and black); scratch down side; Limit Exposure/Handle Carefully (has been packaged separately from other photos). "Sam Dusty"
Home of Mr. and Mrs. Currie 
Image    Photo of a group of people posed on the porch of a home. The people in the photo include: Katie Irving, Barbara Sparks, Mr. Currie, Mrs. Currie, Isabelle Young, Bessie Bain, Clair Doolittle, Flo Sparling, Grace Maxwell, Miss McRoberts, Dr. Fraleigh, Rose Doolittle, Isabel Sparks, Joe Doolittle,...
Caroline (Carrie) Shaw Sparks 
Image    Photo of Caroline (Carrie) Shaw Sparks dressed in a lovely dress. She is posed standing and looking off to the side a little. Condition: Excellent condition. Paper and image are in very good condition with no obvious flaws. Wife of Dr. Thomas Sparks, St. Marys 20th wedding anniversary. A dance...
Anglican Church with Agnes Waring, Mary Sparks, Merle Carter, Wilma Carter and Tottie Sparks 
Image    Photo of five young woman (identified as Agnes Waring, Mary Sparks, Merle Carter, Wilma Carter and Tottie Sparks) sitting and standing just outside the Anglican Church (which can be seen in the background). Condition: Right side has yellowed severely. Image is a little blurry, but overall...
Gertrude Neelands, Gertrude Richardson, Florie Birch, Isabel Sparks, Minnie Gilpin, Helen Pearn, Clara Turner and Irene Eedy 
Image    Group photo of eight young ladies identified as Gertrude Neelands, Gertrude Richardson, Florie Birch, Isabel Sparks, Minnie Gilpin, Helen Pearn, Clara Turner and Irene Eedy. Condition: matting is a little dirty. Image is excellent.
Cara Waring, Margaret Black, Barbara Sparks and Dr. Knox by the north side of the Thames River in St. Marys 
Image    Photo of 3 women and one man (identified as Cara Waring, Margaret Black, Barbara Sparks and Dr. Knox) standing by the north side of the Thames River. Condition: Good. Thinner paper has yellowed a little and bend in place. Some surface markings as well.
Margaret Black in a bathing suit 
Image    Photo of a young woman (Margaret Black) posed sitting on a rock in the Thames River in her bathing suit and cap. Margaret Black was the daughter of Agnes Knox Black (1864-1945), a famous elocutionist who had in fact been born in St. Marys. Agnes and her family spent their summers in Ontario...

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