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Rivers and Creeks of St. Marys

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Victoria Bridge, St. Marys, Ont. 
Image    Coloured-in postcard view of the Victoria bridge (seen from afar), with the river in the foreground. The St. Marys Opera House, the milland even the Miller's house can be seen in the background. "Victoria Bridge/St. Marys/Ont."
London Bridge, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked Nov 2, 1911  Postcard view of the London railway bridge (still in use today). The Thames river can be seen in the foreground, with a hut being seen off to the right side. "London Bridge, St. Mary's, Canada"
Victoria Bridge, St. Marys, Ont. 
Image  Postmarked Dec 2, 1905  View of the Queen Street (Victoria) bridge (seen in background). In the foreground one can see the Thames River, and further back the Opera House, the mill and the miller's house are all visible. See 003pc-OA for same postcard view (but colourized). "Victoria Bridge" "St....
Trout Creek, St. Marys, Ont. 
Image  Postmarked Jan 4, 19__  Postcard view of Trout Creek with bridge seen mid-ground. "Trout Creek, St. Mary's, Ont."
Grand Trunk Viaduct, St. Marys 
Image    Coloured-in postcard view of the Grand Trunk railway bridge (now a walkway). "Grand Trunk Viaduct, St. Marys, Canada."
St. Marys from London Bridge 
Image    View of St. Marys from railway bridge, a railway line to London, over Trout Creek. "St. Mary's From London Bridge"
The Bend in the River, St. Marys 
Image    Postcard view of the river as it bends towards the railway viaduct. "The Bend in the River, St. Marys, Ont."
River Thames and Rice Lake, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked Aug 21, 1911  Postcard view of the Thames River and the area once known as "Rice Lake" (area around Milt Dunnell field - AKA "The Flats"). Shows the "Little Falls" and in the background the Grand Trunk trail viaduct can also be seen. "River Thames and Rice Lake, St. Mary's, Ont."
River Thames and Rice Lake 
Image    Postcard view of the Thames River at St. Marys and the lake formed by the mill dam, built across the river in 1908. Grand Trunk Trail Railway viaduct on the Sarnia line in background. View of North Ward of St. Marys. Condition: worn and scratched "Rice Lake, St. Mary's, Ont., Canada"
Victoria Bridge, St. Marys, Ont. 
Image  Postmarked Aug 16, 19__  Postcard view of Victoria (Queen Street) bridge as it appeared at the time. "Victoria Bridge, St. Marys, Ont."
Victoria Bridge 
ImageMysteries:    Postcard view of the Victoria (Queen Street) bridge in St. Marys as it appeared at the time. In front, 2 girls wearing dresses and hats can be seen standing on blocks of limestone. "Victoria Bridge / St. Marys, Ont."
The Race and Sarnia Bridge, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked July __, 1909  Postcard view of "The Race" (water flow used for the mills), and in the background the Sarnia railway bridge (still in use) is visible. Four men in a boat are visible, a couple of them tipping their hat to the photographer. This photo was taken by Milton Reesor and is available in the Reesor...
A Favorite Fishing Spot 
Image  Postmarked April 29, 1920  Postcard view of 2 men (one dressed in a suit jacket and hat, the other wearing a shirt, suspenders and a hat) fishing in the Thames River. A fallen tree can be seen in the background. "A Favorite Fishing Spot, River Thames, St. Marys, Ont."
Church Street Bridge, St. Marys, Ont. 
Image    Postcard view of the Church Street bridge (north side of Church Street). Back has not been digitally reproduced. "Church St. Bridge, St. Marys, Ont."
The Bend, River Thames 
Image  Postmarked Aug 2, 1906  Postcard view of the Thames River as it bends around. Photo taken by Milton Reesor, a young St. Marys photographer, ca. 1900. Printed and colourized to sell in the bookstore belonging to his father, L.H. Reesor. "The Bend, River Thames / St. Mary's, Ont." "Published for L.H. Reesor, St....
Victoria Bridge & C.P.R. Terminal 
Image  Postmarked March 27, 1924  Postcard view of the Thames River, Victoria (Queen Street) bridge and the C.P.R. terminal. A railway line used to exist next to the river which carried product from the mills to their destinations. This line has since been removed and it is now the Riverview Walkway. "Victoria Bridge and C.P.R....
River Thames & Victora Bridge 
Image  Postmarked Aug 6, 1914  Postcard view (colourized) of the Victoria (Queen Street) bridge in St. Marys. Running under the bridge (very quickly in this specific photo) is the Thames River. Downtown can be seen further in the background. "River Thames & Victoria Bridge; / St. Mary's Ont"
Rice Lake from Royal Edward Hotel, St. Marys 
Image  Postmarked March 31, 1910  Postcard view of the are just above the "Little Falls" and Milt Dunnell Field ("The Flats"). At the time, this was locally known as "Rice Lake" after Henry Lincoln Rice, a mill owner. "Rice Lake From Royal Edward Hotel, St. Marys, Canada."
Mc Kays Mill and River Thames, St. Marys 
Image  Postmark year 1907  Postcard view of McKay's Mill and the Thames River. "Mc Kays Mill and River Thames, St. Marys, Ont."
Mill Race, St. Marys 
Image  Postmark Apr 24, 1908  Postcard view of the Mill Race in St. Marys, Ontario. Milling once was a huge industry in St. Marys with the mills making use of the Thames River as a huge water power source. "Mill Race, St. Marys, Ont."
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Rivers and Creeks of St. Marys

Both the Thames River and Trout Creek have been popular subjects of photography as long as St. Marys has been around.