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Wedding of Ida Louise Rowswell and James Silas Gary 26 February 1913 
Image    Wedding of Ida Rowswell and James Silas Gray February 25, 1913 Newboro, Ont. L to Right : Thomas Arthur Gray (brother of groom),James Silas Gray (groom); Ida Louise Rowswell (bride) ; Ella Mae Rowswell (sister of bride)
Newboro Women's Institute 
Image  1911  Black and white photograph of Newboro Women's Institute in 1911. Back Row: Mrs. Mc Carthy, Mrs. Sinart, Mrs. Whaley, Miss Rockerbie (teacher), Mrs. Bawden GW, Mrs. Witarry Leggette, Molly Tett Baker, Mrs. Ed Green, Mabel Topping, Mrs. Oter, Mrs. Leo Church (Crosby), Mrs. Stedman, Mrs. J.S....
Newboro Women's Institute 
Image  21 March 1914  Black and white photograph of the Newboro Women's Institute on March 21, 1914. The women are dressed as pioneers. Back row (left to right): Maude Singleton, Mrs. Jim Lyons, Mrs. George Leggett, Mrs. Smart, Mrs. Wm Whaley, Kate Landon, Mrs. Wm Bilton, Mrs. J.F. Graham, Mrs. R.B. (Dr.) King, Mrs....
Road paving on Main Street 
Image  1920  Black and white photograph of road paving on Main Street in Newboro, Ontario. (Condition: Good.)
SS Loretta 
Image  1940  Black and white photograph of SS Loretta at locks in Newboro, Ontario around 1940. (Condition: Good.)
Steam launch, Thistle 
Image  1910  Black and white photograph of the steam launch, the Thistle, at Newboro, Ontario around 1910. (Condition: Good.)
Richard Grothier House 
Image  1910  Black and white photograph of Richard Grothier House in Newboro around 1910. This house was built around 1885 for Richard Grothier. (Condition: Good.)
Gorsline Store 
Image  1910  Black and white photograph of the Gorsline Store in Newboro, Ontario around 1910. (Condition: Good.)
John Draffin House 
Image  1915  Black and white photograph of the John Draffin house in Newboro, Ontario around 1915. The house was built around 1860 for John Draffin (a Newboro merchant). After the Draffin's sold it in 1895 it became the Anglican rectory until 1945. (Condition: Good.)
William Bilton House 
Image  1910  Black and white photograph of the William Bilton House in Newboro, Ontario around 1910. The house was in the Bilton family for much of its history. It probably dates from around 1855 based on the architecture. The Bilton's sold it in 1919. (Condition: Good.)
Newboro Train Station 
Image    Black and white photograph of Newboro Train Station in 1900. (Condition: Fair. faded copy)
Store on Main St. Newboro 
ImageMysteries:  1910  A photograph of a store in the Main St. of Newboro, Ontario circa 1910. A horse and buggy as well as a small group of people stand in front. (Condition: Fair.)
James T. Gallagher 
Image  01 March 1886  Photograph of James T. Gallagher (1845 - 1919) with his wife Sarah Wiltse Gallagher and daughters, Blanch, Ida, and Effie on March 1, 1886. James T. Gallagher was a general merchant in Newboro, Ontario. (Condition: Fair.)
Church Picnic 
Image  1905  A photograph of a church picnic in Newboro, ON in 1905. (Condition: Fair.)
Dr. Matthew McGonigle 
Image  1900  Tinted photograph of Dr. Matthew McGonigle around 1900. Dr. Matthew McGonigle was born in Newboro, Ontario in 1874 and is son of Fred and Margaret McGonigle. (Condition: Fair.)
William Bass 
Image    Black and white photograph of William Bass (1853 - 1919) with cheese boxes in Newboro, Ontario. The photograph was taken around 1900 - 1910. (Condition: Fair.)
Ida Gallagher Haining 
Image  1888  Black and white photograph of Ida Gallagher Haining (1881 - ? ) in Newboro, Ontario around 1888. Ida Loretta Gallagher was the oldest daughter of James T. Gallagher (a general merchant of Newboro). She later married a Mr. Haining and was widowed by 1932. She worked in Toronto. (Condition: Good.)
Benjamin Tett House 
Image  1940  Black and white photograph of the Benjamin Tett House around 1940. The house was built in 1836 - 1837. Benjamin Tett (1798 - 1878) was a general merchant, mill owner, and member of parliament. (Condition: Good.)
Edward McCann House 
Image    Black and white photograph of the Edward McCann House in Newboro, Ontario around 1900. The house was built around 1860. (Condition: Good.)
Bob Bawler's Hardware Store 
Image    Black and white photograph of Bob Bawler's Hardware Store in Newboro, Ontario around 1920. (Condition: Good.)
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