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St. Marys Cement Plant ca 1980 
Image  1980  Photo with new addition/rebuild/upgrade - overlooking pond - original plant also shown. Fair to poor condition - clear - three corners damaged - right hand corner intact. Some of the image has been torn off at the corners.
St. Marys Town Hall, Queen St. East 
ImageText  1975  Photograph taken from south side of Queen Street. Photo in good condition-small water mark left side - some curling, dirt, finger prints.
St. Marys Cement Plant  ca 1980 
Image  1980  Picture of cement plant over-looking the pond. The new addition is shown in the photo, however the original plant can also be seen. Picture fair to poor quality, top left corner damage.
Downtown St. Marys c.a. 1900
Image  ca 1900  View of Queen St. taken from the Victoria Bridge looking east. Condition: Good. Corner is bent.
Eat At Our House - Dorothy Eedy 
GroupsImageText    This collection includes a number of articles from Dorothy Mae Eedy's column "Eat At Our House". Dates range from 1989 - 2009.
Grace Community Church in the winter, 1990s 
Image  1990s  Photo of the Grace Community Church located at 16 Hillside Court taken in the winter time. Condition: Good; some creases.
Salvation Army 
Image  1990s  Photo of the Salvation Army building located on the corner of Queen and Peel Streets at 220 Queen Street East. The photo is in black and white and shows the building in the winter time around 1990. Condition: Good. Slightly warped.
Sir Joe's restaurant 
Image  1993  Photo showing the old St. Marys Post Office with the neighbouring buildings visible. The Post Office was built on Water Street and also served as the Customs Office. The Post Office was built around 1903. This building is now a restaurant called Damen's, but as this photo shows it was called...
L.A. Ball Funeral Home and Furniture, 1993 
Image  1993  Photo of the back section of L.A. Ball Funeral Home and Furniture store taken in 1993. Condition: Very good.
St. Marys Public Library, 1993 
Image  1993  View of the St. Marys Public Library which was built in 1904 thanks to a grant from the Andrew Carnegie foundation. Condition: Very good.
St. Marys Museum 
Image  1993  Photo of the St. Marys Museum at 177 Church Street South in St. Marys. The back of the house is seen in this view (as well as the Woodworking Shed - at the left). An addition has since been added to the back of the house in order to create an archive area. The community museum for the Town of...
St. Marys Town Hall, 1993 
Image  1993  Photo of the Town Hall as seen in 1993. The photo has been taken from the southwest side of Church and Queen Street, likely from the sidewalk. Condition: Very good.
St. Marys Opera House, 1993 
Image  1993  Photo showing the Opera House in 1993. The building was built for the St. Marys chapter of the Imperial Order of Oddfellows in 1879/80. The Oddfellows occupied the third floor of the building, with the second floor containing the stage for performances and the first floor rented out to...
McPherson Craft Store & corner of Water and Queen Streets 
Image  1993  Photo showing the northeast and southeast corner of Water and Queen Streets. The McPherson Arts and Crafts building is visible on the southeast corner with L.A. Ball Furniture and Funeral Chapel on the northeast. A mobility bus can be seen just reaching the intersection. Condition: Very good.
St. Marys Central School, 1993 
Image  1993  Photo of Central school as it appeared then. It was built in 1914 and later in the 1980s a gym was added to the left side of the building. This view was taken from the southeast corner of Elizabeth and Peel Streets and shows the stop sign at the northeast corner of Peel and Elizabeth. It also...
Rear of M&M Variety store, 1993 
Image  1993  Photo showing the rear of the M&M Variety store. The back entrance door can be seen as well as a part of the Opera House building and back parking area. Condition: Very good.
Rear of the Opera House, 1993 
Image  1993  Photo showing the rear of the Opera House. Cars parked in the rear parking lot can also be seen. Condition: Very good.
84 Water St. South 
Image  1993  This photo shows the stone building at 84 Water Street South on the west side of the street. The building has had many uses and is currently a photo studio. Photo is in excellent condition.
St. Marys Gospel Hall 
Image  ca. 1990  Photo of the St. Marys Gospel Hall in the winter time taken around 1990. This building is located at 632 Jones Street East. Condition: Good. Some slight warping.
St. Marys Pentecostal Assembly 
Image  1990  Photo of the St. Marys Pentecostal Assembly façade which used to be located at 14 Church Street North. This photo is in black and white and would have been taken in the winter time around 1990. Condition: Good. Some slight creasing.

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