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Elderly woman seated, holding a book 
ImageMysteries:    Elderly woman formally dressed and posed in a portrait studio holding a book Condition: Right top edge clipped off; photo & matting browned with age (possible shellac browning); hole in top where tack may have gone through; bottom centre ripped.
Portrait of a Young Woman 
ImageMysteries:    Portrait of a young woman in a high collared blouse Condition: some yellow/brown spotting on image; matting slightly yellowed
Portrait of Woman 
ImageMysteries:    Very stern woman with a large tight bun, lace collar and short scarf in a portrait photograph Condition: image is severely faded possibly due to "extra finish"; gold leafing is turning green and overall the photo is dirty in appearance
Portrait of Woman 
ImageMysteries:    Woman wearing a high-necked frilly collar and patterned-fabric dress with her hair up in a high bun. Condition: 2 holes with rust marks in matting; image yellowed/browned all over; matting looks like it got wet in "top" corner.
Woman standing; basket at her feet 
ImageMysteries:    A rather forlorn young woman standing and wearing a wrap around her hair, a striped dress to her ankles, a scarf around her neck and an apron around her middle. She is standing next to a basket and holding something in her one hand. Condition: Photo looks great with good gloss finish - some...
Woman standing 
ImageMysteries:    Very well dressed woman posed in a short jacket, long skirt, fuzzy scarf and a very decorative hat. Condition: Very good; bend in centre-left of matting; some even browning of image.
Portrait of Woman 
ImageMysteries:    Woman looking sternly to the side. Hair is back but a little loose and wavy. Jacket is very decorative with puffy sleeves from shoulder to just above elbow. Frills off of collar and on shoulders. Condition: Photo faded and silvered at bottom; image rubbed off in places; matting has some brown...
Portrait of Woman 
ImageMysteries:    Portrait of a woman looking to the side with hair loosely pulled back, wearing a dark blouse with many light-coloured buttons. Lace just peaks out of her collar. Photo is faded artistically around her blouse. Condition: image/matting yellowed and browned; image worn and faded with brown and white...
Woman: nurse 
Image  1916  Photo of woman in nurse's attire holding medical instruments and placing them on a table. Condition: matting is not thick and therefore bent and torn in places; a little worn and browned in spots but otherwise image is in good condition (writing on image is still clear). "Faithfully yours/Jean...
Portrait of Woman 
ImageMysteries:    Woman wearing dark blouse with sleeves that flow out and aren't quite long enough to reach her wrists. She is wearing a brooch on the lace collar. Hair is slicked down, but the hint of curls are evident underneath. Photo is faded artistically below her blouse. Condition: image very yellowed...
Nellie and Annie Ross 
Image    Photo of two ladies looking off to the side. Both ladies are wearing elaborate hats (decorated with feathers) and fur coats with their hair put up elegantly. Condition: some stains on image (mark on left woman's face); matting is a little worn and has hole from a tack at the top-centre; image is...
Young Lady 
Image  1898-1904  Portrait of a woman with her hair up in a fairly messy bun wearing a striped blouse with a high collar. She also has a bow around her neck. The photo would date from 1898 to 1904 (as that is when the photographer existed in Toronto). Condition: Matting is in near-perfect condition; image has...
Bessie Bain and Nettie McIntyre 
Image    Photograph of 2 women standing outside. The one woman is dressed in a top hat and men's clothing standing behind a chair. The other woman is holding an umbrella and wearing a long high-collared light dress. Condition: looks like it has been rubbed a lot; some brown stains and wearing.
Six women 
Image    Photo of six women all dressed in long dark dresses. Some of the woman are looking towards the camera, some slightly away and one in particular is faced completely away from the camera. Condition: matte is dirty and worn; uneven brown and yellow tone throughout photo; some scratches and stains....
Image    Portrait photo of an older woman with her hair up in a bun wearing a slightly puffy sleeved dress and kerchief around her neck leaning against a covered chair. Condition: very dirty and fingerprinted; matting is bent at subject's head; photo isn't too clear, but not too bad/ "Aunt Lizzie Thompson,...
Fred Hutton's Mother 
Image    Woman wearing a long dark dress with a long dark bonnet (appears to be the clothing of someone in mourning). Condition: matting worn and it appears a sticker has been removed; photo is a little yellow/brown but still looks good.
Mrs. Alexander Grant nee: Anna Hudson 
Image    Photo of an older woman (Mrs. Alexander Grant) posed standing by a side table. She is wearing a long dark dress with a lace collar held together with a brooch. Anna (Grant) Hudson was the wife of Alexander Grant who was once a Minister at the Knox Presbyterian Church in St. Marys. Condition: a...
Image    Photo of a woman standing and holding onto an umbrella. She is wearing a dark blouse and skirt that is very decorated, along with a hat. Condition: matting is pretty good but photo is very yellowed and kind of looks a little faded. "A Caven?"
Miss Webster 
Image    Portrait of a woman standing by a window wearing a beautiful flowing dress while having her hand placed on an open book of music. Condition: Fair to good. photo has slightly silvered. "Miss Webster, St. Marys"
Woman - possibly Margaret McGregor Gimmell 
Image    Portrait of a young-ish woman with her hair pulled back, wearing a puffy sleeved top. Her back is to the camera, but her head is turned so as to get a beautiful photo of her profile. Condition: dirty, stained and scratched; limit exposure.
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