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Land Deed from Johnson and Susannah Butler to Abraham Hunsberry- 1808 
Text  1808  Deed of land between Johnson and Susannah Butler and Abraham Hunsberry for 42 acres in the Township of Clinton.
Land Indenture between Smith Griffin and Ebenezer Collver- 1812 
Text  9 September 1812  Land Indenture between Smith Griffin and Ebenezer Collver for 151 acres.
Bible (German)- 1742 
Text  1742  A bible written in German from the year 1742. This bible might also have been used during the War of 1812.
Account Book of Joshua Beebe- 1816 
Text    The account book of Joshua Beebe, beginning in 1816.
Land Indenture Between William Hare and John Honsberger- 1811 
Text  25 February 1811  Land indenture between William Hare and John Honsberger for 100 acres in the Township of Louth, Lot 17 in the 5th Concession.
Fraktur Bookplate by Christian Honsberger- 1793 
Image  1793  A Fraktur bookplate done by Christian Honsberger in the year 1793.
Land Deed for Abraham High- 1807 
Text  05 December 1807  Land Deed for Abraham High for 200 acres in the Township of Scott, signed by Francis Gore, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada.
Land Indenture for Abraham High- 1814 
Text  1814  Land Indenture for Abraham High
Fraktur Writing Exercise- 1811 
Text  1811  Fraktur Writing Exercise by the Wills Family.
Fraktur Songbook by Johannes Kratz- 1798 
Text  1798  Fraktur Songbook by Johannes Kratz
Fraktur Songbook by Jacob Moyer- 1819 
Text  1819  Fraktur Songbook by Jacob Moyer
Fraktur School Work Book- 1798 
Text  1798  Abraham Hoch's Fraktur school work book, consisting mostly of mathematics.
Fraktur Bookplate- 1801 
Image  1801  Fraktur Bookplate
Fraktur Book Belonging to Maria Grosin- 1791 
Text  1790  Fraktur Book Belonging to Maria Grosin
Fraktur Songbook- 1804 
Text  1804  This piece is said to be the first known Fraktur actually made in Canada. Earlier Frakturs were all brought into the country with the settlers from Pennsylvania, carefully packed away with the Bible and other precious family heirlooms.
Fraktur Songbook- 1788 
Text  12 November 1788  Fraktur songbook belonging to Maria Grosin.
Fraktur Songbook- 1811 
Text  1811  Fraktur songbook belonging to Jacob Moyer.
Fraktur Writing Exercise- 1790 
Text  1790  A Fraktur writing exercise belonging to Samuel Moyer.
Fraktur Pastoral Admonition- 1788 
Text  1788  Fraktur pastoral or parental admonition, to newly baptized adults, belonging to Isaac Gross.
Fraktur Artwork- 1780 
Image  1780  Fraktur artwork created by Jacob Moyer. It is believed to be the oldest of its kind in Canada.
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