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"Beautiful for Situation" 
Image  Postmarked Dec 16, 1901  London Bridge showing early industries, such as mills, along Trout Creek. St. Mary's, Canada, "Beautiful for Situation"
Knox Church, St. Mary's, Ont. 
Image  Postmarked Nov 21, 1903  Postcard view of the former Knox Presbyterian church which was located on Church Street South across from St. James Anglican church. The first Knox Presbyterian Church in St. Marys was built in 1879, but was destroyed by fire in 1891, as was its replacement in 1905. By the 1950s the congregation...
Central School, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked July 7, 1912  Postcard view of (Old) Central School as it appeared then. This building was built in 1857 after the other school buildings had been outgrown. The current Central school (on the same site as this former structure), was built in 1914. "Central School, St. Marys, Ont."
Church Street, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked July 3, 1914  Postcard view of part of Church Street South. In the view is the old Central School building (on the corner of Church Street South and Elizabeth Street), and the stone wall at Athol Brae (147 Church Street South). Church Street South has a changed a lot with the Central school being rebuilt in...
Northward from the valley 
Image    View of the North Ward of St. Marys taken from approximately where the London Bridge exists. The First Presbyterian church can be seen in the background (was built in 1879) and definitely stands out against the sparse housing and abundant foliage. By 1892 Holy Name Catholic Church would also...
Angus McIntyre with his daughters: Adaline and Mary Ann 
Image  1882  Photo of a long bearded man sitting between 2 young girls. The girls are both wearing long dark dresses with fancy collars, and the man is wearing checkered-striped pants and a dark jacket. Condition: Has a fairly even yellow/brown tone; some stains on image, more on matting; image is still clear...
Two boys 
ImageMysteries:  1881-82  Two little boys sitting side-by-side in a chair wearing collared outfits. Condition: some stains, dirty and yellowed. Losing contrast; irises of one boy have been penned in; Handle carefully and limit exposure.
ImageMysteries:  1881-82  Photo of a man with wavy hair parted to the side and a mustache. The photo has been faded around him artistically. Condition: yellow/brown tone; dirty on bottom (from handling); possibly some mildew; handle only if necessary.
John O'Connor 
Image    Photo of a man (John O'Connor) sitting in a chair, wearing checkered pants and a long jacket. His hair is parted to the side. Condition: This is a copy (negative is available). The copy is in excellent condition. John O'Connor 1846 - 31 Jan 1920 Born Innes, Cty. Clare To Canada 1854 - Life long...
Teachers of St. Marys 
Image  1888  Photo of five men posed together in a studio setting with a fur rug on the floor. They are all dressed in suit with their hair parted similar and four of the men having mustaches (the other man with a full beard). The men have been identified as: Back: Stephen Martin, Isaac M. Levan...
Teachers of St. Marys 
Image  1886  Photo of five men posed together in suits with their hats off. The scene has been made to almost appear as if they are outside as they are in simple wooden chairs and some are holding wooden walking sticks. Men have been identified as (updated April 15, 2009): Left to right: Isaac M. Levan...
ImageMysteries:    Photo of a mustached man with hair severely parted and slicked in a very tidy style, posed looking off to the side. The photo has been done creatively to look as though it is folded at the edges and pasted onto another piece of paper (whole thing is smooth and one piece of paper). Condition: ...
____________ Barber 
Image    Carte de visite of a woman with her hair back wearing a long sleeved dark dress with a bustle in the back. Her body is to the side and she is leaning against a "tree" with a forest scene in the background. Condition: Image is good. Some surface dirt and a little bit of silvering. "Barber"
Man with beard 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a man with a long beard looking off to the side. His hair is parted to the side and he is wearing a suit jacket. Condition: Poor. Image is speckled and worn; has a green/yellow tone.
Man with long beard 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a man with a long beard looking very seriously off to the side. Condition: Fair. Very dirty and stained with fingerprints. Has yellowed severely and may have once been in a moist environment.
Robert Barbour 
Image    Portrait of a man (identified by Larry Pfaff as Robert Barbour). He is sitting with the top button of his jacket done up. He has very long sideburns, and his hair is cut very short. Barbour was a builder in St. Marys, with his name attributed to homes on Thomas Street and possibly even the St....
Angus McIntyre and his daughters Adaline and Mary Ann 
Image  1882  Photo of a long bearded man sitting between 2 young girls. The girls are both wearing long dark dresses with fancy collars, and the man is wearing checkered-striped pants and a dark jacket. 0075ph is in better condition (slight loss of contrast though). Condition: Poor. Bent down the middle...
A.H. Lofft & Company 
Image  1884  Stereoview of downtown St. Marys - most specifically in view A.H. Lofft & Co. This is Queen Street East, the north side, just east of Wellington Street (Andrew's Jewelers - now Anstett's - is seen being built on the left). Condition: Copy is in excellent condition. Queen St., north side, just...
Queen Street looking West 
Image  1884  Stereoview of Queen Street looking west. In view is the old Windsor Hotel which was demolished in the early 1960s (and is now the site of the Mac's Milk). Condition: Copy is in excellent condition. Looking west from above Church St. is a view of Queen Street 1884 On the left, Windsor Hotel...
Queen Street looking east 
Image  1884  One part of a stereoview of Queen Street looking east. Buildings can be seen on either side of the street with people and vehicles seen on the dirt street or the wooden sidewalks. Condition: Copy is in excellent condition. A view of Queen St. looking east from Victoria Bridge 1884. -foreground...

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