Lakes and Islands, Times Past
Alford and Simmons family picnic at Chaffey's Lock 
still image Alford and Simmons' family picnic at Chaffey's Lock c.1910 (Note: the little girl is probably Mary Simmons.
Anderson (later Burton's) camp at Chaffey's Lock c.1930 
still image
Locking through Chaffey's Lock c.1955 
still image Snapshot of a lockage at Chaffey's Lock c.1955
Allan, Mickey and Fred Alford c.1940 
still image Allan, Mickey and Fred Alford at Chaffey's Lock c.1940
Fishing party at Chaffey's Lock with Allan Alford (guide)c.1950 
still image Fishing party at Chaffey's Lock with Allan Alford (guide)
Mickey (1916-1972) and Fred Alford (1914-1969)at Chaffey's Lock c.1930 
still image Mickey (Harold) and Fred Alford at Chaffey's Lock c.1930
Obituary for Carrie Alford Simmons 1876-1976 
still imagetext Obituary for Carrie Alford Simmons 1876-1976 of Chaffey's Lock. Carrie was the daughter of Philander Alford lockmaster at Davis Lock.
Callie and Allan Alford with wolf at Chaffey's Lock c.1950 
still image Callie and Allan Alford showing off a wolf caught at Chaffey's Lock c.1950.
Edith (1906-1911) and Allan Alford (1907-1983)c. 1909. 
still image Edith Alford died as a child in North Dakota and her family eventually came back to Chaffey's Lock. They were grandchildren of the lockmaster at Davis Lock.
Martha Tackaberry Alford wife of Philander Alford, lockmaster at Davis Lock 
still image Martha Tackaberry Alford (1854-1937) was the wife of lockmaster Philander Alford at Davis Lock.
J.W. (James) Simmons and wife Carrie Alford Simmons c.1955 
still image Coloured photo of J.W. (James) Simmons (1877-1957) and his wife Carrie Alford Simmons (1876-1976). They were the proprietors of Simmons Lodge in Chaffey's Locks.
Members of Simmons Family and friends c.1910 
still image Members of the Simmons and Alford family from Chaffey's Lock. Left to Right (back row): Mrs.Biddy Simmons, Carrie Simmons Alford, Lizzie Barker, Rose Simmons, Front row: Dick Mahoney, Jim Simmons, Mary Simmons and friends of Roses (date is about 1906 based on Mary's age)
Martha Tackaberry Alford with grandchildren c.1925 
still image Martha Tackaberry Alford (1854-1937), the wife of Davis Lock lockmaster Philander Alford poses with her grandchildren in the 1920s. Allan Alford and Ted Simmons are directly behind her.
Charles Tackaberry with his son George, grandson Frank and great-grandson Arthur c.1921 
still image1921 Charles Tackaberry (1837-1923) poses with his son George (1861-1922), a half brother of Martha Tackaberry Alford, George's son Frank (1892-1972) and baby Arthur (1920-1976)making this is a four-generation picture.
Tackaberry siblings c.1895 
still image This photograph may have been taken on a visit from Elijah Tackaberry (1848-1921) who spent much of his life in Missouri. The photograph features in the front row left to right: William Tackaberry (1859-1935) and Elijah Tackaberry ; in the back row left to right are Jennie Tackaberry Moulton...
Daughters of Charles Tackaberry c.1885 
still image A photograph taken in Canton New York about 1885 of Hester Anne Dunham (1851-1906), Jennie Moulton (1865-1954) and Martha Alford (1854-1937), all daughters of Charles Tackaberry of Bastard Township. The eldest daughter Hester Anne was married to a minister who worked in New York State.
California Public School class of 1953 
still image The California Public School in South Crosby Township was built in 1894 to replace an earlier school. In 1963, the school was abandoned and now is a private residence.
Charles and Rebecca MacDonald Alford c.1904 
still image Charles Alford (1874-1949)was the son of Davis lockmaster, Philander Alford. In 1904 while working as a cheesemaker, he married Rebecca MacDonald (1878-1949). The couple later farmed in North Dakota and Abbey Saskatchewan before returning to Ontario in 1923 where Charles worked as a carpenter...
Elah Alford and Edith Alford c.1910 
still image Elah A. Alford (1880-1953) was the lockmaster at Davis Lock after the death of his lockmaster father Philander Alford. He married Edith Whipple (1877-1963) and the couple had two daughters.
Carrie Alford Simmons (1876-1976) and brother Charles (1874-1949) 
still image Caroline Alford Simmons (1876-1976) and her older brother Charles (1874-1949) about 1893
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