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Portrait of Man 
ImageMysteries:  1875  Man wearing thickly knotted tie, non-collared shirt, corduroy vest and wool jacket. His eyebrows are thick and he has longish hair on his neck but otherwise has a clean-shaven face. Condition: Image is (very) browned; matte and image extremely dirty; shellac coating looks unevenly rubbed...
Portrait of a Woman 
Image  1876-1879  Photo of a woman with head off to the side. Her hair is loosely pulled back from her face and has highly arched eyebrows. She is believed to possibly be Addie Roberts. Photo would have been taken between 1876-1879 as that is when this specific photographer existed in St. Marys. Condition: Photo...
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dixon 
Image  1873  Photograph of a man with very long curly sideburns and hair slicked back holding a paper on his lap, with a woman sitting next to him with her hair up in very elaborate up-do. Condition: Fairly consistent tone throughout; a little worn and stained, but image is still good. "Probably their wedding...
Sidney Fraleigh 
Image    Photo of Sidney Fraleigh. His hair is parted at the side and slicked, and he has long side burns and well maintained mustache. Condition: photo is dirty and worn; limit exposure & handle carefully. "Sidney Fraleigh" "d. 1915"
Thomas B. Guest 
Image    Portrait of Thomas B. Guest the first reeve of Blanshard Township, the first reeve of the village of St. Marys, the first mayor of the town of St. Marys and was also an M.P.P. for South Perth. It is a side profile view of his head and body. Condition: This is a copy (negative is held at the...
ImageMysteries:  1878  Carte de visite of a man taken in 1878 by George Wilson. The man has his hair combed to the side and is wearing a thick suit jacket and bow tie. He is looking off to the side and giving a slight side-profile in doing so. Condition: Very poor. Very stained with barely any contrast left. ...
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite of a woman sitting in a chair with her one arm resting on a table and the other resting on her lap. She is looking directly at the camera with a very controlled appearance on her face. Condition: Fair. Very worn and dirty.
Two women and a man 
ImageMysteries:    Carte de visite with two women and a man. The one woman and the man are both standing and looking off to the right with fairly casual "photo" faces, while the other woman is sitting with her one hand resting under her face looking right at the camera. To the right of this woman it appears there...
ImageMysteries:  Late 1870s  Carte de visite of a man with his hair all parted off to the side. He is wearing a bow tie and is looking off to the side. Condition: Fair to good. Very dirty with a scratch and hole. There is a brown-ish tone, but the image is very clear.
Girl sitting in chair 
ImageMysteries:  Late 1870s  Carte de visite of a young girl sitting in a tasseled chair with her arm resting on a table. She is looking off to the side in an ankle length dress with her hair pulled away from her face. Condition: Fair. Very dirty with marks and scratches on image.
Robert Fulton Barbour and four of his children 
Image    Photo of Robert Barbour (left) and four of his children. Barbour was a builder in St. Marys, with his name attributed to homes on Thomas Street and possibly even the St. Marys Museum`s building (the Tracy House). Condition: Copy is in very good condition.
Alexander Clendenning 
Image    Carte de visite of a man (identified as Alexander Clendenning) posed standing and steadying himself with a chair. His other hand is on his hip and he is wearing a bowler on his head with the top button of his jacket done up. Condition: Fair (to poor). Lacquer has yellowed severely and worn off...
George McIntyre, J.P. 
Image    Photo of George McIntyre. He is pictured here with a long beard and hair slicked back wearing a jacket with the button done up. McIntyre born around 1827 and living until July 6, 1885 was the third Mayor of St. Marys and owned a boot and shoe business as well as being a private banker. Condition:...
Leon M. Clench 
Image    Leon Clench was the father of world famous violinist Nora Clench. He was also a lawyer, inventor, builder, et cetera! Here he is pictured wearing a hat. He has very long sideburns and his jacket only has one button done up. Condition: Good. Browned quite a bit with some stains.
Leon M. Clench 
Image    Photo of Leon Clench (father of world famous violinist Nora Clench) posed sitting on a bicycle. He has long sideburns and is wearing a hat and looks as though he is trying to pretend he is moving. Condition: Fair to poor. A lot of stains likely caused by moisture and improper storage. Very...
Arthur and Leon Ford - 1874 
Image  1874  Photo of two young boys identified as Arthur and Leon Ford/ The one is wearing a very adult looking suit with bow tie and hair all parted over, while the one standing is wearing a more child-looking jacket and short pants. Condition: Good. Fairly normal wear with an uneven tone. Arthur & Leon...
Fox brothers of St. Marys 
Image    Photo of two young boys, with the one posed sitting on a chair, and the other posed standing next to the chair. They are identified as the Fox brothers. Condition: Good. Has yellowed a lot with a few stains. Fox Brothers of St. Marys
David Maxwell Senior 
Image    Photo of David Maxwell Sr. (Died September, 1898). Maxwell's was a factory in St. Marys that made washing machines, other household items and farm implements. Mr. Maxwell is pictured here looking off to the side wearing a bow-tie and has very long sideburns. There are 2 copies of this...
Rev. Dr. John Waters, Minister of the Knox Presbyterian Church, St. Marys 
Image  Early 1870s  ... beard. The Ewing and Co. photo studio existed in Toronto between 1870 and 1874, which would place this photo somewhere in that time....
The Reverend Joel T. Wright, Rector of St. James Anglican Church (ca. 1870) 
Image  ca. 1870  Photo of Rev. Joel T. Wright, who was the Rector of St. James Anglican Church in the later part of the 19th Century. He is pictured here wearing his collar. He is looking off to the side which makes his sideburns extremely visible. Condition: Okay. Contrast/detail lost. Speckled; very...

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